AUtomation Testtrack 3D

So, as the title explains, I’ve been working on the Automation Testtrack in 3D.
Currently got the track layout, walls, sand and water layout done.
Still need to do some details of course, and some nice textures. Also red and white tires need to be placed along the walls in case any of your cars crashes.

Render of V0.1:

Some action, 1 car pitting, 3 cars through the final turn onto the straight:

realy nice :mrgreen:

Wizzy, this is just too good. Waaaaay too good. :smiley:

Nice one Wizzy!!!


Been working some more, added some textures (yes the grass is ugly) and the tires are their now. Also it has 0 height difference, because I couldnt tell from the original 2D map of the track.
Probably will add some height difference myself later.

and two close-up shots:

What program are you using to construct it?

3DSMAX 2013

Looking great so far :slight_smile:

You can get all the 3D information (track camber, gradient and exact corner radius and straight length) from the track file, as detailed in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3845

I suspect it wont be the nicest thing to work from, but its better than nothing

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it when I continue working on it.

I think Killrob once posted a height graph of the track on facebook, let me check

EDIT: Found it:

If you need the x,y,z coordinates of the driving line, just tell me. :slight_smile:

Nice, thanks for the graph! Also, Bayer, can you give me them? Much easier to model with coords.

Im quite busy at the moment, so I havent been working on this. I hope to continue anytime soon.

That looks pretty nice. Would we be able to see the car oversteering and understeering once this is done since is already calculated?

Will you be able to import your track results into this layout, and see it play out?