AutomationTrader - A place to 'sell' your Automation creations

What is AutomationTrader?
AutomationTrader is the number one place to sell your Automation universe cars.

Am I actually selling the car?
No, what you are doing is making a mock up advert with a bit of a story behind it, you can let your imagination run wild.

Well what is the point then?
The point is to have a bit of fun, you can show off some of your companies older cars, show off some questionably modified early 00’s hatchbacks it is completely up to you.

What can I show?
Literally anything, as long as it exists in the Automation universe you can show it, please give credit if anyone else had any involvement in the creation of the car being advertised.

Does it have to be my car?
It does not, however if the original creator doesn’t give permission to use their car then I would advise against posting it to avoid any issues.

What are the rules?
Try to keep things realistic, by that I mean don’t try and value a 90’s hatchback at $100K unless it really is worth that much money, also the adverts will be set in the present day.

What should my ad look like?
I will include a demo advert just to give some ideas but there really isn’t any limit to how the advert should look, it can be web based or even magazine/newspaper based.

Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Points to consider -

A picture or many pictures of the car you are ‘selling’
A description describing the car (You can put a small story about the car if yu choose)
Vehicle age, mileage and any other details like if it is available on finance etc.
The vehicles features
The statistics of the vehicle

Template -

Body Type:
Transmission: (e.g. 5-Speed Auto)
No. of Seats:
Engine Type:

Have an example ad too (it’s not perfect and you don’t have to do anything as fancy):


##Vintage hatchback!

Price: $2,500

Year: 1975

Make: CM

Model: Manitoulin

Trim: Pure

Kilometers/Mileage: 276,455

Body Type: Hatch

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

Colour: Yellow

Drivetrain: RWD

No. of Seats: 5

Engine Type: I4

Location: Vancouver, Canada

I have a 1975 CM Manitoulin Pure for sale. This is the famous Canada Motors car with the Komodo engine! A bit of rust but still runs great. Brakes were redone last year. Interior’s clean and all original. New head unit has cd, aux, and usb. Asking 2500 firm. This car is great for any lover of quirky vintage cars or to impress that hipster girl or guy! Call me at (xxx)xxx-xxxx


#1993 Hodan MV622 R-V1

Price: $35,000
Year: 1993
Make: Hodan
Model: MV622
Trim: R-V1
Kilometers/Mileage: 95,000km
Body Type: 2 door
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Colour: White
Drivetrain: RWD
No. of Seats: 2
Engine Type: V6 Twin Turbo
Location: Christchurch European, Christchurch, New Zealand.
This 1993 MV622 is a rare car withing New Zealand. With only one owner who needed rid of it, we believe it to be worth your money. This is a steal. Contact Craig on [Number].


Classic Awesome Polish-American Supercar for Sale!

Price: 250.000 $
Year: 1980
Make: Airborne
Model: Mercury I
Trim: Targa
Kilometers/Mileage: 32 453 km
Body Type: Mid-Engined Targa
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Colour: White
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
No. of Seats: 2
Engine Type: V6
Location: Tarnów, Poland
Description: Today’s sale subject is pretty well known and almost legendary Airborne Mercury in targa variant. This neck-breaking monster has pretty good performance, it’s well maintained, almost no rust (except engine cover which is typical for this model), one owner (employee of Airborne). This unit is even more unique because it has pop ups with two round lamps that were installed only on 150 first cars instead of later single-rectangular-lamped ones. and this is the car with number #31! Features everything that Mercury had in the era with special red interior (only 4 cars were sold in white exterior red interior spec and this is the only targa one). Can be yours for 250.000 $, has all the documents, insurance and it’s permitted for road use.


I’d like to book a test drive for that Manitoulin! Very interested and can pay in cash.


You seem like a man of good taste… trying to impress that hipster girl at the coffee shop? :wink: Give me a call and we can arrange that.


here’s a 'lil something i did through inspect element

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dammit you beat me, I had the same idea. Nicely done :smile:


Title Status: Exempt ?
Can’t be exempt unless it’s a race-only car…
Must not have a title…

This is a suspicious hatchback running on Regular Unleaded Fuel manufactured in 1983 with one mile driven. It has pop-up headlights.
Price: US$9,570
Year: 1983
Make: Toyota
Model: Corolla II
Trim: hatchback
Kilometers/Mileage: one mile
Body Type: hatchback
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Colour: white and black
Drivetrain: rear wheel drive
No. of Seats: four
Engine Type: inline four
Location: Gunma Prefecture
Description: This is a suspicious hatchback running on Regular Unleaded Fuel.


if i remember right From something i read up, before some point in time in the mid 70’s cars weren’t issued titles, just bills of sale (i think) so if nobody ever gotten a title since then, well, then there’s be no title, hence “exempt” since it’s not technically illegal since the car predates titles

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##Welcome to Assoluto Certified Pre-owned

Experience our greatest historic models, lovingly maintained by our enthusiasts and certified by our technicians for a much lower price than before.


