Automation Speed Run Challenge Adventure [ARSCA] - Rules Deliberation

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ABC(Automation Buddy Challenge)[COMPLETE]

The Automation Speed Run Challenge Adventure:

For this challenge, the goal is to make the best car in the least amount of time which should be simple enough, right?

Alright, so what do I do?


In order to be considered into the speedrun, you must be able to create a car that is made in less than 30 minutes. You can indeed use all 30 minutes, but the goal is to make a car that fits the requirements in the least amount of time.

Note that you should at least try to make the best car within the requirements, but time alone will determine rank. To break ties; the better car will be placed above.

How do I send you proof?

You send a Youtube video as proof of a speedrun through a private direct message as well as posting here on the fourms.

What are the requirements anyway?

  • 30 Safety

  • 25 Comfort

  • Car is less than $20,000

  • Top speed is above 100MPH/160KMPH

  • Wheelbase is greater than 3m or 118 in

  • fuel economy must be above 15MPG / 15.7L/100KM

  • Car must be in the year: 2004

  • Car must seat 5 people

  • Car must be Black, #000000

  • Car must have model year and family to be named “ARSCA1 - name”

  • Filll the trim and variant name with whatever you want

  • Car must Run on Leaded 110 Avgas

What the car need, continuing on:

The car will need the following to be a car:

  1. Headlights
  2. Mirrors
  3. Door handles for all doors excluding the tailgate
  4. Rear lights with: Reverse, stop, and indicators
  5. Different rims
  6. Indicators on the side
  7. A sun roof
  8. A badge of some sort
  9. A license plate
  10. A grille of some sort
  11. Wipers
  12. Side vents
  13. A fuel cap

Good luck speed runners!


Visuals? And do we need to make the colour from scratch?

I think this needs more rules.
If the rankings go by time only, it’s too easy right now. I just did this and sub 1 minute could be done with a bit of practice

The challenge should require headlights, tail lights, indicators and everything necessary to make a road legal car.

Thats a good idea to introduce

Any restrictions on fuel type?

And if the car is meant to be black, must it have the hex code 000000, regardless of shine, flake, and pearl values?

Good point,

I should add some sort of fuel to throw off people

And yeah, a hexcode of 000000 would be the one to default to