Automation Livery Challenge

Automation Livery Challenge


What is it?

The Automation Livery Challenge is a contest where you take a blank car and design
a livery for it. 

Since there's no engineering or morphing involved, it will be purely a design contest.

General rules

  • no modifying the fixtures or morphs. If necessary, lock every fixture and morph to make sure they’re not accidentally moved
  • Fixture colors can be modified however you want. Get creative with it.
  • All decal mods will be permitted, but please direct the host to any mods you may be using
  • If you’re using a meme livery, please at least put some effort into it
  • All extra rules and parameters will be specified by each host
  • Please don’t spread discourse in here, since I don’t want this thread locking up


  • The winner of each round will host the next round, unless there are complications. In that case, the host will go to second place, and so on and so forth. Round 1 will be hosted by me.
  • The host must make a blank car. The car itself can be anything the host chooses, as long as it isn’t a meme car and doesn’t have decals on it.
  • The host should also take screenshots of the blank car, with a front 3/4 and rear 3/4 view
  • The blank car must look like this:[Brand Name][Car Name Blank]
  • The engine can have any name you wish
  • Hosts must specify the version they’ll be hosting on
  • Hosts can specify any design parameters if desired
  • Hosts can set the duration of the voting period, as long as it falls under a week.
  • Hosts can decide when submissions start, and the period will end one week after.


  • The submission period will start on a date specified by the host, and will end the week after.
  • All liveries will be posted on the forum, with the .car files in the post
  • If you’re using mods, please direct the host to what mods you’re using in the entry
  • The livery must feature at least a front 3/4 and rear 3/4 view
  • the .car file of the submission should be cloned from the blank to avoid overriding the car
  • The .car files must be named like this:[Brand Name][(Livery Name)Car Name]
  • Everything that involves the engine can be left alone, since engineering is not a factor here
  • All submission should be made on the version that the host has specified, to minimize compatibility issues


  • Voting will be done through a poll. The poll itself should list all eligible entries
  • Poll will be made after the submission deadline, and the voting period will last for as long as the host specifies.

Round 1: Innovation Paradox GTR

Innovation - Paradox GTR Blank (38.6 KB)

Hosted on Open Beta

Your objective: design a livery for the Paradox GTR

Theme: 90s Le Mans GT1/GT2 liveries

Restrictions: must include sponsors, including an Innovation Automotive sponsor somewhere on the car

Innovation Logo(Placeholder until an HD version is made)
It is two circular badges/fixtures overlapping each other

Submissions will start at 12AM EST on December 17, and will end on January 20th, 2020 at 11:59 EST

Submissions are now open. Good luck


Why is this so? To ensure equal judging for all livery submissions?

The hosts submit a car that’s all white because nearly every race car is delivered in white before it recieves a livery. The equal judgement thing helps though.

the color should be of the choice of the one who enters

You might want to state the submissions should be cloned from the supplied base car, otherwise submissions will overright the base car on the host’s end.

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Fixed that

I like the premise. But

Get ready for sweet fuck all submissions lol hardly anyone has any time for a pre XMas submission esp when they’re racking their brains over CSR116 :joy: