Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]

Automation Minecraft Community Server

Hello there… you might wonder what this is about!
I decided to open up a Minecraft 1.11.2 server for this community. Its running the Forge Mod Loader and the following CIRCA 3 Mods:

Buildcraft 7
Computercraft - Programmable Computers for Minecraft
Tinkers Construct
Immersive Engineering
Immersive Petroleum
Thermal Dynamics/Expansion/Foundation
Pams Harvestcraft
Personal Cars
Energy Converters

Serverside Plugins would be:
Dynmap - A dynamic realtime map… whats else to say about it.
Worldborder - So you don’t go outside the world too far.
Redprotect - More about that at the section “HELP SOMEONE DESTROYED MY HOUSE”
McMMO - RPG Like Skillsystem, i added it because i love it. Info

It says Forge… what is it?

Forge is a modloader for Minecraft, it enables playing with mods that can change the game as a whole, or add new features. Like Spacetravel. Or Quarries… or other stuff… like programmable computers.
It basically allows for many new things to do, and yields to new challenges.

Awesome! I want to play! What do I need?

First of all… you need a legal Minecraft license. Then you need the Forge Mod loader in the Version 1.11.2
which can be found here - after you have installed this you are almost ready to go… you just need this little modpack for your Minecraft Installation - to install it you simply unpack it into your %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/mods folder (for example C:\Users\Pyrlix\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\mods)

If thats done, you are ready to go! Forge is required to play on the server, otherwise it might not connect properely or cause issues.

Yeah sure, but i still need the server IP.

Server Address:
Dynamic Worldmap (realtime!):


Protect it - I added Redprotect because of that

More info about Redprotect: Write “/rp help” into the chat.

Have Fun and enjoy mining!


Fancy, I might just get on (tho I have a feeling I’ll be alone)

I’ll probably join later today … nice idea :smiley:

i will pop on at some point and impress you all with my mud hut.

Might give it a try at some point.

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The server rejects the mods when I try to join for some reason. Any help?

Using forge?

Download the modpack in the OP.

But wait a tad, we are adding mods and regening the world.

I extracted the modpack instead and that worked, for a second. When I got onto the server I tried to edit the flag thing it had so I tried and then it kicked me off the server. Then when I went back in it just says that the connection refused. I have no idea what is happening.

But wait a tad, we are adding mods and regening the world.

That’s why it’s down.

oh. And just as I joined too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Server is back now with new mods. The new Modpack consists of

Tinkerers Construct

People asked for this - it also implicated a server restart which is done already

Good, I cannot do a modded Minecraft without tinkers, IC2, and Railcraft. I might just get back into Minecraft just to be the railroad engineer on this server!

(yes, I like Trains!)

ign: RED131313

This looks interesting and I might have to have a look when I can

I am wondering why you are not using the feed the beast launcher, as self modding is difficult isn’t it?

About as difficult as running an installer and then moving some extra files into a folder :wink:
Took me 10 Minutes, most of which is waiting for it to download.

Huh, I always used to have difficulty, although saying that I haven’t tried installing mods manually for years now

I use to do stuff manually, but when I entered college like 2-3 years ago, I was introduced to the ATLauncher (with Minecraft 1.6.4 the best version!)
I now normally use the ATLauncher for my mod minecraft

Edit: and why @pyrlix have a world border? I understand some people will go great lengths away from spawn, but that can make it more fun, as then there’s the question of “how can I get to them faster” and railroads and transport systems must be built.

Edit2: not to mention the great biomes one may encounter while traveling, and the feeling of a “like a real world” with the size and biomes.

Still, with the modpack Pyrlix posted, there isn’t too much screwing around.

I get so confused with this mod stuff.

(I’ll look for a tutorial, so don’t bother trying to help.)

EDIT: This shit is painful. Damn kids and their modding.

Read the OP, it has super simple instructions on how to install the required mods.