Automation Steam Group

Hi! If you want to join the unoffical Automation Steam group I made just go here!

Have Fun!

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I just joined! If anyone wants to play rocket league I am open to anyone who wants to join a game.

I just played a round with the worst player I have ever met. I am on a breakaway and am about to get a goal for our team when my team mate comes up and hits it away from the net, so then I just gave up because there was no hope for our team with him on it.

y u make invite only?

Oh, sorry! I’m on it!

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Alright I joined, unlikely I’ll actually use it though.

I think one already exists actually.

Cool, well now we have two! I guess this is just a newer one

Well, that’s useful. Joined the group, aaaaaaaaand:

Your account is not allowed to post in Automationeers discussions.
Visit Steam Support for more information.

so much for joining the group, it’s literally useless.

Well damn, I’ll fix it

You can’t do anything. I’m a restricted user atm so that’s just my life

Try it now, it may work for you

Didn’t change anything. Don’t worry about it though

Ok :frowning:

Guys… Actually join the group chat?. Otherwise the group’s useless

This is why I’m considering making an Automation Discord.

Of course it’d be a clusterfuck and useless

I wish I could. Online but I literally can’t do anything

eh. just try. it’s better than steam chat Group

so. ganbatte onii-chan :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get around to it when I wake up tomorrow.

I can sit in the group chat for group chattiness stuff