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Automation reset itself

So seemingly overnight, my game just decided to reset all progress. I never deleted anything intentionally, and I don’t have any problems with disc space.

When I open the game, all of my mods are still working, but all of my progress seems to have disappeared. Everything’s gone, from my cars, to my settings.
It seems to have reset fully, and its as if I’ve just started the game for the first time. It shows the “hints/tips” when I navigate through each of the menus.

When I create a new car, it shows me the bodies starting at year 2016 by default,(where it usually shows 2012 as default), and wont go higher (even though I have mods with bodies that go up to 2020).

I play on version UE424 and haven’t switched to any other version recently, at least not that I’m aware.
I have no bytes stored in the steam cloud despite that setting being enabled.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing changes.

The only information I have as to what might have happened, is the game logs from the last time I played before everything got reset. (apparently I cant upload them because I’m a “new user”.)

I would really appreciate it if anybody could find a solution for this problem, as I would hate to have nearly 400 hours of progress just lost randomly.

Some things to check is, is your game located on an external drive? Did the area it was located in move? did you verify files in steam? that would be where I would start.

Alright. So the files don’t seem to have moved anywhere, and I was able to verify the files. When I open the game, nothings seems to have changed