Automation Legacy Challenge (LOBBYING PART TWO, AND A BONUS ROUND!)

Could something be said about how the sedans in this round affected the market?

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It’ll be posted as part of the big round 2 collection post, mainly because my creative juices are done.


No stress, just thought about it since the other categories had such info.

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@AMuteCrypt if you aren’t busy, can i ask what i did wrong with the naming of my car? Was it just because i didnt name the engine or was there something else wrong?

You named the model “ALC” and the trim “Carpotato”, then named the family “Courage” and the variant “Conquest”. You should have named the model and family “ALC1 - Carpotato”, the trim “Courage Conquest” and the family something like “2.8L i6”.

As for why it matters: if I open up a car to look at stuff like how many seats it has, what the interior and entertainment are, then leave, I get a screen with all models except the one I just viewed collapsed and have to manually expand them. I do not want to fish around and expand entries until I get the next one I want - and imagine the confusion of every round’s model is just named ALC!

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With round 2 delayed, I’m deciding to take advantage and spend the week or so delay on worldbuilding and additional lobbying. The full round 2 post, with tax and everything finalised, will go up on or around the 30th of May; the round will close on the 20th of June, at 11:59 PM UTC. It will cover 1955-1964, as 91 RON unleaded fuel unlocks in 65. Key lobbying points will include safety, leaded fuel and (of course) taxes.

Key points in market sentiment from sedans:

  • After the widespread issues with torque and rev strain, consumers place a much higher value on long-term reliability. Cars which continue to have peak torque or redlines close to the point of stress (hint: drop bottom end quality a few points for an easy way to check if you’re safe) will be seen very unfavourably, as will cars with naturally low reliability scores. This is most pronounced for sedans but, because sedans are the base type, it hits everyone. Cars which just keep on running, however, are more favoured too.
  • There’s a slight skepticism about premium or luxury sedans (much like expensive utes) because they didn’t offer meaningful upgrades in the stats that really mattered, like comfort. This can be broken, however.
  • People are willing to work on their own cars to save money, and easily-modifiable options (low engine bay fill, variant bore/stroke lower than family, etc) might just catch on in the next decade…

Now, on with the prologue!
First things first, everyone will be able to each ask one question about Araga, whether they’ve submitted or now. These are to help flesh out the world a bit more, and let people make more interesting choices. Questions are to be posted here, in this thread, fully publicly. Feel free to discuss each question, but remember that I’ll have final say. Some sample questions include:

  • How developed are Araga’s interstates/highways?
  • What’s the climate of Araga like?
  • Does Araga spend a lot on its military?
  • Does Araga have lots of land borders? Is tourism by car viable?
  • How often do Aragans travel to other countries?
  • What’s the terrain of Araga like?

I will not allow questions to be edited except for clarity reasons. Giving examples what you mean by terrain and climate? That’s fine. Going from asking about terrain to asking about the military? That’s not. If someone else already asked the same question as you? Tough.

These questions close on Wednesday the 25th of May, at 11:59 PM UTC

Now for the fun part: Extra lobbying. Everyone who participated in the last round gets 10 spending tokens. Each token can be allocated for or against various development projects - although spending for has a greater effect than spending against. The projects are laid out below. You may allocate your tokens however you want, and up to 3 unused tokens may be carried forward to the next era. You can also cash in seven of your tokens now for doubled lobbying power next round. Also remember that some of these projects may have ramifications that aren’t listed. Finally, I have noted how measures within a theme interact, but not between themes. Some measures such as urban sprawl will disincentivise others, like public transport. Please submit your extra lobbying in the same thread that you submitted your car - check the first post if you’re not sure how to find that thread.

This lobbying closes on Friday the 27th of May, at 11:59 PM UTC

Project Class 1: Development
This project is all about the environment people are living in. There is no synergy between different options.

Project 1.1: Support Urban Sprawl!

  • Promote the development of low-density suburbs around the cities.
  • Severely increases demand for family/commuter cars, due to car-centric property development.
  • Worse for pedestrians, and highly likely to degrade the natural environment.
  • Directly opposes 1.2 and 1.3.

Project 1.2: Let’s Get Urban!

  • Promote the development of high-density mixed-use cities.
  • Reduces demand for family/commuter cars somewhat, due to increased walkability.
  • Far better for pedestrians, and leaves the natural environment outside the city in a better state.
  • Directly opposes 1.1, weakly supports 1.3.

Project 1.3: Satellite Cities, Ready For Launch!

