Avant Motor Company, Ltd

Avant Motor Co. is a Japanese automotive brand, discovered on January 21, 1990. Avant is a “Luxury” automotive brand. Avant’s goal was to make eye catching cars that appealed to customers and looked fresh at the same time… and so far, they’ve succeeded. (Certain models pictured below are subject to receive small cosmetic updates) (Other models will be pictured/added later


1995 Avant Delfino

2015 Avant Panther GT

2018 Avant Mono

1995 Avant Traveler


2020 Avant Traveler

2020 Avant Pioneer

2006 Avant Einfield (just realized there’s no tailgate handle lmao)


Considering the year in which it was launched, Avant is supposed to remind me of upscale Far Eastern brands that debuted around the same time (Acura, Lexus, Infiniti). Nowhere is this more evident aesthetically than in the '95 Delfino, which brings to mind a DC2 Integra of the same vintage.

Yes! That was my goal when creating the company. I’m glad my vision is seen by others. Funnily enough, my inspiration for the '95 Delfino was the third generation Toyota (Chevrolet) Cavalier (Pre-Facelift).

2016 Avant Voyage

2017 Avant Honor

2014 Avant Lenvo (Coupe, Sedan, Wagon)

Manufacturing on other models, and the making different generations for certain models have been halted, as all the blue prints for vehicles have been lost. (My saves have been deleted.) The company as a whole would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our consumers, and we’ll hopefully be back in business soon.

-The Avant Team

2000 Avant Mono Sport V6

Haven’t been here in a couple years… whoops. I’ve made a few new models over that time, so with updates to the game, I don’t have these previous vehicles anymore. But, I am excited to show off what I do have.

2000 Avant SoloStar Sedan

2000 Avant SoloStar Wagon

1996 Avant Harmony

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