B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car [Finished]

B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car

The B-SPEC Bob Competition is named after the B-Spec mode in Gran Tursimo, and the outline of the challenge is somewhat based on the GT game play as well.

Short interlude: I have learned from earlier competitions that involvement of the community in the actual ongoing challenge is important, so I have thought up a format that I hope would stimulate exactly this. The purpose is to have regular input and to create a true sense of ownership of the car during the run of the competiton

How the competition works:

The real competition will only start after a car-gathering phase. In this first phase, everyone is invited to send in realistic, well-designed cars within the class described below. From the cars send in a selection will be made, based on design, realism and balance between the submissions. These cars will then be put up for sale. This means the car file will be shared with the buyer(s). In fact, the purpose is that you buy someone else’s car. It’s in the modifications of the car bought that you will make this car your own.

You are not obligated to send in any car to compete in the actual competition. You can send in multiple cars to be considered as being part of the competition as long as they are qualitative.

The second part of the competition determines a budget, and with this budget all users wishing to join the competition, can buy one car. The same car can be sold multiple times, with a limit that no car can be more than one fourth of the field to encourage differentiation. The limit is enforced on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faster cars will be more expensive, slower cars cheaper. However, the remainder of the budget can be spent on upgrades.

Only a single upgrade can be bought before the first race – if you have the budget left for it – so selection can be strategical. The second race, you can use up all of the available budget for that race. The third race will feature some additional budget available for the slower performers at that point.

The price of each car will be determined on the basis of ingame cost, engine PU/ET and trim PU/ET, and relative to the other entries.


The car:

You can send in for review small hatchbacks and city cars from 1980-1989 (model and trim). These cars must be realistic (preferably based on real-life examples, no meme cars, budget-minded, keeping in mind things like the fact that ABS on cars like this in the 80s was non-existent).

Keep in mind the budget and balance. I would be aimed at cars of around ~50 to ~80 horsepower in their stock configuration. Although higher is not per se prohibited, they may be deemed too powerful to fit in the class, or be valued so high as to make updates impossible.


  • front and rear lights, front and rear indicators, side indicators, at least one rear reverse light;
  • must have front and rear licence plates;
  • must have fuel cap;
  • must have at least a driver side mirror;
  • must have at least one front window wiper.


  • no quality slider may be lower than -2;
  • must run on RON91 regular fuel;
  • must have a catalytic converter;
  • must have a maximum loudness of 30;
  • must have engine reliability of at least 52;
  • must have hard or medium street tires (width ending in a 5) with front and rear being the same size;
  • must have brake pad type of 30 (comfort) or lower [the goal here is to make the brakes realistically bad, and make the brake update relevant. The car needs to stop still obviously, but not in 35 meters.);
  • must have a fuel economy of 10l/100km (23,5 US MPG) or better;
  • must have safety of at least 30;
  • must have drivability of at least 35.


As indicated, balance is important, I will select 15-25 cars that fit the best together. If there are not that many people interested in sending in a car (but other express interest for the actual competition) then there might be less, possibly added to with one or two of my own designs.

In case of good designs, I might suggest - or ask permission - to change some technical aspects.

If I get many submissions, I’ll do my best to give some feedback on those not withheld.



Outline of the second part:

Cars entered and approved will be put up for sale with an overview of base stats and a more general evaluation of drivability (in Beam), upgradability, base reliability and fuel consumption.

The competition is twofold: one part is in Automation only the other part is also in BeamNG. You are not obligated to buy the same car for each part. You are not obligated to join both parts.

All users wanting to enter the competition can buy a car. As stated earlier, no car can be more than 1/4th of the field. You cannot buy a car that you have send in yourself - but you can cheer for them. You will receive a clone trim of the vehicle you have bought, which can modify or personalize in terms of appearance (though no lips or wings unless bought), and upgrade and tune according to regulations and budget.


