AutomationGame Wikipedia Page (HELP)

Does anyone mind helping me create a Wikipedia page for Automation?
I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind helping me out :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. It needs to be called AutomationGame as Automation is already taken.

automation already as a wikipedia page. :slight_smile: somebody correct me if im wrong.

I don’t think so <-- that’s NOT Automation lol

on the old site im sure a link was available.ive just done a search myself and i can’t find anything but im sure it did exist.

We have/had our own Wiki. But not a page on the normal Wikipedia.

i knew id seen it. it appears to be missing at the moment though. so i do appologise xxrkellyxx1 :slight_smile:

There is a link from the pages for Car Tycoon and Detroit - not sure if we’re notable enough for our own page!

The rules about wikipedia is that we cannot write a page about ourselves. Anyone else is free to start one.

I did not know you could not write on a page about yourself… I understand why they would do it, its a lot easier to say no to everyone than go around banning the few that missuses the site.

I do not have a wiki account but ill start formulating a plan and see what I can do (obviously creating a wiki account first)… Unfortunetly I have just bought a house (it settles today) and had my first child (4 days old) so time is something I do not have in abundance at the moment…

If I do create one ill let you guys know…