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The next step in motoring.

Avador Motors is a car manufacturer founded in 1952 . We also own Spader Auto.

We are proud to be innovators of the highest standard, using cutting-edge design and technologies to lead the automobile industry forward.

The vehicles manufactured by Avador are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Current Lineup


Xeriton (2017-2020)
Azoron (2019-2022)
Rexion (2020)
Elaron (2021)
Vereon (2019-2022)
Exalon (2020)


Spader Lanero (2005-2009)

2017-2020 Avador Xeriton (renamed from Yosemite)

Even a family car can be fun.

The Xeriton is a full-size SUV meant for families, who dare to venture past the boundaries of their cities, and explore the outdoors. Higher ground clearance is one of the advantages the Xeriton can offer along with leather seats, advanced safety systems, high quality entertainment and much more.

The Xeriton is based on the FSS platform that Avador shares with other manufacturers. It offers 2 engine options - the 3.7 V6 and the 4.5 V6 (specs mentioned later). The V8 has been discontinued due to issues with fuel economy.

Roadtrips are now going to be just better.

We have fitted the Xeriton with a state-of-the-art suspension system. Instead of using generic solid-axles, it has a Double Wisbone at the front, and a MultiLink suspension, which allows for a smoother ride.

The higher trim levels (SL, SLT) have been equipped with the SBRide Road Imperfection Detection System, which uses scanners to adjust the suspension stiffness and height to smooth out all the bumps and to give the passengers and you an amazingly smooth ride.

You won't be afraid of being on the road anymore.

All the Xeriton trim levels come standard with cruise control, lane keep assist and a parking assist system, so you won't be afraid of being on the road anymore. We do advise that you pay close attention while driving a motor vehicle though. The SLT trim has got a Level 2 Autonomous InteliDrive™ system which helps with steering, braking and makes the overall driving experience better.

Be the king of the hill.

With an 12 inch screen, cooled, heated and massaged seats, and a AvadorSound™ sound system (all optional), and also up to 23 inch rims, we guarantee that you will feel like you are in complete luxury.

You can carry a staggering 3090 liters of cargo all seats upright - or 1080 liters if you opted for the 7 seater variant.

3.7 V6 3.7 V6 4.5 V6
260 hp @6100 RPM 260 hp @6100 RPM 389 hp @6000 RPM
453 Nm @3300 RPM 453 Nm @3300 RPM 545 Nm @4700 RPM
8-speed Auto 8-speed Auto 9-speed Adv. Auto
210 km/h (limited) 210 km/h (limited) 230 km/h (limited)
8.9 sec. (0-100 km/h) 8.9 sec. 6.9 sec.
2198 kg 2305 kg 2410 kg
From $42900 From $51900 From $64500

Models with options shown.

A 4.5L V6? Hardly the most refined option out there, but at least it’ll get the job done. And please make sure to state exact peak power and torque outputs for both engines, as well as the RPMs those are delivered.

I’ve redone the Yosemite post, it should be alright now

The car looks quite good, but this powertrain choice is weird. No, wait - WEEEEIRD. To start, a 4.5 V6, I mean, sure you can make such engine, but why? At that size a V8 or possibly an I6 would make a bit more sense - just because they won’t shake the whole car (check out the smoothness of that V6 - I’d say it’s good to stay above 40). Then the smaller one, while has a perfectly reasonable displacement, is also unusually low powered for a turbo engine of such size. It’s worth checking if the flow through the engine isn’t needlessly restricted at some point. And, on a final note, is that a non-advanced automatic in the 3.7 trims? That’s super outdated stuff, not worth the saved cost. Makes the car slower and less efficient.

Don’t worry though, I’m an engine perfectionist in this game, so that all doesn’t mean the car is bad. Also, I like the formatting and writting, clean and nice.


I think the V6s are N/A

Nice design…but wouldn’t it be more logical to just add a turbo on the existing 3.5 V6 instead of adding a V6 that is larger than some V8s for fuel economy purposes?

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They pretty much can’t be with those torque figures.

Maybe turbodeisel then?


the demand for a V8 is on the rise, and we at Avador decded it would be a good idea to produce one. So as a result of that, a 4.6 StarTorq V8 engine is currently in the making. Thanks for your feedback.

With a 4.5L V6, I think it would b better to start development of a bigger (5.6-7.0L) V8 to cover more bases. It would probably also be a better use of R&D money.

2005-2009 Spader Lanero

Base model shown.

A comfortable car that was not overpriced.

With the 2000s automobile industry revolution, and increased demand for family cars, Spader decided to release a comfy family sedan, that isn't as expensive as some SUV's, which are generally financially unavailable to the ordinary family.

Spader firstly unveiled the sedan at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show as a concept, and then also in 2005 as a production car. The Lanero uses the SFSP platform, which uses the monocoque chassis made from light AHS steel, that has been further strenghtened by engineers at Spader, and it's been tested to withstand the toughest conditions, while still keeping the costs down.

