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Avantii Motor Company
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Since 1919

Avantii was founded by Adam J. Avantii in 1919. The first car that they produced was the Type 1 in 1920, primary build in limited numbers for mail companies. cars were being produced in a newly built factory in NYC. Avantii used his savings to build the factory. The Type 1 copy many of the components from other manufacturers which make it easy to find a replacement for parts. Later Type 2 was built which was the production version of Type 1 including irreverent features, such as a cigarette holder and a hole inside the dashboard to put stuff in (?) In the mid-1920s Avantii build a commercial vehicle name the Type E which is a half-ton truck heavily modified from the Type 1 to have extended frames and a much stronger suspension. the truck didn't sell very well because of Its poor engine performance and weak chassis frame that couldn't handle very heavy loads. By the end of the 1920s, Avantii dealerships soon opened on the West coast. During "The Great Depression" the company stops producing cars due to the massive unemployment rate and nothing happens... Starting "World War II" the company got a contract from the military to build light utility vehicles that could carry soldiers around the battlefield. The vehicle they built was the "M14WU" similarly to the "Willy". They built a total of 420,690 units with other special variants. Sometimes after "World War II" ended The company CEO, Adam J. Avantii had an accident inside the manufacturing plant which render him unconscious, During his stay at the Hospital, his assistant Malcon Sanferry take care of the company. Near the end of the 1940s company launch a new family car named the Alfred. It did sell but not quite to the expectation of Avantii.

The company saw the opportunity to enter the commercial vehicles market. The B series small truck was powerful, light, and can carry more than a ton of cargo. The B series became successful with 586,996 units produced from the mid-1950s to the beginning of the 1960s. During the production of the B series, CEO Adam J. Avantii has passed away at the age of 73. His assistant Sanferry replaced the position and produced the 2nd best-selling family sedans, The Wallance. Sanferry retired in the early 1960s and bring the position to his son Melford Sanferry. Melford has a passion for racing since he was young. Seeing that the company doesn't have a lineup for a performance car, he decided that it's finally the time that the company makes one, the result was the Arauna. Equipping with a newly built Thundershock V8. Arauna was known for Its unique styling and relatively great performance for Its time, being able to run 1/4 mile under 16 seconds. 101,926 of them were built from 1962 to 1967. Fast forward to 1970, Few years before the Oil Crisis happen. during that time many imported car were selling more than the car that US made. The company decided to launch the Fenler in 1972. Its engine was outsourced from a British because the company want the car to be out as quick as possible. The Denler was known to be very unreliable because Its engine was partially made from aluminum which is very terrible at resisting the heat and would melt If too hot. Its performance is also very poor. Later the Denler received a new engine to replace the British engine, the new engine is more powerful and efficient but still lacks when compared to imports. Melford was soon replaced by the cousin of ...**UNDERCONSTRUCTION**


1920 Avantii Type 1


1951 Avantii Wallance


I would like to see the specs and prices for the Wallance - it looks like an early Fifties car should.

Avantii wallance was originally meant to have a V8 but due to minimum bay spaces, It was replaced with an Inline 4 making 45 Horse power.

In a contemporary microcar it would have been acceptable, but not in something the size and weight of the Wallance.

Update: Avantii Motor Company thread is back again after a year of Inactivity.

It’s good to know that this thread isn’t being left behind - the game engine has evolved so much in the past year that some designs should be remade or at least update to account for these changes.

As for the Arauna… It certainly has the performance to back up its looks, but how much (net) horsepower does it actually make? I would like to find out!

That sounds just about right for a car of this type and era - and it would still feel fast enough today.

Well… around 280 HP from 5.8L V8.

Avantii Motor Company
"United we stand, Together we fall"
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