  • on your clone, you can raise the trim or variant year to max 1989. You are always free to do this;
  • since fixtures may cause weight gain in Beam, you are allowed to make a clone without any additional fixtures (without removing them entirely) to send me to export to Beam, and more a personalized version for lore reasons;
  • nothing can be changed to the car unless explicitly allowed.


There will be three races. Each race will last 2 hours. This is calculated via an Excel that works on a base lap time. This base lap time will be affected by fuel consumption [fuel consumption at 110km/h - cruise + acceleration] and an average of engine and trim reliability in automation.

As currently planned (standing start laps):

  • Airfield
    → Limited budget for upgrades if you can afford any.

  • The Eboladrome
    → Additional budget will be made available and all can be used to upgrade the cars.

  • Automation Test Track
    → Some additional budget might available for the slower half of the pack so far.


There will be three races. Each race will last 2 hours. This is calculated via an Excel that works on a base lap time. This base lap time will be affected by fuel consumption [an average of the automation stat + full throttle fuel consumption in Beam] and an average of engine and trim reliability in automation.

As currently planned (flying laps):

  • Race1: Italy City Race 2 (Beta - HighDef's Time Trial Pack | BeamNG)
    → Limited budget for upgrades if you can afford any.

  • Hirochi Raceway Short
    → Additional budget will be made available and all can be used to upgrade the cars.

  • West Coast Short Race Circuit
    → Some additional budget might available for the slower half of the pack so far.

You can chose to drive the cars yourself if you have Beam and a wheel (otherwise known as going A-SPEC). This time will be taken into account (replay must be available upon request to avoid cheating). I am also talking with one other user who might be driving as well, next to me (me being B-SPEC Bob here) to either provide a control time where we take the average of us two, or that re-drives my top times as a mini final event, where his order then provides the final results.

Important: All racing must be clean. This means respecting the track limits. No corner cutting past the curbs even if the checkpoints allow.

Upgrades available for purchase will be:

  • race exhaust (removes catalyst and mufflers - allows you adapt exhaust size);
  • front and rear aero (can be added and tuned)
  • race transmission (allows you to change and retune the transmission);
  • brake upgrade (allows you to retune the brakes);
  • suspension tuning (allow you to change and retune the suspension);
  • limited slip differential (your choice which);
  • sport tires (including wider thread);
  • oil change (bumps up the fuel type and compression to 98RON);
  • weight reduction stage 1 (removes all seats but the driver, which is replaced by a sports sear and the radio);
  • weight reduction stage 2 (removes safety and sets quality to -15);
  • turbo (adds pre-set ball baring performance turbo - and changes compression to highest allowed Octane).

Price List:

Exhaust Aero Gearbox Brakes Suspension Differential Tires Oil Change Weight R1 Weight R2 Turbo
1000 500 1000 500 1500 500 1500 1000 1500 2500 8000

Submission is still possible - you can take over one of the Bob-driven cars


Sending in cars:

via PM to me, using the following naming scheme:

Car: B-SPEC Hatch - Username
Trim: Full name of the car
Engine: B-SPEC Hatch - Username
Variant: engine name

Registering as team interested in joining the competition (buyer):

Sending me a PM with:

  • team name
  • your three preferred racing numbers (00-99) in order of preference

Your registration will be confirmed by me in a PM, please wait for this PM before continuing to the next step.

Deadline for tunes and times for Race 2: 20 September

Cars Automation

Part I

Part II

Cars BeamNG

Part I

Part II

Race 1 Results

Teams entered

User Team Name Number
@mikonp7 Treadkillers 01
@sillyworld Sphinx Racing Team (SRT) 02
@Repti Rhisuki Racing Development (RRD) 08
@CMT Team Rocket 11
@Caligo Iriguchi Performance Racing (IPR) 13
@schultzie Club O.K.! 14
@jameseydude MaPower 21
@Der_Bayer Bavarian Racing Crew 24
@SyberRacer Halton Racing 26
@kobacrashi Reduit Autosport 27
@abg7 GEC Motorsports Division 33
@mart1n2005 Courageux Motorsport 34
@LinkLuke Prior Time Racing 36
@Dragawn Drunk Dragon Driving (DDD) 57
@conan Chod Spot Racing 69
@Crash77 Budget Racing Team (BRT) 71
@TheAlmightyTwingo TAT racing 86


OpenBeta or Stable for reviewing/required?

