Automation Interface/HUD?

Hey Dev’s

Just wondering what did you have in mind for the main Interface for campaign/career mode?

As in, will you be following the same steps say as “Gear City” another car game in production At the moment and only offer like 3 different “rooms” to view. As in assembly, your office and research or will you offer a similar view to the old Car Tycoon?

A view I was kind of thinking would work would be similar to a completely opposite game to automation but it’s called Race to mar but this is the interface they have

Just wondering will you guys offer the same so we can “construct” other buildings we research into so have like a research building, a large factory building where we design the cars, another big factory for the production line and maybe in the corner a onsite dealership?

I know this is just speculation but just curious what interface/HUD are you guys planning on?

Not sure if this is right section but this didn’t seem to be a suggestion for of a question for u devs


Use the seaaaarchhhhfunctionnnn!!! :stuck_out_tongue: We told you a couple of times… do a couple of searches if you dont find something straight away.

The devs said that they wont go for the 3D approach, but a bit more like detroit, differnt regions on a worldmap where you can buy factories etc. in different regions.
Only the factories and such will be 3D and advancing with upgrades and era. So at first you get this old 40s factory, and later on you’ll be in an 80s workshop with CNC machine and such.

Mind you, that factory screenshot posted above does look roughly similar to the kind of thing I’m thinking for our factory view, and there will be at least some construction of building/facilities in the factory view, yeah.

But yeah, quite right, we will have a 2d world overview map of some kind of larger management tasks, then the ability to look closer at a specific “factory plot” in region. We’re not 100% sure how it’ll look yet, but that’s the rough idea.