Automation Launcher Error

Hi when I run Automation on one of my computers upon getting into the engine builder and attempting to build an engine my computer displays the message
Exception on Automation Exit
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

I have tried using the file cleaner and uninstalling the program yet I still receive the same error message, once again thank you for whatever help on this topic

Do you even get a splash screen, or is it an instant Exception as soon as you press play demo?

It automatically crashes upon loading the engine builder the first time the second time around it will simply not load the game and crash right off

Can you go to My Documents, rename or delete the Automation folder (if you don’t have any engines etc you care about).

Try to run automation again, if it works then sweet :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work. Can you attach the log.txt and keeenginelog.txt from the new My Documents\Automation folder

Ive downloaded the new update but it keeps crashing after loading the game, ive tried uninstalling it that didnt work, keep getting launcher error, but it does work when i click play demo, any suggestion i can do to get this working thanks.

First off, try to run on lower gfx settings set in the launcher, switch SSAO off and lower the

If you are using a very old installation you might need to not only uninstall, but also use the Automation Cleaner tool provided here:

Ive tried everything, turn off SSAO, lowered graphics, uninstalled, used the cleaner, but still get the launcher has stopped error.

ok i seem to have figured out the problem, can only run it at a lower resolution 1920x1080 if i select 5760x1080 the game will crash, but the weird thing is why doesnt it crash when i click on play demo, any ideas as to what might be causing this, i would like to get it running on 3 screens again. thanks

Most likely running out of VRam. Automation text drawing requires for each line of single text. a Full screen width texture.

For each multiline text box (such as parts descriptions in the engine designer) requires a full screen texture.

Playing the demo, does not create the text textures for the Car Manager/Platform designer.

We do have a new text system in the works, to make this a lot cheaper VRam wise, but it is not ready yet.