Backwards Compatibility

Will the engines in 1198 and 1323 be compatible with the upcoming version of Automation? Also, are you guys making it standard? For example, instead of having to edit the game version, you can just put the files in the “Engine” folder. So any engines that have a version number of 1198 or 1323 will run in 1xxx?


In another topic )originally not speaking about this) the devs and beta testers responded about this. In short, Engines will work without a problem, platforms wont.

No, I was more hoping that they would make compatibility standard, so you do not have to change the version number.

That’s what killrob meant, the engines will be fine without the edit but the car designer is being revamped enough that no older platforms will be compatible.

Oh, I didn’t read the post above Killrob’s. Thanks for the help.