AUTOMATION PRO LEAGUE 3rd Round: 1955 NASCAR Closed due to lack of interest


The premise is simple cars will be built to a minimum standard and will compete in multiple categories.
The categories will consist or a drag race at Willowbank, a Flying lap at ATT and a lap of Mt Stanley Raceway (official track of the Automation League), highest sportiness, highest drive-ability, highest overall reliability, highest safety and lowest price there is also a looks section where the Racemaster/Announcer/Photographer each select the car we personally like the looks of the best.

The challenge will run for one month each will two weeks allocated to build time and two weeks allowed for the results, pictures and story.

Each ruleset will be allocated by the winner of the previous round.

A ruleset must include:

  • Theme including year (each competition is to span a 5 year gap so if the year is 2016 you can 5 years below the year 2016)
  • Minimum drive-ability
  • Minimum Sportiness
  • Minimum Reliability
  • Minimum Safety (whether a stat or minimum required trim)
  • Maximum Price with Markup
  • Any extra scoring points ie. Minimum Off road, Minimum practicality etc. that are included in each round ruleset

**Each category is scored from the total number of entries received for each round

IE. fastest 1/4 total of ten entrants first place 10points, 2nd 9points, 3rd 8points, 4th 7points, 5th 6points, 6th 5points, 7th 4points, 8th 3points, 9th 2points, 10th 1point

  • Total average power across a set normal street driving Rpm range will be scored(1000rpm-5000rpm)
    [ The power output at 1,2,3,4 and 5000RPM is added from the dyno graph then divided by 5 to give the average power in that operating range ]

It is highly recommended to use cars based on your company lore rather than build cars specifically to the events however this is only a recommendation.

All event rules can be found in the second post


  1. I as Challenge Host reserve the right to change the ruleset at any stage in order to better the competition
  2. Barth bodies are banned unless specified in the ruleset
  4. Banter is welcome being a dickhead is not, neither is sexist or racist remarks if you are found breaching this rule I will ban you for a minimum of one event
  5. All export files are to be sent to the Racemaster …
  6. Open Beta Only
  7. Any mods used must be available through the steam workshop
  8. NO LAU FILE MODS (If you are found to do this you will be banned until the Racemaster see’s fit)
  10. Tyre’s must not protrude from the wheel arches
  11. If there is a tie for first place overall the cars will run a final 1/8 mile race at willowbank to determine the winner.

Cars will be scrutinized by the Racemaster on the day after the deadline If your car is found to be illegal the following options are to be used

  1. Acceptable revisions are allowed once each round but only if there is a repairable issue with the vehicle and the Racemaster has contacted you to fix it. If the vehicle is somehow completely outside the ruleset (ie a van in a convertible only round) you will be contacted by the Racemaster and allowed to enter 1 new vehicle that is within the ruleset, you will however NOT be able to send any further revisions of this entry [ you will have 24hrs to do this from receiving a PM from the Racemaster ]
  2. If two entries are received from a single user that are clearly outside the ruleset the Racemaster can either choose to DQ your entry or can allow you to build/change your vehicle a 3rd time, if after the 3rd attempt you still are not within the ruleset of the round you will be DQ’d from the round. [ again you will be given 24 hrs from receiving a PM from the Racemaster ]

All vehicles that are entered Must include at least the following fixtures

Front and rear headlights including a visible indicator lens visible at the front/back/sides. Some form of visible door handles. A grill/vents for the radiator and air intake vents/grill for the engine air filter unless using a carburetor. The intercooler piping cannot be exposed through the bonnet_ unless allowed in the round ruleset and to the discretion of the Challenge Host)If you wish to use a “Clear glass/plexiglass” bonnet by using a grill cutout please be certain that intercooler piping is BELOW the bonnet line and not protruding. The intercooler showing thru the front air dam is fine.


