Automation World lore wiki can we build it?

Ok so rk38 hinted at this in his/her thread I am just going to create this post so we can converse about whether this is possible.

My views are that we should try and do this, maybe by doing it as a challenge throughout the decades with only one or two people able to change info on the wiki page however all manufacturer info would come from the community. Now the other issue is defining the “world” in which this happens (I think it should be based on the lite campaign maps) also new users would need to be able to intergrate into this lore after say 6 months of being on the forum but can only do so if the community feels they fit into this lore.

A commitee of long time and trusted users consult on the “world” and can decide on what “events” may have occured from 1930-2020 and how the world responded.

Also maybe doing a Geneva car show each five years to select cars and manufacturers from may be a place to start?
I have more ideas but am on phone and typing sux.

commence conversation


Seems like it’s a Good idea. I’d have to slightly edit some stories of my company to match though nothing bad so long as WWII still happens

Interesting idea. Not sure how that would translate for everyone else, I know myself and quite a few others base their lore in the real world. Unless we were to imagine an alternate universe?


Basicly Automation Fan Fiction page?
Seems nice.


Careful now :wink:

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Mine starts in the real world and then spins off into another after 1945


I’m gonna have to work on my company more.Especially since all my good stuff is from the 80s to 2000s.

I am thinking that in the short future after the port to unreal is finished we will all be re-creating models so I think we could start after the port is finished. This would allow us to create the lore from scratch, however i do not want this to be all about current users, the pre-steam gang must also be involved.

WE could also use the real World countries but not real world companies as competitors, the companies can only be Automation companies (so no Ford or BMW etc)


I’m intrigued, I’d think my company’s scandal would certainly make an interesting headline.

Well, in Storm Automotive’s case, we had a massive technological leap in 2000, but… Other than kicking off some AI and explaining our fully automated factories, it’s still mostly the real world.

Sinistra Motors is the Storm Automotive spin-off company that starts in the '40’s after a bit of time travel. But even it could fit in the lore easily enough because, again, locations and places are mostly real world.

Minerva Motors and Dynamite Motors are both challenge companies with some back-lore that basically defines the design without much actual company lore. Minerva builds last-decade’s designs today, and Dynamite somehow manages to stick around like a bad penny despite their random nature.

I’ve got a few other companies that exist that weren’t one-off companies, but these are the important ones. And chances are, with the Unreal port, Storm’s lore will be adjusted slightly. I still think 2000 is the big year for the tech boom, and 2021 is still the year Luke goes back in time to 1940 after some extensive modifications to blend in, but otherwise, same basic lore, just we’ll include other little events along the way and leave some space for new stuff. Though one thing is that Storm will no longer have the little Italian car company, Pharte, to drag it out of trouble. It wasn’t used enough to justify it, the cars that used the technology from that company weren’t overly popular types of cars, and as a result, the entire little company that could be is no more.

Sinistra will arrive on the forums around that time, and will undoubtedly offer similar insanity to Storm without being exactly alike. I have a basic engine-lore plan in mind with them and they’ve got some back-story already. Pretty much, they’re going to start with SOHC and a crossplane V8, and if they want to get a specific type of engine, they have to work through what they have to create it. Essentially, XP becomes FP to enable I4, which enables I3, which enables I6 and V6, which after both have been made, enables V12. Cams have to be derived from similar, which means SOHC has to become DA-OHC in order to become DOHC, and SOHC can derive straight to Pushrod because of the rocker arms. Pretty complex, I know, but it’s my way to make it more realistic how they come up with new engines. I5 is derived from the I6 if we get those, and V10 will just be two cylinders lopped off of one V8 and stuck onto another, enabling immediate use of the new engine type. Maybe Sinistra will just V10 everything. Which may make more sense than this whole plan, but I want to use it for something. If this changes, blame it on aliens, time travel, Luke’s fascination with odd engines, or a combination of all of the above.

Minerva and Dynamite may arrive on the forums to display challenge cars. They may also have a few models that aren’t challenge cars as well, and some lore will be created to make some sense of it. Minerva’s pretty much a car company run by people who believed the past was so much better, and seek to bring a piece of the past into the present to prove it. Dynamite makes normal cars most of the time, but then there’s stuff that comes out that makes you wonder if everyone involved was either drunk, stoned, high, or a combination of all three. Some of it becomes collectible, most of it becomes scrap.


i’ve had this idea for a while too. but also doubt it will even work. but for now. let’s brainstorm ideas.

first lets discuss what happens in the starting year of this automation dimension?

between 1940-1950.

we can throw the image of world war in the real world away. and just pitch in at what you think is a good(or bad) time to have happened

Allies have just won a war, America is the dominant superpower and hence america has more money, factories and thus automobile industry is booming.
Europe is divided, again. French and British economy is still poor at this time, but post war optimism might boost the auto industry. Germany doesnt have much industry left after it is divided into the allied and soviet controlled zones. Eastern Europe probably has a similar problem, but with the USSR.
Asia, again very similar to europe. Chinese companies will have a difficult time due to a civil war brewing (and the fact that china has no industry at this time) Japan is in bad shape after the war but america is funding them…

And by the time i have written this I only just notice…

ahh crap

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I’d leave this one up for debate, as WWII is what provided the start to my company, and I’m sure many others


Yeah, I’d leave the WWII too. Maybe it wasn’t particularly important in my brands’ lores, but communism was, for PZS. I doubt that Poland would be a communist state without WWII…

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I agree. WWII is basically the crux of current world politics and history. It would be wrong to ignore it.


WWII didn’t really affect my company, but… without it, there would have been no need for technological advancement, so I think it’s kinda necessary.

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In fact, didn’t WWII actually cause the Transistor to be invented since vacuum tubes used in planes radio’s were too fragile for the environment? so as a result, basically unless you only use carburetors, your company is affected by WWII by at least that fact, as EFI would not exist without the transistor


Yeah, infact, without wwii, the turbocharger and supercharger would exist much later since their development was pushed by war to improve plane performance

But yeah, i dont think the transistor would cease to exist, but its development would be a lot slower and would not exist until much later


Ever played Fallout? WWII, nuclear power, no transistors.

That is also a not particularly realistic version of the world, though i do get your point, it doesn’t have to be, though being realistic for a second, the first EFI system was put on a production car back in the 1950’s (installed on Chrysler products with the EFI being made by Bendix) from what i researched, it was notoriously unreliable on the 1950’s transistors. One surviving system did get upgraded to modern electronics and is pretty reliable, however, back to the point, if it’s that unreliable with the transistors, Vacuum tubes would be a nightmare for EFI