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(B171016 + Hotfix!) Game Engine 4.17.2 & Modding Update

B171017 Hotfix + New Mod Tools

We fixed the engine sound issues and added some more logging to the startup procedure to aid in finding out what happens in the case mods are not showing up in game for some of you.

The new mod tools have been released and modders can repackage their mods to make them compatible with the UE4.17.2 version of the game.

B171016 Original Post

The past week we continued work on the modding tutorials, to help lower the threshold of entry for new creators and to create a solid knowledge base for all modders in general. It still is a work in progress as some aspects are not fully described yet, but quite fleshed out for many areas of Automation modding already. If things are unclear, don’t hesitate to mention what and where, so that we can clarify. In case you are interested, have a look here:


With this update we’ve upgraded the game engine to Unreal Engine 4.17.2, which hopefully addresses some of the seemingly random crashes you ran into. It does come with many UI related updates, and for example finally allows us to use thicker lines on graphs.

On the other hand this probably allowed a few little mostly visual UI bugs to sneak into this patch because of the porting process. One drawback of the new version are the now more blurry icons which were perfectly crisp in the last engine version we used. We’re waiting for input from Epic regarding the issue.

For modders this switch means that you now will have to work in the 4.17.2 editor and update existing mods to that version for them to be compatible. You need to wait for the new mod tools, too! Sorry for the inconvenience, but we definitely want to get this engine update to you sooner rather than later, when there will be a ton more mods that then would need to be updated. The modding tools are not updated just yet but will be latest one day after the posting of this.

We got several reports of mods not working at all for some people and are investigating the reasons for that. There are some common reasons for that, including the Steam Client not being up to date (you can look for updates via the Steam menu in the top left corner), or Steam needing a hard restart (same menu, choose Exit).

If those two things don’t help, we’d appreciate if you could send us your recent log file where it failed to load any mods you are subscribed to. For that, paste this path (including the %) into your windows explorer:


and send the latest log to contact@camshaftsoftware.com mentioning the mod loading issue. That would help a lot!

Here are the patch changes:

B171016 Modding

  • Updated mod tools with various fixes
  • Improved and expanded modding tutorial

B171016 General Changes

  • Updated game engine to Unreal Engine 4.17.2
  • Added mousewheel control to paint sliders for fine tuning
  • Added misc fixtures section to trim UI
  • Disabled double-click to focus on part of car, use middle mouse button

B171016 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with car paint UI wrapping
  • Fixed sliders running off ends in some situations
  • Fixed issue with slider min/max markings positions
  • Fixed third sector time showing with wrong sign on test track

Hope you enjoy and thank you for your feedback and bug reports.