  • Promote the use of satellite cities, where multiple centres are close together and people commute between them.
  • Slightly increases demand for commuter cars.
  • Somewhat better for pedestrians, and better for the environment.
  • Directly opposes 1.1, weakly supports 1.2.

Project Class 2: Transport
This is all about how people get from one place to another. There’s no synergy or interaction between the two.

Project 2.1: The Public Option

  • Promote the use of trains, busses, trams and the like.
  • Reduces demand for commuter cars, due to increased competition.
  • Reduces congestion.

Project 2.2: My Way Or The Highway

  • Promote the construction of highways and well-made road routes between cities.
  • Increases demand for cars to travel between urban centres.
  • Increases viability of road-based freight.
  • Reduces attractiveness of off-road cars.

Project Class 3: Let’s Go Racing!
This is the fun side. It’s a measure of manufacturer involvement in racing - everything from building cars to entering teams to even making tracks. Here, there is synergy - spending on one category will inherently boost others.

Project 3.1: A Quarter Mile At A Time

  • Support drag racing
  • Boosts public perception of acceleration and top speed as measures of performance
  • Very high accessibility - anyone can run anything down a strip
  • Lower marketability - it all happens in a handful of seconds

Project 3.2: Roads? How Boring!

  • Support rally racing
  • Boosts public perception of off-road as a measure of performance
  • High accessibility - some modifications are needed, but most cars can be rallied
  • Somewhat lower marketability - it’s harder to televise

Project 3.3: Fender? I 'ardly Know 'er!

  • Support open-wheel racing, potentially enticing F1 to race in Araga
  • Boosts public perception of sportiness and laptimes at all costs as a measure of performance
  • Low accessibility - who can afford that?
  • The highest marketability - it’s the biggest spectacle

Project 3.4: He’s Going The Distance

  • Support endurance racing
  • Boosts public perception of reliability as a measure of performance
  • Moderate to low accessibility - anyone can, but not everyone has the time
  • Moderate to high marketability - it’s a really nice spectacle

Project 3.5: The Grand Tour

  • Support touring car racing
  • Boosts public perception of drivability and sportiness as a measure of performance
  • Moderate accessibility - your car is similar enough to try
  • High marketability - “Hey, that’s my car!”

Project 3.6: To The Left, To The Left

  • Support oval racing
  • Boosts public perception of top speed as a measure of performance
  • Moderate accessibility, high marketability - similar reasons to touring cars.

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Just so I get how it works we get 10 points from now until the end of the competition that don’t refill?

And then part two of the question, if we choose to spend on one of these developments I assume we are picking the individual parts, so like 2.2 instead of just 2?

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No, they will refill each era. You only carry a maximum of 3 points to the next era, so there’s no point in only spending 6 of them.

Yes, you are indeed lobbying for individual sub-projects, which allows you to target what you want.


How well-developed is the Aragan highway network?

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How much does the average Aragan earn?
Does the economy on that era is better or worse than the round before?


What is the largest industry in Aragan? (excluding automotive industries if applicable)


How many people live in Araga and how is the population split between rural and urban?

edit: typo to correct wording
other edit: more typos… am schtoopid lol


Are there speed limits on Aragan roads and, if yes, what are values?

Listing example for country i live in, Serbia:
(Units are kilometers per hour)

School zone: 30
Inside any inhabited area (village, town, city): 50
Outside of village: 60
Motorway: 100
Highway: 120

Edit: Ofc im pretty sure these havent been like that all the time, but understandably im interested in limits of second era


What is the fertility rate in Araga at the start of round 2 in rural and urban areas? (# of children per woman)


What´s the average Aragan driver´s opinion towards convertibles? (Not at all, soft or hard tops, perhaps targa roofs?)


What is the climate like in Araga, regarding temperatures and weather in general?

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How frequent do the people of Araga take public transport over privately-owned cars?


So, do we state how many tokens we spend in the lobbying in the private DM or somewhere else? Round 2 looks very cool though, I will be looking forward to see how it develops


Sigma males don’t have speed limits


State how many you’ll spend for each item in the DM, yes.

For instance, if you want to spend 3 on 1.2, 2 against 2.1, 4 for 3.1 and keep the last one in reserve, you’ll need to tell me how many.

If no amount is specified, I’ll check your intent and if you don’t reply, I’ll allocate them evenly and try to maximise number kept over while minimising waste.

Specify 4 elements to lobby on? 2 for each, 2 in reserve. Specify 6? 1 for each, 3 in reserve, 1 wasted. Only specify 1? 7 for that, 3 left over.