Automation Legacy Challenge (SEE NEW THREAD)

1964 Saarland Adjunkt 1.4 Wallfahrt Rallye by Irmling

Fledgling Aragan tuner Irmling turned the inauspicious Saarland Adjunkt into a rallye car. How will it perform? Only one way to find out.


(Group T) Centara BHV8 The Widow Storer :

With 188 hp (Coul’d have been more, but way to fast for it’s category :slight_smile: ), it can be fast. While not excelling in the corners, it can sure make them fun !

(Group R) Cesma Colombe RS1400 :

With it’s small engine tuned to 92 hp, it is not the fastest car out here. But with it light weight, it can handle itself quite good on and off the road. Good car to start rallying !

(Group M) The BMA Compaq 246 Requin Blanc :

With the 2.4L I6 tuned to 191 hp and a weight of 958 kg it is sure fast. Although the wing provides a bit of down force, it has been strapped on for show exclusively.

(Group S) The BMA Somptueuse “L’orange pressée” :

What is better than see a refined car loose all it’s dignity in corners ? Maybe that roaring V12, making 333hp and propelling that boat to 257 kph !


The P&A works team, and something else?

Group M: P&A Sportsman Mk.III Race Spec.

A true Group M Touring Car, P&A’s motorsports division lovingly pored over the stock Sportsman to bring out its full potential, modifying the engine and drivetrain for the rigours of TCS and EAR racing. The rest of the car was left mostly stock, although a lighter interior was fitted.

Group S: FMC Sabot S.P.A 12

The S.P.A Group S entry was an interesting one, a heavily modified FMC Sabot with a howling V12 entered by a mysterious team? It was the talk of the motorsports world for a few months, until the season started and the jig was up when everybody recognised the team members from the Group M races, later admitting that it was a P&A skunkworks project for “development research”.


When are the results for the bonus round?

This host has been completely inactive for over a month (at least publicly), probably due to the IRL difficulties they mentioned in the challenge brief. So no one knows; it’ll happen when it happens.


I have indeed been out of action, due to those difficulties and some others - health of various kinds, moving house, a new job… Not great. I do apologise for not posting.

I’ll review what I can of the cars, but I somewhat doubt that they still work given the changes to engineering. My apologies again for the outcome.

In my absence, @cake_ape did start an alternate challenge. Completely fair to do, and Cake made multiple attempts to contact me. This challenge has my blessing, and I am happy that it exists.

As far as ALC is concerned… I am now working full-time, and expect to be in a position to run rounds full-time once more soon. With that in mind, a poll:

Future of ALC poll
  • I am interested in two grounded legacy challenges existing
  • I am interested in a crazy legacy challenge existing alongside LHC
  • I am only interested in one legacy challenge existing
  • I am not interested in legacy challenges

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I do not expect Cake to change LHC on my account, and I completely understand if people only have the capacity for one challenge. The “crazy legacy challenge” option means going for unrealistic future elements, like LEDs in the 80s, fuel being extremely common and cheap, carbon fibre being cheap…

Oh, also, if you feel that I am too likely to vanish again, that’s fair too.


Given that recent game updates have significantly changed the stats of our ALC submissions, I think it would be best to reboot ALC with a new rule set to reflect the effects of the updates.

Welcome back! Glad to hear you’re doing well again, and congrats on the job!

I think if you’re comfortable and willing to continue this challenge, go right ahead. ALC and LHC were always different enough in how they worked that there’s definitely room for both, even if this challenge remains realistic (I’m personally open to the “crazy” idea, but I’m honestly just happy to have ALC back at all). Long-enough deadlines should make it possible to participate in both. As an idea to make it easier, though, perhaps you could coordinate with cake_ape so that one challenge’s submission period always opens as the other’s closes?

Also, as for the racing cars, I took a look at my entries to see how significant the changes to engineering were. Turns out… pretty darn significant.

Of my 2 cars, both got a massive drop in power and sportiness, and a massive boost to drivability. Fuel economy varied inconsistently (the car above got a minor drop, my other one got a massive boost). If that holds true for everyone, then if we ran races now with them (and removed the fuel economy mechanic), we’d still get an approximate idea of how these cars would’ve compared in their prime.

With the poll somewhat split, I’m unsure as to what I’ll do. I have three broad ideas in mind, however. No poll this time - I want people to make comments instead.

Option one: Wait until Cake hits the 80s or 90s, then relaunch as a realistic challenge, with realistic technological progression.
Option two: Wait until Cake hits the 80s or 90s, then relaunch as an unrealistic challenge. LEDs in the 90s, Ethanol and LPG in the… whenever I can make them unlock? Nitromethane as a common fuel, fuel efficiency not mattering, default +10 tech pool for certain items, you get the idea.
Option three: Wait until Cake is done, then relaunch.

Feel free to provide your opinion.

Option two seems like the safest one in my view - diversions from realism might be necessary to set the new ALC apart from the LHC.

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I agree with abg7 here about going for option two. I think going a bit crazy for a legacy challenge might be a bit fun and set it apart from other such challenges.

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I’m up for some crazy stuff. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to own a V8 powered RWD hot hatch?


Wasn’t there a lobbying question from round 2 on basically the same question? “How unrealistic should design regulations be?” You could base how realistic you make the changes off of that.

Either way, the polls do make it clear that people want ALC back, whatever form it takes, so somewhere between options 1 and 2 seems like the best move.

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In that case, the reboot should be called the Alternate Reality Legacy Challenge.

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That poll was also before there was an alternative legacy challenge with realistic technology progression.


Whatever type of challenge you try and run next I would probably hold fire on starting it for a bit.

Challenge numbers are extremely high right now. There are more challenges than there have ever been, however actual participation is pretty low with long standing challenges being extended due to low participation numbers.

Have that many people got the drive to enter two, months long challenges at the same time is the question


Hiya, mute. Not terribly certain you’d be interested… but maybe a cross between one and two? Realistic stuff, but with occasional flairs and twists? Such as LPG becoming the norm for utility vehicles, etc.

1 would be my preference, 3 is also appealing considering the sheer number of challenges running simultaniously. 2 would be interesting, but might get tacky (not sure if that is the right word) after a while.

I live!

So, some updates:

  • The Ellisbury update will probably wreck entries. I’ll wait until that releases, at the very least. Probably not waiting until Al Rilma unless the gap is going be a couple of months.
  • I am coming up with various ideas about the structure of upcoming rounds. Don’t make anything for this, it’s too far out and it may be hard to predict how things will look. Be patient.
  • One potential change is that this may turn into a co-hosted challenge. What does that mean?
    – Each host will be responsible for one or more market segment.
    – Segments will not have two hosts unless there’s a very good reason.
    – Hosts will review cars in and near their segment from the point of view of their segment. Cars may be reviewed in multiple segments, if they have good reason to be (like if someone tried making a supercar that’s an SUV).

If you’d be interested in being a host, feel free to let me know - here, in a forum DM, on Discord, wherever!

Slight note, hosts will have to select a segment before entering, and will not be allowed to submit to their own sector. If you are reviewing sports cars, it’s fine to submit work cars or boring family cars. Don’t abuse it though.


So, good news and bad news:

I was able to get a build of Automation from pretty much exactly when the race round happened (build 220728.22192.768.Manual). However, due to updates to mods which have happened since then, the game consistently bugsplats on opening a car, even a brand new one. I had hoped to review the ALC2R cars this way, but no dice - and I really don’t feel like spending all the time that would be needed wading through my workshop subscriptions to find exactly the right combination that allows me to load all the cars without crashing (remember, this is a build before they told you what was missing on import).

I know it’s mod related because that’s what the log files complain about.