All vehicle’s are to be PM’d to the Racemaster
Model Design: APL(what round it is) your user name
Model Trim: your company name and car name
Engine Family: APL(what round it is) your user name
Engine Trim: your engine name

Send your export files to the Racemaster







link to results
Automation pro league results - #2 by Darkshine5

Mt Stanley
Willowbank 1/4
Willowbank 1/8
ATT Flying

All credit for tracks goes to the Creators

If anyone is uncertain of the rules please contact the Challenge Host or Race Master so they can clarify and avoid any misunderstandings.


reserved for round rules

Max Budget: $12,500.00

steel ladder chassis with steel panels
Base aero efficiency more than 0.600m2
No aero fixture
Suspension: Double Wishbone up front, solid axle rear
Pushrod v8 only max 6200cc with racing air intake
Slick tyres
Basic interior with -15 quality
Standard safety
minimum 1150KG weight
minimum top speed 120Mph/193Km/h.
minimum tyre width 175mm

Main Judged Statistics:

  1. Drive-ability over 30
  2. Sportiness over 20
  3. Average reliability greater than 55
  4. Safety standard equipment minimum
  5. Budget: @0% 12,500

Extra Scoring Statistics

  1. Engine reliability over 20

DAYTONA NASCAR V2 flying lap replaces ATT flying lap


Looks awesome! Can’t wait for round one.

First round rules have been posted.
Entries can be sent to the Racemaster from 2/12/2016-9/12/2016.
I am still looking for a Racemaster however if no-one volunteers I will undertake this first round.
Good luck Automationeers, any questions?

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Is it this [quote=“Darkshine5, post:1, topic:18818”]
Theme including year (each competition is to span a 5 year gap so if the year is 2016 you can go 2 years above of 3 years below the year 2016, you can only ever go up 2 years or down 3 years)
or this?

First one is saying you can go 2 years above and 3 years below when the 2nd one is saying you can go 5 years below


the second option

If I understand correctly, in every round max score is 80 + 5 + X. In case of first round that is 105. True?

That means quite a handicap for 3 good guys…

The other option would be to do a poll…
but yes this first rnd a max score of 105 is achievable. So car design can help boost a car from midfield to the top. I am hoping for some fairly close scores as track times are only worth 1/3rd of the total points…i am hpoing fingers crossed. I am sure things will need adjusting and as always I will do what is best for a fair competitiin

If there is 2 weeks time for results and such, I think a poll could work but that some extra work and people already got cheaty with polls. I suggest organisers can vote for their cars as well because so far everyone has been fair. If you have 3 people deciding and each propose his/her own car (among 2 others) than no one gets the spot and they must find the third one but if let’s say 2 out of 3 organisers vote for organiser’s car that seems like a legit score.

^^^well when you put it like that… I forgot what forum I was on. Good point.

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I propose that each individual part gets a rank and a score.

So, for instance, let’s say that there are 13 entries. Each entry will get at least one point in each catagory.
1/4 mile: 1st place would get 13 points, 2nd place 12 points, 3rd place 11 points, until the last place which would only get 1 point.
A hot lap would be the same.
Each board member would also get to rank the cars from 1-13 and assign points the same way.
Each additional rule would also be scored; so, say there was an off-road requirement of 30, and there was a range of different numbers between the entries the entry with the highest number would get the most points, while the one with the lowest would get the least.

So, the total possible points in each round would only change by how many entries you have.

13 for drag
13 for hot lap
13x3 for looks (each judge)
13 for drivability
13 for sportiness
13 for reliability
13 for safety
13 for price
13 for each extra rule

Total possible with 2 extra rules: 13*12=156

If there were only 8 entries it would be 8*12=96

EDIT: This way you could also allow entries that don’t quite make the requirements by adding negative points. So say if there were 13 entries and one of those entries didn’t quite make the drivability requirement, you could add a -13 for that category for that entry. This would make it extremely difficult for them to win enough points to be the overall winner, but still allow them to compete.


You see, we are SO good that we need to be handicapped for other guys to be competitive :wink:


I agree with @AirJordan, there isn’t a need to prohibit the organizers from voting them own car. About @one85db idea I think it can be better worked, but is something to think on.

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ok the challenge is open and accepting entries.
I will look into Airjordans point system after this first round to see what will work better.


Scarab is thinking about enter the Scarab Cirrus MR2, an homage to the popular 70’s MR car.

The racebred version (the Mk2) is shown here in all it’s glory. Weighing in at a tad less then 950 kg with a small but nonetheless powerful 1.35 l turbocharged engine, the Cirrus has show a lot of promise on the racetrack.


Presenting the JHW Stryker. it looks utterly ridiculous.


Is that 18" max or 18" required?

Oh jeez. My concept coupe looks really bland and boring compared to these two… That Cirrus is absolutely beautiful.

Seems like that I need to add more guff to my car.

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I believe it was 18" required sorry

Reminder only 2 more days for entries… they are abit thin Atm please PM here on the website do not use my E-mail.



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