B0bsaget007's Engine Creations

Hi all. I’ll use this thread to share some engines that I use in my vehicle designs. I mainly focus on engines that maximize performance using as little fuel as possible.

This first one is made with the current UE4 build. It is a 5.0L V10 twin-turbo engine with an astounding 40.2% fuel efficiency rating.

Granted, it is +15 quality everything, but still impressive efficiency for 500 bhp.


Could you please post the efficiency vs torque graph?

That is a great example of a “no limits” engine, but I’d rather see something which doesn’t rely entirely on quality spam to deliver great results.

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I’ve got another one that’s N/A that still makes 500 bhp, it’s not max quality everything, and it still returns over 30 MPG average in a family sedan. I’ll post it in a little bit.

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Here is that V10 that I promised. 5.0L, 500 bhp, +3 quality on all tabs (except bottom end is +6 for better piston reliability at higher RPM).

Not pictured: AlSi block and heads, DOHC 4 valves per cylinder with VVL.

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For what is clearly a high-performance engine, the use of low-friction pistons is self-defeating due to their low durability. Lightweight forged pistons would be more suitable for this application, even though efficiency would take a big hit if you used them. Still, it’s rare to see an engine that makes 100 bhp/L with >30% efficiency.

Like I said in the first post on this thread, my design philosophy is maximum performance with minimal fuel consumption. The low friction cast pistons help immensely with fuel economy, and I was still able to reach my target of 100 bhp/L while remaining extremely efficient and very reliable. It really is a ‘have your cake and eat it, too’ engine.