Automation Racing Series Championship (ARSC)

Hello there.

This topic is dedicated to sharing your race cars, track beasts, and the like.


  • The cars must be track-only (whether it be a track variant of a RL car, a time-attack monster, a Pikes Peak car…

  • In your post, please share any relevant info regarding the performances of your car: horsepower, weight, materials…

  • Share your car’s lap time on any of the Automation tracks (thanks for @abg7’s tip)

  • Have fun, first and foremost! Be nice to each other, give out tips…

There is no restriction on time period, you’re free to post a 1970’s track bomb or a 2020 hypercar.

How about posting your car’s lap time on a particular track? Shouldn’t that be part of the criteria as well?

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As you might have seen from my other topic (Crest Sport Industries /// Share and suggest your own cars to be tuned!), I enjoy creating GT3 cars, as well as street legal versions of these machines. This car is not a GT3 neither a road legal car. It’s more of a spaceship, really.

This is the MCX, or Macchina da competizione sperimentale.


(0,775 W/P ratio) (hp/kg)

  • 1420kg dry weight,
  • 1100hp/1030Nm TTV12,
  • 6/4 Piston Ceramic disc brakes (340/300mm),
  • 0-100km/h in 3s,
  • Quarter Mile time of 9,78s,
  • 397km/h top speed.

The body panels are carbon fiber, mated to a carbon chassis.

Oh and price? 2.140,000$.

Time on the Automation factory test track: 1:48.37


Mercury Endurance Edition 2.0

909 HP 2.9L v8TT
609 ft lbs torque
2252 lbs weight
6/6 piston carbon ceramic brakes
Topspeed: estimated 221mph
0-60: 2.6 seconds
Full carbon fibre Chassis/body
Price: 4,290,000 Automation dollars (dunno what currency this is)
Automation Track time: 1:48.003

Sterling Motorcars Revolution TSS1300, a mentally insane TTV12 AWD version of the Sterling Motorcars Revolution, a N/A V12 supercar.
HP: 1339
Redline: 12k
Top Speed: 270mph
0-60: 2.4 sec
Weight: 3,400lbs

is it TT or N/A?

I mean

Sorry for not maintaining the topic alive, I was away for quite a long time.

This is the VTR Racing Epsilon 3.2R - heavily inspired by the red italian legend of the 90’s.


  • carbon fiber body panels and chassis
  • carbon ceramic front and rear brakes
  • double wishbone (F) / multilink (R)
  • NA front longitudinal 60º 3.2L V6
  • AWD with 7-speed sequential transmission
  • 545 hp @ 10500 rpm and 400 Nm (295 @ 8000 rpm
  • redline at 11000 rpm
  • top speed of 349 km/h (217 mph) and 0-100 in 3.3 s
  • dry weight of 1092 kg (2408 lbs)
  • automation test track time: 1:55.16
  • price: $604000

You can drive it using the test drive link in the VTR forum.


Saw it already on other topics, it really looks stunning man!

sorry for being repetitive :sweat_smile: it’s my finest work so far, specially the decals. Those were tough to get right.

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I wasn’t saying that as a reproach at all :wink:

I do believe decals were the hardest part, I never get them right