The 2005 Lanero is a comfortable car that was not expensive, and that was exactly what the families in the 00s wanted. The 2nd generation Lanero turned out to be a huge commercial success.

'Extra' trim shown.

Exceptional style without spending a fortune.

The Lanero was designed by professional designers, who aimed for the best style, while still maintaining maximum functionality.

The interior was made with practicality and usability in mind, but paired with the intelligent suspension system, which was ahead of almost every family sedan* at its time, it was also comfortable even on the roughest roads.

The Lanero offered some options to brighten up the ride, like the Spader Sound System, or the mini-screen to display the time or the song playing.

*Tested against the 2005 Ford Focus, 2006 Toyota Camry, and the 2005 Ford Taurus

SSE edition shown.

Performance wasn't an issue with the Lanero.

The Lanero had a variety of engines to choose from, all of them having enough power or torque to satisfy every driver. You could even select the SSE variant (as shown in image above), standing for Spader Sport Edition, with a 2.7 liter V6 capable of putting out 335 horses and over 360 Nm of torque.

Even with the most powerful of engines, the ride was smooth and quiet, so you wouldn't have to worry about the engine noise interrupting your songs.

'Road' trim shown.

The Lanero was made for everyone.

Trims and variants


The base model Lanero was aimed at younger buyers, who just needed their own way of transport. The base model didn't include luxuries like the advanced sound system, bigger screen or bigger rims, but the practicality was almost endless. It had the 1.4 B14HE EcoPro engine, which is famous for being a long-lasting and efficient motor. Base model price was 17,900$ and above.


The 'Road' trim was more lower-budget family oriented, so the price was fairly low for a family sedan, but it had all the necessities for a family car. It had a better sound system, comfier seats and the '5RR' wheels, which looked good with the offroady style plastic trim pieces. It also included cruise control as standard. The Road variant put the power down with a 1.8 HiTorque engine and an automatic transmission as standard. The 'Road' model costs from 21,300$.


With the Extra variant being the most luxurious Lanero trim that Spader offered, you could expect better build quality, a bigger infotainment screen and luxury seats. It had unique '10ER' 10-spoke rims. The Extra variant also had a 2.0 ESDi engine with 157 horsepower being put down to the wheels via a 5-speed S-QuickShift transmission. There was also an optional adaptive cruise control system, which was a newly added feature to the market, though it was available only from 2008. The 'Extra' trim cost 27,800$ without options.

SSE (Spader Sport Edition)

The SSE edition is the most powerful version of the Lanero. While there was an even faster ''RSSE'' variant, there has been only 5 of them made. The SSE has a twin-turbocharged 2.7 V6 producing 335 horsepower and 364 Newton-meters of torque. It also includes a sporty interior, to match the adjusted front design. It also offers special 19 inch 6SR rims, which add to the overall sporty styling. The SSE also comes with a 6-speed S-QuickShift transmission. The Spader Sport Edition of the Lanero costs from 48,600$.

'Extra' trim shown.

Spader Lanero Base Road Extra SSE
Engine and Drivetrain
Engine Type 1.4 I4 1.8 I4 2.0 I4 2.7 V6
Power (HP) 120 138 157 335
Torque (Nm) 161 216 259 364
Layout Longitudinal FWD
Transmission 5-speed Manual 6-speed Auto 5-speed Manual 6-speed Manual
0-100 km/h 9.6 sec 9.9 sec 8.7 sec 6.1 sec
80-120 km/h 6.5 sec 6.8 sec 5.4 sec 3.1 sec
Top Speed 216 km/h 219 km/h 235 km/h 300 km/h
Fuel Economy 39 MPG 33 MPG 37 MPG 28 MPG
Weight 1270 kg 1353 kg 1370 kg 1515 kg
Price (Without options) 17,900$ 21,300$ 27,800$ 48,600$

Models with options shown.

Nice one, though quite… odd in many ways. That’s suuuuch a gap between the 2.0 and the V6, huge, both in power and price. Maybe a higher powered 2.0, or a milder tune of the V6 could slot in there? Another unusual thing is the longitudinal FWD (I’m actually surprised you could put a 2.0 in there with this layout) - any particular reason for that? It lends itself nicely to a conversion to AWD (which, BTW, would be useful for that SSE trim) and is an obvious choice for boxers, but I don’t see that here. And to top it all off, a rear wiper in a sedan - charming :slight_smile:

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Yup, the gap between the engines is quite big, though the SSE model is equipped with better suspension, brakes, specialized interior and of course a better engine, so the price difference is quite high. There isn’t much reasons for the longitudinal FWD it’s just a quirk of the Lanero. Also the rear wiper… don’t ask me why i put it there, that is probably also made just for Doug DeMuro’s review.


Doug would be so fascinated by that rear wiper lol. Cool car man!!


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AWD with the V6 would be a great combination to be honest - it would make for a formidable competitor to the Audi S4 of the same vintage.

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Yes, it definitely would! Unfortunately Spader stopped making the 2nd generation Lanero in 2009, but there definitely were some tuners who converted it to AWD tho.

Something is coming....


Nice…I like those lights