This is a semi frequently driven example sold back to Assoluto when the owner switched to the Crinale Cielo Spyder model released last year. This is a one in a life time opportunity to own one of the finest hypercars ever made in history.


Price; $ 800,000
Year: 2017
Make: Assoluto
Model: Crinale
Body Style: 2 door Coupe
Mileage: 10,000 miles
Transmission: 7 speed Dual Clutch
Color: Rosso Assoluto
Drivetrain: RWD
No. of Seats: 2
Engine Type: 7 liter V12 semi Hybrid
Location: Assoluto Centro, Florence, Italy

Maintenance and full service records available. Tires are fresh brand new Pirelli Trofeo R R Compound tires.


  • You will not resell this car to any other entity except Assoluto Automobili
  • You will not provide this car to any comparison test
  • You will not modify any mechanical component of this car

Failure to comply will result in your inability to purchase exclusive Assoluto models and denied invitations to special events.


######yes the grammar is on purpose



How did you guess? :sweat_smile: I’ll call soon.

@Microwave @Kreunz Those adverts just look fantastic!


##Automotive history for a low price!

Price: 50,000

Year: 1965

Make: H.A.

Model: 250

Trim: Avtoralli

Kilometers/Mileage: 14,000 km

Body Type: Coupe

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Colour: Burgundy

Drivetrain: RWD

No. of Seats: 2

Engine Type: I4

Location: Kiev, Ukraine


This 1965 H.A. 250 Avtoralli is the real deal, one of a handful made when the communist Archanan regime decided to try their hand at rallying. It was first seen in the 1965 Dalnit-Bralka rally where it cinched a few second place finishes but still finished last in the tournament. This one was a backup car that never made it into a race, and so it is 100% original and unrestored. It was kept in a warehouse and then sold off before H.A. transitioned into a public company in the 1990s.
The previous owner took good care of it and so did I, the oil has been changed every 3000 km, and any repair has been done with genuine H.A. parts. It has never been winter driven, only seen rain a few times, and was mostly taken out for the occasional track day or auto show. It is registered and legal to drive on the road.
It has a new battery, new spark plugs, new brake pads, and a new set of tires. This car doesn’t have the racing history as the others but is still a genuine automotive legend. I am reluctantly selling as I will be moving but I’m in no hurry, so the price is firm.


Price: $2,000

Year: 1995

Make: Miller

Model: Anaconda

Trim: GT-P

Mileage: 156,000

Body Type: Coupe

Transmission: Automatic

Colour: Red

Drivetrain: RWD

No. of Seats: 4

Engine Type: V8

Location: Flint, MI
Description: 1995 Miller Anaconda GT-P for sale. 156,000 miles on the indestructible 343. Has 4 speed auto trans rebuilt 2 years ago. Engine has slight misfire, was told that it only needs a spark plug. Still alot of power left in her even with misfire. Only minor rust. I’m only the 5th owner. I know what I have so no low ballers and no test drives. $2,000.00 firm.


Reasonably Priced Cars New and Old with Great Finance Deals and 2 Year 15,000 Mile Warranties

I am so glad to see this thread taking off like this, thanks to everyone for their awesome adverts!


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Price: $47,700 (cash price) or $30,000 if you can beat rival #399 in Import Tuner Challenge (Shutokou Battle X in Japan) on Xbox 360 with a car that possess 600ps or less with a weight of 1100kg (2425lbs) AND then replicate that car as closely as possible in Automation and beat a time of 4:20.000 on the C1 Inner Route in ITC and 4:25.00 on Blue C1 in Automation with your replica. This car can seriously be purchased on the auction house of FH3 for serious buyers for the above mentioned prices.

Year: 1999

Make: ???

Model: Devil Z

Trim: Type-S30K

Kilometers: 24,683

Body Type: 2-door fastback

Transmission: 5-Speed Close-Ratio Manual

Color: Asakura Midnight Blue Metallic

Drivetrain: FR

No. of Seats: 2

Engine Type: L6 Turbo

Location: Metropolitan Expressway K5 Daikoku Parking Area, Japan

Description: The outside looks classic, but underneath the timeless beauty of it’s skin lies a beast. Equipped with a highly strung L-series possessing 724ps @ 7300rpm and 75.2kgf-m @ 6600rpm on 1.8bar of boost, combined with it’s lightweight carbon body makes this 951kg classic a rocket to be reckoned with. Rumored to be possessed by it’s original owner due to a fatal crash from back when the car had it’s original steel body, who happens to share the same name as the current owner, Akio Asakura.