Automation's build a city!

OK, so, we start with a background, where our task is to build a town, from it’s beginnings (like one hut) to the future metropolis, with skyscrapers, flying Cossacks, etc.

Rules to follow:

  1. You are limited to one addition per post. Addition counts as either:
    1.1. altering the background (adding trees, rivers, etc.)
    1.2. Adding new buildings or upgrading existing ones
    1.3. Additional details, like cars on the streets, smoke coming out the chimney, etc.
  2. Keep your additions consistent with the theme (so, no 10.8 V8 shopping carts when the majority of city is some wooden huts)
  3. Do not ruin other people’s houses just for the destruction’s sake
  4. No nyan cats, ufos, Godzillas. Keep it reasonable
  5. Do not use automatic autoaliasing or other automatic palette expanding tools
  6. Try to use isometric spriting
  7. Save it as .png
  8. Your pixelart skills do not count (mine are not that great), but at least put some effort into it.
  9. Canvas can be expanded if there’s no space left

So, I’ll start with a bland plain background, and a wooden hut, you can, for example, upgrade it by adding a garden or something or add a new hut, or perhaps add some trees…

Added trees…

… of some description, I can’t draw isometric in fresh paint.

Added a path/road leading to/from the hut.

I added another home.

I believe we should restart, seeing mr boyer has ruined it. Start from the OP picture.

Or we could simply remove his doings in the next image.

Well, you see that grass texture? Do you see how many shades has it got? It’s supposed to be some classic piece of pixelart. The next fellow has added an automatically antialiased path (you see how many shades there are on the edges of his path?) Even your hut is not save (apart from the support logs), I’m afraid.

Oh, I see now. I didn’t notice the textures had changed.
How’s this then?

Very nice. And consistent. Now that we’ve sorted it out, we can go and add more thingies.

Added a cheap 70’s moped, to start developing the village/town/city, if you are wondering why the image size increased from 16kb to 1.3 mb is because it is uncompressed for higher quality

Wait, it’s not like compressed PNG is of lower quality than its uncompressed counterpart. It’s lossless format after all.

BTW, the theme was supposed to be a medieval-tech village progressing through the technology, but I guess it was not clear. Moped can stay. Maybe we can say it’s a stranded time traveller, who lost his flux capacitor and can’t go back to his times, even when riding at 88 mph.

Sorry, but i thought that it was about a small poor city growing to greatness :confused:

Well, we can follow this line of development, can’t we?

Now that I know the theme, using a concrete path wouldn’t fit very well. Cobblestone would be nice, though.

OK, so, seing you said something about the front door, I decided to add the mentioned appliance. Also, deleted these moped leftovers on the left, assuming you left them unintentionally.

Routed some roads and added a small stone shed… but its a ghost. Has no shadow… (already took too long)

if i wouldnt so bad at pixel art i would do it better well, but at least i modified moped to look slightly damaged (that why traveler can’t go back to home)
damn cant change to bigger picture

Reupload it so you have the link to fullsize picture. Or just use the forum attachment system.

fixed it

So you guys are drawing this by hand in paint or is there some program that generates this kind of art? Looks neat so far.