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Avion Marina Tributo WIP

Hey there automationists. This is another high detail WIP project as an reimagined sports car tribute to one of the most iconic shapes in history.
6L 455HP N/A RWD
Aimed to do under 7:25 at the Nurburgring.

Basically a blend of outstanding comfort, competitive performance and timeless style.
All comments are encouraged.

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I don’t doubt the high detail part, but I can’t really see it… making the pics (much) brighter would help :wink: I like that you put effort into making functional taillights, with nice brake lights (especially that third one).

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It is dark intentionally. I will post lighter photos as the details come in. Lights are very important to me on every build. Position, DRL, main beam, indicators, reverse etc. I want it to feel real… :slight_smile:

Update with actual light :smiley:
WIP 45%


Did a 7:20 nurburgring run. Not too happy about the front end. It understeers and can be a bit on/off…
Tuning shall commence :smiley:

Why not make a separate thread for the whole Avion brand? It would certainly make a lot of sense considering the amount of effort you put into its cars’ exterior and interior designs.

Anyway, the Marina Tributo is an excellent piece of retro-futurism. By the way, considering the relatively low specific output, I reckon that engine is an OHV unit and not a more advanced DOHC one.

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Not sure what you mean… Explain the thread thing a bit… And no, it is a DOHC 32 valve thing. I wanted the car to have a nice torque curve, and driving it, this just falls under controllable. It’s supposed to be a gentleman cruiser, and weight still under 1,500kg. Also uses the slush box. I’m uploading the Nurburgring lap to youtube. Will add to this thread as soon as it’s up.

Instead of making a separate thread for each Avion model, why not showcase all of them in a single thread? It would simplify things considerably.


The Nurburgring lap (sport compound tire)

It looks amazing, but why the slushbox?

It is fast enough and so much nicer to drive around Italy. The DCT tends to be jumpy or racey in lazy driving. Remember, it is a gentlemen’s GT. Should be fast, but also very drivable and comfy. 40 Comfort rating was a requirement when making it. :slight_smile:

And yes, I really do like to drive a variety of driving styles with my creations. I even have a favourite route in Italy map for normal (spirited) drives. All my creations must perform predictably in these environments. G29 connected and ready to roll. :smiley: