AutoTest - An Automation Car Tester

Heyy! I hope this message finds you well Automation community

First I would like to give a brief description about myself. I’ve been playing Automation for some time now and I really enjoy it. The fact is that I enjoy testing cars in BeamNG much more.

That is why I have created this thread, I invite you, whenever you want, to send me your cars if you want me to test them. I currently play with a G29+Shifter, I know it’s nothing special but it’s pretty good.

I would like to try your creations because I have seen amazing things on this forum. Apart from testing them, whenever you want I can give you some feedback on how it behaves, lap times, if it is easy to drive, the learning curve it has and much more.

I’m looking for ``realistic’’ cars that if we imagine them in real life, they could be sold to anyone ( that includes limited editions with reduced units too, if we include the lore of course ). I’m not looking for anything 2000hp or monstrosities like that, although they are fun from time to time.

This will not be something like a ``magazine’’ I will simply dedicate myself to casually testing cars in each of the areas (daily driving, limits, offroad…)

By the way, I will never ever criticize your creations or disrespect you, in case anyone was wondering. I’m not the one to decide how you create your cars or to give you advice on how to improve them, just some feedback.

This has been my entire message, I hope I’m not offending you, I just want to have a good time testing a few cars in BeamNG! You can write to me in DM, on discord ( benja_28 ) or directly comment on this thread.