Automation Repository for Car Designs

What is this?

The Repository for Car Designs is a library of vehicles that I will publish here for anyone to download. Anyone can use it, but it’s primarily focused towards newer players who are still learning the fundamentals of car design. If you are struggling with desiging a certain type of car from a certain era, this is the thread for you! I will gradually update this thread over time to include cars across all eras and body styles that anyone can examine and study for their own personal gain.

My primary goal is for this to be just another learning resource for this community, just like the Crowd Sourced Detailing guides but more hands-on.

What kind of cars can I find here?

All kinds of cars across all eras in game. As this is primarily focused on newer players, however, this thread will primarily be for cars that look good with minimal and/or efficient fixture usage.

The most important skill to have when designing is knowing good fixture placement, proportions, and to a lesser extent, lineflow. Details and lots of fixtures can make a design good but this is not necessary!

How do I use this thread?

I will upload .car files here over time for anyone else to download. Each post will be dedicated to one car and will include the .car file, a brief description, and some tags that you can use to search through this thread easier. Here are some tags you can use to narrow your search:

[40s] [50s] [60s] [70s] [80s] [90s] [00s] [10s] [20s]


Please do not upload your .car files here yourself! Send them to me, and then I will publish them here if they pass inspections.

Who's making these cars? Can I submit mine?

There’s no way I can do a project like this all by myself, so these designs will be sourced from members of the community (me included, if I have the time and will).

To submit your designs, please send the .car file to me in the form of a private message through here or Discord. Keep in mind that although this repository will feature cars from the community, I am still managing this by myself, and thus I will have the final say in whether or not your car will make it in or not. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  1. The car must look good (will be judged by me, I’ll try to be generous with this)
  2. Visible Fixture Rule - all fixtures on the car must be clearly visible. So nothing complex involving hidden patchwork black magic or millions of tiny bumper bars. Hand-made lights and vents are discouraged.
  3. Simple Rule - components of the car such as bumpers, lights, grilles, etc. would ideally be made with as few fixtures as possible while still looking detailed enough.

To demonstrate how typical posts will look like, and to start this thread off, here are two cars.

1957 Mercas-Boretti C195

By @Kyorg
[50s] [SEDAN] (45.4 KB)

Sometimes I’ll add comments like this if there’s a particular feature or technique I think you should try to emulate.

1957 Mercas-Boretti A312

By @Kyorg
[50s] [COUPE] (44.2 KB)

Pay attention to how the hood scoop fixtures are used on the hood and the body molding fixture is used on the fenders to spice up the shape of the body; that’s just one of the things that makes this design so effective!

Mod List

These cars will use mods, so make sure to download my mod collection so that you won’t have any missing fixtures. If you’re running low on disk space, don’t download the photoscene mods, as these take up the most amount of space.

And just to make it clear,

Please do not upload your .car files here yourself! Send them to me, and then I will publish them here if they pass inspections.


1998 Fukorami ボックス Sport

By @urke101
[90s] [SUV]

Fukorami_-_ボックス (56.9 KB)

Part of efficient fixture design is being able to realize when you could replace multiple fixtures with just one. See the grille pattern on this mini-SUV? Sure you could spam bumper bars to get the same effect, but isn’t it faster to use a vanilla grille that already does the same thing while looking just as good?
Yes, mods are essential, but vanilla fixtures still have their use so don’t discount them entirely!


2020 Zenshi Altrea Sport GTS-25 (MT)

By @Grandea
[10s] [20s] [SEDAN] (76.5 KB)

Pay attention to the clever use of vents in this design. Two of the same vent are layered over each other on the front to make a cool-looking pattern. The same vent fixture can be found on the back, which adds a hint of sportiness to the design and spices the rear up. Even the headlight shape is made out of vents! This design as a little more complicated, especially for the lights which use MDHL, but even here the clever fixture usage doesn’t stop. Note how the headlights and taillights are made up of vanilla lighting fixtures, just shrunken down.


2008 Seikatsu Prince 300GT Turbo

By @Tzuyu_main
[00s] [SEDAN] (45.9 KB)

With the new 4.2 update, I decided to test out the new engine capabilities with this simple RWD sports sedan I made in about 30 minutes or so. What I want to emphasize with this design is the usage of vanilla lights to create unique light designs, general fixture proportioning, and the use of body molding fixtures. Using such fixtures and even hood scoops as body molding can add a lot of depth to the car and transform the base design completely! Furthermore, this car makes use of only vanilla fixtures.


2020 AT Andromeda 3.0 V8 TT

By @tom01203#2802 (Discord)
[20s] [COUPE] (102.9 KB)

Visually there’s a lot going on with this design with the aggressive aero kit, but the base design is actually surprisingly simple. Who says you need patchwork and a million bumper bars to make a good looking headlight? This car does it with only 3 fixtures, a vanilla vent and two LED strips! The giant carbon fiber side intake is only one body molding fixture but adds so much in terms of visual depth and making the body look less flat. This design also incorporates a lot of patchwork fixtures for the custom upper side vent, rear tail light cut out, and the diffuser, but the end result is the big payoff for all the effort involved. This car is a solid demonstration of both clever and more intricate design tricks.