I use open beta.

Oh, and steam mods allowed, obviously. There’s only one I don’t have and maybe an emblem here or there.

This refers to any tire type other than chunky offroad or semi-slick if I am not mistaken.

And what about engine and trim PU/ET limits, as well as maximum approximate prices and trim material costs? Will they be added to the technical requirements?

Hard or medium compounds, added that, thanks for pointing it out.

No, I ask for common sense. You’re building a cheap city car, something from a cheap econo shitbox to a quirky fashionable yet cheap supermini.

If the design is good and technically the car is a mess, I will assist the producer in making it more realistic. The real work is in my choosing and balancing, and the real competition is in choosing a car and updates and fine tuning.

One aspect to underline perhaps a bit more is that the maker of the car will obviously be attributed throughout the competition. And if a car that he or she created wins, then the maker is a winner just as much as the buyer/tuner.


i’ve had a go at making 2 cars, one is fwd and the other is rwd

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I am considering the make the event double. One part based on pure times in Automation, the other in Beam. So basically: you have the three race events described above. Each of those racing events would be a double one, a race based on your time on a circuit in Automation, the other based on the export in Beam.

Which would result in three different rankings: Automation only, Beam only, and mixed.


Interesting idea, definitely hads merit.

Im keen, and have a few different cars I can send in that might fit the bill…

EDIT: How strict are the Technical regulations if the car doesn’t meet one of them (for example, fuel economy of about 11L/100kms) but meets everything else including low power etc?

3 accepted entries so far. The cars are remarkably different, yet remarkably balanced with the updates foreseen in Automation and Beam.

1 car was considered but simply too powerful standard (I don’t recommend 1.8 litre or larger engines for this…).
1 car simply didn’t meet much of the requirements at all…

1 car is in consideration. It is great, but I didn’t count on full aluminium engines for this. So now I am considering lowering the required engine reliability.


Would having a really low comfort/ basic interior and entertainment setup be counted as minmax? Since a lot of cars from that era did have such setups

Coughs in Honda CRX

No, that’s in line with expectations. There is no comfort limit for a reason. As long as tuning is sensible for a street car, and the other limits are reached.

Minimum engine reliability lowered to 52, on a side note.


Get (slightly) more power or better efficiency then :slight_smile:

Could you explain me this rule please?

Car tires for non-racing use have a width that ends on a 5 in mm.

Tires ending in 0 are for motorcycles, racing, etc…

Look up any street car and the tire specifics will read (with some differences within national or supranational regulations for added letter markers etc…)


Where AA5 is the width, so 125, 165, 265,…
BB is the tire sidewall aspect ratio (eg. 65, in which case the height of the tire sidewall is 65% of its width)
R is radial
CC is the diameter of the wheel/rim in inch
DD is the maximum load
Y is the speed rating


:thinking:I didn’t know this details so good to know a thanks for the clarification :+1:

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7 provisionally accepted. 5 of which are quite certain.

Deadline is still 15 days away and I consider the absolute max 20 cars to balance out in terms of costs and updates, so there might be some difficult decisions.

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Even if modelled after AMC’s approach to small hatches? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I get more power, then it is likely to be too fast.

I’ll give it a go and see. I have a couple of others too anyway :slight_smile:

Good news: Has the power of an AMC 232. Bad news: Has the fuel economy and garbage handling of an AMC Gremlin. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope i’m one of the 5 at least xD