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Automationball comic

I really loved the Polandball comic of Reddit, and i was planning since a little bit of time to put up some comic on the same kind for Automation.

Now that I’ve a small drawing tablet, I can lose my time on it…

So I’ll present you a first quick batch test of Autmoation Ball.

Hope no one will be bothered by the stereotypical rapresentation of their brands :wink:


Very nice, I guess at some point I should build my Caswalian Motors.

Oh, you.

Other than being a bit confused as to what stereotype my character represents I’m not concerned. My best guess is that it means that Bogliq is like The Blob; all over the place, constantly expanding and no-one likes it! :laughing:

I’m actually rather chuffed that I was included in your AutomationBall pic and would be happy to see Bogliq feature in any future comics! :sunglasses:

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Gonna join in the fun.


Fuck you Lordred.

I’m (mostly) kidding, but seriously, don’t use the circle tool. I mean, [size=200]don’t[/size] use it.

And learn about polandball before you post.

Okay, that was mean. The circle tool is frowned upon reddit, as is using straight lines, these are supposed to be low-budget, low-skill drawings, purposefully looking unprofessional :stuck_out_tongue: You are american, so you are “allowed” to have good grammar.

Also, if one wants to know more about those well produced comics, check this: reddit.com/r/polandball/


It was only a matter of time, I agree NormanVauxhall is the one toone to deliver!

Also, bloody right, only 2000kw? CAN INTO POWAAAAAAAAAH

stropball should have a ponytail or something horse-like

I’ve tried to put a couple of horse ears on stropball… I wasn’t confident with thw result.

Jakgoe, I didn’t quickly find your company logo, like HighOctaneLove one (for him I’ve improvised a Bogliq classic blue with Moldavia flag).

HichOctaneLove, with Bogliq I was testing the blob version of the ball… and I choose yours company because the name allows me to make a decent pun for this test :wink:

Lordred, i didn’t had any catchphrase to use on you so I’ve skipped you.

As soon I’ve some comic idea I’ll post it here.

I thought about this too, most country balls do not have any particular appendage, only props that they wear or carry (like helmets, glasses etc.), so adding horse ears to a country ball probably wouldn’t make as much sense. I’m perfectly content for you to stick to the way you have drawn it.

Haha, I love this already!

Smolensk is of revening… everybody loves Znopresk.


This is genius. More, please!

[size=50]Or, as Balthazar would say it, “plox”[/size]

I have to be more active in this forum, I must become FMU-Ball!

:open_mouth: :astonished:


I’m not familiar with Polandball so I wasn’t aware a blob-ball existed; I am honoured to be chosen as the blob bows :wink:

I really need a badge… Maybe you could steal the Bugatti badge and use that?


Just lessen the length of the upper and lower bars of the E then it’ll look like a stylised B and make the artwork a lot easier for you!

EDIT: I have finally made up a badge for Bogliq so feel free to use it from now on :smiley:

For you, Strop


^ ohh historical zing!