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Backup files

I see some of you talk about losing vehicles due to game malfunction or whatever the case.

Is a .car file all that is needed to “bring back” a vehicle in the event of an accidental deletion?

If so, making backups of vehicles (.car files) (or whichever files) should be priority #1

I ask because I’ve lost beats before due to programs crashing or whatnot but having that original file saved elsewhere will damn near save you everytime.

Yes, you can export a .car and reimport it later, however with the upcoming update the engine version will change and the database will need to be cleared for it to work again, the cars will dissappear and will not work if you try to reimport them (i think)

If you haven’t exported a .car but you have exported a car to beamng, you can still get the .car from that zip file which is handy to know.


Nothing will be cleared, they will only be incompatible. 4.1 cars and 4.2 cars will be seperate .db files in seperate directories, meaning you can always go back to the previous version and your cars will be there

and .car files won’'t be compatible between the 2 versions (4.1 can’t import 4.2 ofc, and 4.2 can’t import 4.1)