Automation Legacy Challenge (BONUS ROUND - Racing)

So, good news and bad news:

I was able to get a build of Automation from pretty much exactly when the race round happened (build 220728.22192.768.Manual). However, due to updates to mods which have happened since then, the game consistently bugsplats on opening a car, even a brand new one. I had hoped to review the ALC2R cars this way, but no dice - and I really don’t feel like spending all the time that would be needed wading through my workshop subscriptions to find exactly the right combination that allows me to load all the cars without crashing (remember, this is a build before they told you what was missing on import).

I know it’s mod related because that’s what the log files complain about.


So to check, is there any way for you to blanket-remove all the fixtures from the car and just judge it mechanically, or is the bonus round just done for?

Uh… That might actually be doable, and I can visually judge in current build.

The issue is, I can’t even open the cars. There’s no way within the game that allows you to remove all fixtures without opening a car… But I could potentially:

  • Note down the position and type of all aero fixtures, plus the wing angles, in the current version.
  • Edit the .car files or the database to remove the fixtures.
  • Import the cars in the old version.
  • Re-add the aero fixtures in the correct location.
  • Judge the cars mechanically.

It’ll be a lot of work. I’ll see if it’s doable.


I have no problem opening cars that I’m missing the mods from. The only time I can’t is when it’s a mod body but cars with mod fixture shouldn’t be a. It sounds like a bug or something.

Well, due to various issues, I’ll just be doing visual reviews of the racing cars. It’s just too much work. Expect reviews, uh, this weekend?

On a related note, entries are now half-open again. How it works:

  • I’ll only be taking oddball entries. Centurion’s Big-Ass Trucks, Betterdeals’s Random Creations, stuff like that. You wanna make a forklift, a barely-legal rat rod, a bus or a train? I wanna judge it.
  • Entries need to fit within the time period of one of the rounds, doesn’t matter which. Just be 1964 or earlier.
  • Engineering is completely optional. You wanna do the bare minimum to get an export and just focus on design? Go ahead. You wanna actually put in a sensible-ish engine and try getting decent stats? I’ll comment on them, especially if you tell me you’ve done it.
  • Techpool… Just make it reasonable if you’re trying with engineering.
  • If your oddball is supposed to go on the road (big rigs, hot rods, etc), try and be street legal. I won’t be super strict, but do try. If it’s not for the road (forklift, train, etc), go wild.

Entries will be reviewed as they come in and as I have time. The challenge will be open in this manner until it fully opens for a round.



Swanson All Utility Vehicle AUV-55R Swanson Works Team

A Mid Engine RWD Van

A Racing Van

…Before it was Cool

Need to haul a race car/parts/spare wheels in a jiffy, all while keeping your feet warm?

The Swanson Works Team, rather than suffering with a T2 or some Scooby Doo slowpoke, helped themselves by taking a regular AUV and upgrading it a little, with better brakes and semi slicks… Sporting a 5,5L Pushrod Boxer 6 pushed well back below the front seats, in some cases (like in the early days of Letara) it was faster than the actual racecar…in a straight line, that is.

“I can do that in a van” RIP Sabine
238 HP - 200 km/h - 0-100 7,9s

Shamelessly setting the low bar for oddballness

6-seat Taxi version available in select markets, including France

1962 Ilaris Icon
GT Turbo-Cabrio Coach
What do you need in life? Of course! A turbocharged stationary generator doubled-up I3!

(that makes… like 7 cylinders? And apparently 100 hp.)

You may think: What the flip is a cabrio coach? I get turbocharger, those have been in planes and stuff, but what about that weird word? And fact is, it increases your coolness on the road by 200%!*

See those holes? Poke your head out! Or let the dog poke its head out! Or poke your body out if you crash, and subsequently die! The possibilities are endless. Rear seat occupants are not provided with seatbelts to enhance cool factor.

Coolness can only exist if you have a cool engine. Therefore we shoved two generator I3s together to make an I6. And we shoved two turbochargers in it, because fuck it, we own a turbine engine company. Who can stop us? That’s right, nobody.

This car is so space-age that we even put a big wang on it. We don’t believe in those side winga dinga, because we believe in actual wings. This is just an inverted wing, so it makes it better. Planes are fast, and this is too! Infallible logic. Don’t question it.

So what are you waiting for? Become the coolest kid on the block, and get yourself an

Ilaris Icon GT Turbo-Cabrio Coach

*Coolness not guarranteed. You have the right to feel embarrassed, make others feel embarrassed or smack in to a tree or tunnel and die.