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The 2011 Avadio Sensation

The Sensation is one out of the three cars in Avadio’s 2011 car lineup. Just like every Avadio car, the Sensation is a very affordable car. The design is very brave and a little ahead of its time too! Prices start at just $14600, and it offers quite a bit for the price! Here is more:

More information

Wheels are 18-inch steel rims on the Trust & Trust+ trims and alloys on the Gold and Gold+ trims. ABS comes as standard and higher-spec models get traction control as well. 0-100 varies between 11.6 to 12.5 seconds based on trim. A good amount of safety is provided, the driver is provided with an airbag. Both the passengers are provided with dual-stage airbags on the Gold+ trim. The top speed is 180-200km/h (112-124mph) once again, based on trim. Front windows are electrically operated. The interior is made out of black plastic, there are a few cloth bits here and there. Electric power steering comes as standard for easy driving. The Gold and Gold+ trims have a tachometer. There are a lot of storage spaces in the interior. A decent amount of insulation is provided as well. The floor mats are very durable too. Higher-spec trims have fog lights, a rear wiper and also mirror-mounted indicators. There are two amber lights on the inside along with a trunk light. Lower end trims have two speakers along with a CD player and a few memory functions. There is also FM/AM radio. Higher-spec trims also have two extra speakers along with a small 7-segment digital display.


*Varies from trim to trim

Engine & Drivetrain

1.9 Avadio Comet 100 engine

1906cc N/A DOHC-4 I4 (116cui)
Bore x Stroke- 84.0mm x 86.0mm (3.3in x 3.4in)
Crank/Conrods- Cast Iron/Cast
Pistons- Low Friction Cast
Compression Ratio- 9.4:1
Fuel Injection- Multi-Point Fuel Injection with single injectors
Fuel type- 91 Octane gasoline (Petrol)
Cat-Converter- Yes
Exhaust diameter- 50.8mm
Power- 100hp (75kw) @4600-5750rpm
Torque- 177nm (86lb-ft) @2800-3450rpm
Max RPM- 6400rpm
Thermal efficiency- 29.8%
Engine weight- 139.2kg (306.9lb)

Prices and Variants

Trim (Transmission)
Trust (Manual)- $14,600
Trust (Automanual)- $15,200
Trust+ (Manual)- $15,200
Trust+ (Automanual)- $15,800
Gold (Manual)- $15,900
Gold (Automanual)- $16,500
Gold+ (Manual)- $16,700
Gold+ (Automanual)- $17,300

Optional extras- Reverse parking sensors ($54), Dual-tone grille ($105), Roof rails ($34) & Height adjustable driver seat ($119).

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Oh and also, it’s made in 4.2 (turbo update) and is fully vanilla.

By this I assume you mean a sequential?

Yes I am using a sequential for automanual. Since automation actually considers the sequential as a robotised manual rather than an actual sequential.

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