AWD power distribution bug?

When I select AWD and set the power distribution to the weight distribution then it still tells me a warning.

Power split


Try inverting the power distribution (ie 32f 68r), maybe that’s what it’s looking for

No that’s the same.

Just made a new test car - 69/31. 70 gives the error and 69 sometimes give it. 50/50 is OK.

Earlier it was really inconsistant.

Just seems a little bizarre, 1% over is wrong but upto 19% below is fine.

Well yes, that is all correct but a little too harsh, there should be at least a percent of margin for triggering the warning when it is too far forward. There is no good reason for having a too-far-to-the-front power distribution (i.e. further than weight distribution at desired load). Having it further back does make sense because of weight transfer during acceleration. So your argument in that sense doesn’t hold up (implying 19% off shouldn’t be fine).

Ok, that makes sense.

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: