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Bad Car Design Challenge 2 - "Nice" Mods - RESULTS OUT

Mons Automotive Internal Coms


Mons Atlas "Donk"

From: Richard Allen rallen@custom.mons.ca

Subject: Mons Atlas Donk-ed in the news!

Sent: Monday, June 22, 2020 10:48 AM
To: corp_Mons_distlist corp@auto.mons.ca; exec_Mons_distlist exec@auto.mons.ca; Mons_Customs_distlist exec@custom.mons.ca; Mons_Racing_distlist exec@racing.mons.ca
CC: Joel Raymond jraymond@auto.mons.ca; Ashley Yarrow ayarrow@auto.mons.ca; Philippe Gambit pgambit@auto.mons.ca
Subject: Mons Atlas Donk-ed in the news!

Hi everyone,

I’d like to bring the following item to your attention. A customs shop in California (West Coast MC Automotive) has modded one of our Mons Atlas '20 models and did a photo shoot with it. It is now gaining some traction on social media (see attached pics). Naturally, some people associate the build with Mons Customs, even though we had no part in this project. Nevertheless, Mons Customs is getting media requests to respond to this build. Even though I think the DONK-ified Atlas is hideous, I think this would be good publicity for the aging Atlas model. I propose that we lean into it, get the Atlas-Donk up here and do our own promotional event. I would be mutually beneficial for West Coast MC Automotive as well, and maybe we could even get Mons Racing involved to make this a drag racer or something. Let me know what you think about this proposal.


Richard Allen, M.A.
Customer Relations and Communications
Mons Customs


From: Suzanna Longuepee slounguepee@auto.mons.ca

Subject: Re: Mons Atlas Donk-ed in the news!

Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 8:23 PM
To: Mons_Customs_distlist exec@custom.mons.ca; Mons_Racing_distlist exec@racing.mons.ca Richard Allen rallen@custom.mons.ca
Subject: Re: Mons Atlas Donk-ed in the news!

Hi Rick,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As you have rightly pointed out, the Mons Atlas has not done well in these last few years of its cycle, and could use a little boost in popularity. This free advertisement is coming in quite handy. Please go ahead and organize a photo shoot of our own, and host a media event at the Montreal Auto Show. At this time, we do not want to spend more money on this, and as such Mons Racing involvement will not be desirable. Please keep me updated on developments; no corp dist.


Suzanna Longuepee, M. Eng., M.B.A., P.Eng.
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
Mons Automotive

From: Richard Allen rallen@custom.mons.ca

Subject: Re: Re: Mons Atlas Donk-ed in the news!

Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 2:13 PM
To: Suzanna Longuepee slounguepee@auto.mons.ca

Hi Suzanna,

West Coast MC was very positive and helpful to us, and agreed to ship up the Atlas-Donk (our costs, of course). The car just arrived in Montreal; attached is the first “in-house” picture in front of the Mons Customs garage (see attached - it is just as hideous up close as on the media shots out of Cali). Next step will be to examine it in our shop under the guidance of a West Coast MC rep, and then prep for the Show!


Richard Allen, M.A.
Customer Relations and Communications
Mons Customs


From: Lawrence MacNiven lmacniven@custom.mons.ca

Subject: Atlas-Donk specs

Sent: Friday, August 21, 2020 12:59 PM
To: Richard Allen rallen@custom.mons.ca; Mons_Customs_distlist exec@custom.mons.ca
CC: Suzanna Longuepee slounguepee@auto.mons.ca

Hey team,

we just had a good look at the Atlas-Donk and were able to take a lot of close-up pictures in our showroom. I’m not going to beat around the bush, it is not the best looking mod I’ve ever seen. But hey, tastes are subjective, and there are plenty of people who would love this thing.

In any case, they did a fantastic job on the engineering, and the paint job - as ugly as it may seem - is top notch too. Here are a couple of highlights of what they did:

  • kept all of the original engine and drivetrain
  • chopped the entire roof off and made it into a soft-top convertible
  • the rigidity is maintained through a custom steel frame
  • since the customers are big surfers, there is a custom surfboard mount, but it was not shipped up to us (but you can see it in the Cali promo shots)
  • custom slanted windshield and windows
  • mirrors replaced and mounted on the front
  • custom 34" wheels
  • custom purple/blue pearl paint and gold highlights
  • light bar in the undercarriage
  • totally custom hand-made interior featuring:
    • three large touch screens (main dash, center console, top console)
    • stitched leather seats
    • custom climate and media controls for the rear seats
    • individual screens for the rear passengers
    • rear hatch door now FLIPS DOWN truck-style
    • CD turntable incorporated into the rear hatch door, so when flipped down it can be played by a DJ
    • TOO MANY SPEAKERS TO COUNT!! (25 in my estimation, including two giant subs)
    • power amp with custom cooling solution incorporated under the subs, pumping out too many Watts (we couldn’t turn it up all the way, it nearly shattered the shop windows

As you can see, it is a pretty bonkers build. And they even did a colour matching motorcycle for the customers (again, see Cali promo shots). They really must like these colours (it does pop, I must admit). The crazy thing is, this build is actually not that bad to drive, and is actually more comfortable than the base Atlas. We have taken notes for our next Mons Customs build!

See the attached pics we took in our shop.

Now we’re getting ready for the big event at the MTL Show :slight_smile:

Best regards - Larry

Lawrence MacNiven, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Chief Engineer and Design Lead
Mons Customs


From: Richard Allen rallen@custom.mons.ca

Subject: MTL Auto Show

Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 5:26 PM
To: Suzanna Longuepee slounguepee@auto.mons.ca

Hi Suzanna,

Just a quick update, the Montreal Auto Show was a huge success! People flocked to the Atlas-Donk and we got a few custom order contracts signed during the day. Nothing as crazy as this Donk though, but enough to keep us occupied for a little while. Let’s hope the publicity also translates into a strong last cycle year for the Atlas proper!

See attached a few snaps from the show. We expect that local media will write a review of the car in the next couple of days.


Richard Allen, M.A.
Customer Relations and Communications
Mons Customs



I am really, really struggling to find an SUV body I can work with between 2015 and 2020. My design logic is hard-wired to the 80’s, and I may have to back out on this one. Either I can’t ‘see’ the design for how to make the body modern, or I just flat out hate the body because I can’t alter it in the way I need.


2020 Skunk Rover Royal Honcc

The worlds best SUV???

Yeah we have plenty of lights here, but that snorkel is definetly functional


You saw the unique headlamps, but how about the “S” shaped taillights… And this is very much a 4x4

Wooooahhh I’m blinded by the liiiights

This thing has an interior with a FLIPPING TELLY IN IT!!!

Look at this… Bask in all of its 170hp glory. 2JZ my ass


I have hardly seen a more ridiculously crazy donk than yours - a testament to your skillful interpretation of the rules.

@WangMaster_420 that Skunk Rover has a baleen whale’s mouth for a nose, and a giant number 52 in neon lights for a rear end - if that isn’t the definition of obnoxious ostentation, I don’t know what is.


So, I may have decided to take a second look over those SUV bodies, found something I can work with.

I’m building up the base model now so I can compare it with the ‘tastefully’ modified one. Here’s a quick teaser:

(Yes, the 9 speed automatic does have -10 quality, because it’s simulating a CVT. Hence, “Infinimatic” as the trim.)


So, I hate double posting (normally), but… I did finish my dose of insanity for this challenge.

Meet the Twin Hearts Racing tuned 2020 Sinistra Gargoyle!

(It’s the bright green one on the left, with the carbon-fiber hood.)

So, your SUV is just not exciting enough for you anymore? That V8 just isn’t quite enough? Think the Sinistra Infinimatic CVT transaxle is a soulless nightmare?

Never fear, because Twin Hearts Racing has you covered! Adding twin turbochargers to the Gargoyle’s V8, this Sinistra has a powerful sting waiting to be delivered to anyone foolish enough to mistake it as just another riced-out SUV. Even though the Gargoyle now sits on 26 inch wheels and has a body-kit straight out of a PS2-era video game, the V8 is amped up.

How much so? To the tune of 1,000+ horsepower. And yes, we’re just crazy enough to fire that through the front wheels… Using the original Infinimatic transaxle. Considering that the base model Gargoyle only had a touch over 350 horsepower, we think it’s a fair improvement.

(Base model shown for comparison. See how much more exciting the THR version is?)

Don’t listen to the rumors saying that the Infinimatic was already overloaded with the Gargoyle’s V8 in stock form. We haven’t broken ours yet!

Note: We also haven’t driven ours much yet! 1,000 horsepower is a little scary!

Just realised I forgot to publish a response to this poll. As time has gone on, I have become less and less open to adding minivans and the logistics are just a little odd - but the poll does have an overwhelming response. So, with that in mind…

I will be adding a second category to the challenge - Modified Minivans.

These entries will be subject to the same rules as other entries, with the obvious change being that MPV or Van bodies are preferred rather than SUV or Ute. In addition, entries for Minivans will be open until 11:59 PM GMT on the 17th of October, to provide a sufficient duration to create additional entries. Please name all Minivan entries as “BDC2M - YourForumName”. Furthermore, submissions to both categories will be allowed - feel free to make an SUV and a minivan, so long as they are suitably distinct.


Given how late in the challenge it is, and the number of entries received, this feels like the most fair and balanced method to go about things. If I simply allowed new entries to be minivans, that disadvantages those who have already entered; if I only allowed prior entrants to resubmit, that disadvantages those who have not entered. I could simply disregard the poll and leave Minivans for BDC3, but that seems a little bit brash.


Ooooh, two builds for one challenge? I am in. Perhaps I’ll convert my other crazy idea into reality for the MPV :exploding_head: :smiling_imp:

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Mons Customs Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes black

To celebrate our 100th custom car restoration valued at over $100.000, we are giving away one custom car build. If you have a good and crazy idea for a restoration/customization or other modification of a base Mons car, we’d like to hear about it. The most unique and weird idea will get built and the winner gets to drive their custom car home!

Official rules: - The base car will be supplied by the customer - Only original Mons base cars will be considered - Any vintage of Mons car is permissible - An email detailing the desired modifications must be received by Mons Customs (sweepstakes@customs.mons.com) no later than 12 PM November 30, 2019 - Email subject line must be "Mons 100th sweepstakes entry" - Custom car must be picked up at the Mons Customs garage - A media release will follow upon car completion including a car review and interview with the owner - No substitutions - No cash value

Mons Customs email chain with sweepstakes winner


Mons Futura "Phoenix"

From: Henry Tigner tigger64@fastmail.com

Subject: Mons 100th sweepstakes entry

Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2019 11:38 AM
To: sweepstakes@customs.mons.com

Dear Mons Customs,

please accept my idea for entry into the Mons Customs 100th sweepstakes. My idea for customization is my Mons Futura minivan. The minivan might be an odd choice for a custom build, but please hear me out. My idea is as follows:

I’d like the minivan to be turned into some crazy hot-wheels-esque hyper-racer. I am talking about a giant V8 with a huge supercharger stack, giant wings, loud exhausts, and the performance of a supercar on the drag strip. Ideally, the engine is exposed for all to see, dragster style. I envision it with giant exhaust stacks spewing flames into the air under hard acceleration. The interior, however, must still be relatively safe and comfortable… I do plan on taking my family with me in this “van”!

You might ask, why on earth would I want to do this with a minivan? Well, the reason is simple: I want to put a smile on my son’s, face. I am a single dad of a 12 year old boy born with cystic fibrosis. Zack has had a relatively normal and happy childhood, but has taken a turn for the worse in the past year and I fear that he might not have much longer to enjoy the simple pleasures of this world. He is a huge car enthusiast, and would like nothing more than to experience a truly bonkers sports car. To hear its rumble, to feel its vibration, to experience the insane acceleration as he is catapulted down a drag strip. I do not have the means to provide Zack with that experience, as all my money goes into his care. All I have is our trusty minivan.

I realize that if this dream comes true, then I will likely not be able to afford to keep this car very long. But it will be long enough to make my little boy truly happy and have an experience of a lifetime… and then - I don’t want to lie - I hope to sell the car to pay for his care and make him as comfortable as possible for however long he has.

I hope this idea intrigues you, and I thank you for your consideration:

PS: I attach an image of my original 2016 Mons Futura

From: Richard Allen rallen@customs.mons.ca

Subject: Re: Mons 100th sweepstakes entry

Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2019 9:27AM
To: Henry Tigner tigger64@fastmail.com

Dear Henry,

My name is Rick Allen, customer relations lead at Mons Customs. I am happy to let you and Zack know that you are the winner of the Mons Customs 100th Sweepstakes. Your story has really touched our hearts, and it would make us proud to put a big smile on Zack’s face. The idea of converting the Futura into a HotWheel track monster is intriguing and challenging. Please find attached photorealistic previews of what we intend to with your Futura. We will be in touch regarding the logistics of getting your Futura into our shop, the final specs, and the interview and media event for the car release.

Kind Regards,

Richard Allen, M.A.
Customer Relations and Communications
Mons Customs

Initial side-by-side renders

From: Henry Tigner tigger64@fastmail.com

Subject: Re: Re: Mons 100th sweepstakes entry

Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2019 14:49 PM
To: Richard Allen rallen@customs.mons.ca

Dear Rick,

WOW!!! Thank you Rick for that great news, and what a wonderful Christmas gift for Zack! He has been raving about this all day. I’ve printed out the renders, and Zack has already plastered them on the wall in his bedroom. He is over the Moon with joy! This makes me a very happy dad.

I am looking forward to our next communication about the details.

Thank you again!

From: Richard Allen rallen@customs.mons.ca

Subject: Car is finished!

Sent: Thursday, June 4, 2020 3:14 PM
To: Henry Tigner tigger64@fastmail.com

Dear Henry,

How is little Zack doing? I hope that you both are doing well.

I am happy to inform you first that the rebuilt Futura is finished! As discussed, it features:

  • chopped rear end and glass panels in the tailgate to show off the…
  • rear-mounted 7L V8
  • double overblown quadruple double supercharger stack with obnoxious intakes
  • titanium-tipped racing pipes shooting up
  • oversized aero package
  • custom sporty yet luxurious interior
  • custom chameleon paint
  • lighting inside the engine compartment to really show off the beauty inside
  • oversized tires
  • DCT gearbox mated to a modern AWD system
  • Acceleration 0-100 in 2.8s
  • Quarter mile in 10.39s
  • Top speed of 323 km/h

I include some snapshots we took of your car in our showroom. Please enjoy your “new” vehicle and I’ll be in touch regarding vehicle pick-up and the media release!


Richard Allen, M.A.
Customer Relations and Communications
Mons Customs

The car in the showroom

Mons Customs Sweepstakes


The winner of the Mons Customs 100 sweepstakes is Henry Tigner and his son Zack are the proud owners of the customized Mons Futura. They have named the custom build the “Phoenix”, a nod to the cycle of death and rejuvenation that is so needed for this family of two.

Henry has taken possession of the car last week: “We could not be happier!” - he said “Zack cannot stop smiling!”

The family (and their neighbours) are still getting used to the new car. “It is a little louder than the base Futura” - Henry said smiling “But everyone has been good sports about it. There is tremendous support for Zack” - he added. “And with four seats, I can take some of my neighbours’ kids for a ride too, which makes them more amenable to the noise.”

When asked when he will take the car to the track to test it out for real, he said that he’ll take it easy at first.“It is not easy to control 1300 HP! The last thing I want to do is wreck the thing. But I’m sure that soon we’ll take it out and I’ll be able to show Zack what this monster is capable of.”

Henry provided us with some images from a recent trip to the beach with his new Futura “Phoenix”. We’re hope that both Henry and Zack will be able to enjoy their new car for a long time to come!

Twin Hearts Racing HQ, Offices - Recorded Conversation at the Loading Dock

“Okay, we’ve got a bit of a problem,” Kaylie said, looking over the vehicle that had just arrived.

“Oh?” Kayden asked.

“A customer bought this THR tuned 2019 Sinistra Thunder, the one we up-tuned the police-interceptor V10 for, and says they aren’t satisfied with the performance anymore. We’ve been asked to make it more powerful.”

“That’s not so bad. Couple of turbos and let Rukari work his magic on the tuning,” Kayden replied. Everyone there knew that Rukari was the real reason Twin Hearts Racing had that particular name, even though they’d made more than their share of crazy twin-engine cars to justify it otherwise.

“Yeah, and they also want us to paint it pink,” Kaylie said, pulling a rather wicked face.

“Wasn’t Rukari working on some sort of ultra-chrome paint earlier?” Kayden asked.

“Yes, I was,” Rukari replied, startling both Kaylie and Kayden. “I can make a batch or two of pink ultra-chrome.”

“That settles it, then,” Kaylie said. “You need to make this minivan more powerful.”

2019 Sinistra Thunder, THR Tuned V10

Codename: Megawatt

Visual and Auditory Modifications:

23 inch wheels, fitted with self-illuminating pink accents, painted with THR Platinum Pink UltraChrome paint.

32 speaker “Sonic Emitter” sound system with 8 amplifiers, including a custom enclosure replacing the third row bench.

Titanium exhaust tips of the “Double Barrel” variety.

Carbon Fiber hood and front chin splitter.

Carbon Fiber wrap on the inside of the primary headlight buckets.

Extra ventilation grille in the main grille to aid in engine cooling.

“Megawatt” Decal applied to rear window.

Engine Modifications:

Higher quality CNC Milled titanium rods, forged steel pistons, billet steel milled crankshaft.

Engine maintains 10.0:1 compression.

TPC direct injection manifold replacing Twin Throttle DI manifold.

Twin Racing Turbochargers added, wastegate set for 35 PSI

Fuel Flow altered, high-flow fuel injectors added, Premium Unleaded required.

Exhaust restrictions reduced, high-flow catalytic converter remains installed.

Engine valve covers and intake manifold painted in Platinum Pink UltraChrome.

Output Horsepower: 1,355 HP

Twin Hearts Racing HQ, Offices - Recorded Conversation in the Break Room

“Twin Suns, he’s insane!” Kaylie yelled to her brother.

“What did Rukari do this time?” Kayden asked.

“That damn minivan he’s working on, it makes enough power to shame the humans’ Space Shuttle! It’s cranking out a megawatt of energy and that’s going through the front wheels! It’s insane. There’s no way anyone will want to drive that!”

“Our client says she wants more power. I give her most power I can,” Rukari responded with a malicious grin. “If she wants even more power, I have ideas.”

“Do not let him change anything else on that van,” Kaylie said, pointing to Kayden.

“Why me?” Kayden asked.

“Because you’re the only one strong enough to hold him back.”

“Not for long,” Kayden grumbled. “He knows how to fight.”

“I am done with van anyway,” Rukari replied, chuckling. “You two do the interior, I take my break now.”


Please note that the challenge closes in a little over 16 hours. If you have an entry, you should probably submit it.
(Edit: The SUV part, that is. Still plenty of time for Minivans)


2016 RCM Labrador Kittie Hippie

What do you do when you’re a hippie who needs a truck but also wants to save the environment? You turn it into a hypermiler of course! This bad boy weighs over 2.2 metric tons, makes over 300 hp from its (now eco-tuned) 3.2L twin turbo V6, and with the a lot of care and expense put into custom bodywork and low-drag modifications it returns 7.3L/100 km. The truck hasn’t been compromised entirely as the bed is still accessible and it can still haul over 1700 kg and tow over 2800 kg. Of course a hippie truck needs to look the part and why not make it into a cute blushing hippie kittie covered in flowers?

The interior is mostly stock but has monitors for the cameras that replaced the side mirrors, and of course the steering wheel and dashboard are lined with cleansing crystals for only the best of vibes while driving around.

More photos


The challenge is officially Closed to new SUV entries. Minivan entries will be closing in seven days; reviews for SUVs will not be released until Minivan entries close.


Aaaaand the challenge is now officially closed. Reviews will come soon.

Part One: Unscored Entries

Skunk Rover Royal Honcc - @WangMaster_420
Let's start off on a low note, shall we? The Skunk *stinks*. There is absolutely nothing to redeem this car, or earn it points. The brief calls for "cars which could conceivably exist, and which could have been made in good faith". This car is the antithesis of that.

Cohesiveness was a major judging criterion, having a theme. The only “theme” of this car is excess - and not in a good way. This car slaps a litany of ideas onto one body - and none of them make sense together. The stickers on the doors, and the clearly false badges look like parts purchased at a random auto shop and slapped on. The useless side exhausts (mounted to the doors rather than the body) give the same effect, as does the useless air dam and the light bars. So then why does it have a clearly-custom, extremely bespoke front and rear bumper and light assembly? Why does it have a wing which no auto store would carry, or a race-oriented fuel cap? The design also lacks some of the finer attention to detail which sets apart more successful entries. The wheels stick out beyond the mudflaps, the design lacks side indicators, and so on. The design does not even have that much making it ugly, besides the excess of stupidity. It is a collection of ugly modifications, not an ugly car - and all of those modifications are cliche or unrealistic.

Finally, the engineering. Where to start? The needless -12 quality on the exhaust? The odd-sized tyres, with offsets greater than the tyre width? The fact that it has 50% Utility brake fade? The 5-speed slushbox? Outdated hydraulic power steering and no ESC on a modern car? None of this is sensible, or sensibly bad.

To paraphrase a passage from Billy Madison… What you’ve submitted is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in your cliche, incoherent car were you even close to anything that could be considered a good entry. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may Pipegod have mercy on your soul.

Eagleye Caniam Tsunami Custom - @Prium
Now, this entry is unscored for a rather different reason. It's honestly a pretty good entry, and it's just a shame that it came in late. Had I reviewed it properly, I would have complemented the uniqueness of including a spa, and the realism of the car. It looks like a tastefully modded SUV, albeit an eccentric one. Beyond the spa and the odd rear seats, however, it's honestly not that awful. Oh, and all nine degrees of camber, I suppose. If I was scoring it, I would have also noted the odd conflict of seat configurations - you have selected 3 rear seats, but only modelled two. Maybe the spa counts as a seat? Who knows. It'd also lose engineering points due to the complete lack of overdrive, needlessly staggered tyres, and the fact that the suspension can bottom out without any water in the back.
Part Two: Scored Entries

Sinistra Gargoyle THR Infinimatic (CVT) - @Madrias
Let me start with the engineering, because... What? Just...

This thing doesn’t spool until 5300 RPM. Once it gets there, the turbo puts out an impressive 2 bar of overpressure… for all of 1000 RPM, until it falls off and loses its boost. I get that it’s supposed to be mated to a CVT, but this is still ridiculous.

Moving outside the car, it’s very Need For Speed Underground. The lights are a touch more modern, but it certainly fits the vibe. All the design beats - from the massive exhausts and roof-mounted wing to the custom bumper with splitter and the carbon hood - look like they could have come straight from the game. It’s very successful at doing this, but it doesn’t seem too… original, I suppose? It’s not the most daring and inventive car, in my opinion, but it’s well-executed. 71 points.

Mons Atlas Donk3 - @Cake_Ape
It's funny... When I initially looked at this car, it looked awful. Then, the more I looked at it, the more I thought it just looked awful because it was donked. So, I swapped out the wheels and suspension for the stock specifications... And it still looks kinda *awful*. The gold and purple colour scheme is horrendous and eyebleeding. The DJ booth, speakers and surfboard feel like something right out of Pimp My Ride. I must congratulate and commend the creative use of fixtures here - using titanium exhaust tips as custom-coloured cupholders, for instance, is genius, and re-building the windscreen is a nice touch.

This car really fits the design brief pretty well. Under all these mods, there’s a competent, almost pedestrian SUV. What’s not to like? Well… Under all these mods, there’s a competent, almost pedestrian SUV. Strip away the wheels, the paint and the top half, and you end up with a plain, realistic SUV. And that realistic SUV isn’t massively ugly, or unique. 73 points.

Warbler Broward "Patriot" - @HelloHi


Nothing - and I mean nothing is subtle about this car. The wheels stick out halfway from the body, the stickers are tacky and stupid, and the car has some fairly common mods - a bigger, armoured bumper; a giant exhaust; a snorkel; and a light bar. The 4x4 sticker on an All-Wheel-Drive is a nice stupid touch as well. What’s not to hate? Well, to put it simply… The mods are somewhat simple and common. I am sure that there are countless other cars, much like this one. Hell, most of the mods can be done with either a quick trip to the parts store or a welder and some metal. It hurts in uniqueness - which is a shame, as it does so well elsewhere.

The interior is somewhat confusing - I assume it was crunched by the deadline? The windows are set to effectively zero transparency, and the rear is completely unfinished (despite containing +3 seats)… But there is a detailed front and middle, complete with entertainment screens and door-mounted pistols? Speaking of the interior, why does it use -10 quality, with premium design but only standard entertainment? In true American fashion, the car has woefully insufficient brakes, and the engine is dumping fuel and running far too rich. The car also lacks any sort of emissions equipment or mufflers, because 'MURICA. Of course, the engine is a very American… DOHC V6? Yep, this was modified by jarheaded, slack-jawed idiots. 73 points.

RCM Labrador Kittie Hippie - @TheCarLover
Yup, that's it, we're done here. Let's wrap it up.

What? I can’t just do a one-sentence review? Fine.

Let’s start with the engineering, shall we? The engineering here is just about perfect. Just about every choice has been taken in search of a single goal - efficiency. Low-friction pistons, weak cams, an economic turbo… Add in the very high quality undertray and cooling flaps, and this thing gets a rather insane mileage despite being a two ton truck.

Looking outside the car, and two things become very obvious. First of all, this car earns its +6 aero. I can confidently say that I have never seen a car which displays a greater commitment to lowering drag. Second of all, the car has also been designed by exactly the type of person to focus on efficiency above all else. It certainly takes the “theme” priority and runs with it. The attention to detail is exemplary, managing to keep the tray usable and managing to keep the car legal. It is truly a masterpiece. 83 points.

Part One: Unscored Entries

Warbler Salton "Continental" - @HelloHi
It's a tragedy, really, because this thing is a unique yet horrific model. It's a minivan with a 50s flair, from the wide, bug-eyed headlights to the grafted-on fender flares. This thing looks atrocious and I absolutely love it. The theme is perfectly on-point, and it actually uses some fun and interesting design space in the minivan territory. There are a couple of uh... interesting design choices, like drum brakes in the rear and a cast log on a largish V6, but I can look past those. What I can't look past, however, is using a 2002 engine family. Pain.

Sinistra Thunder V10 THR "Megawatt" - @Madrias
It's very pink, isn't it? The giant speakers are a fun mod, and the wheels seem oddly familiar... As does the hood. There's not a lot that screams incredibly modified to me, to be honest. Much like Madrias's other entry, this one suffers from extreme turbo lag, spooling at 5300 RPM - but immediately losing max boost, and redlining earlier. Looking at it some more, one thing really catches my eye. The 1987 engine family. Again, pain.

Part Two: Scored Entry (Yes, just one)

Mons Futura Phoenix - @Cake_Ape
And so we come to the final entrant, the Mons Futura Phoenix. I'm not sure whether putting this car on a minivan rather than a ute is a positive or a negative, to be honest. The car ends up looking squashed yet stretched, not long enough yet too tall. The massively high wing and exposed engine are absolutely stupid, in the best possible way. Placing eight individual exhaust pipes is a cute idea, but it *is* somewhat undone by the turbo system. Speaking of the turbo system, the car also spools incredibly late, only reaching peak boost at 5500 RPM. The theme here seems quite simple to me - massive exposed engine - but maybe something more distinctive, more eye-grabbing up front would have been nice. 71 Points.

Well, modded cars seem a lot less popular than custom cars, which is a shame. There are some nice entries here, though, which is nice. It hurts to see two of the three minivans being illegal, though. Congratulations to the winner, @thecarlover ! Now, a quick poll... BDC certainly takes a certain mindset, and there's advantages of spacing it out, but it's also a fun challenge, in my opinion. What sort of time between rounds would people like to see? The next round will be back to production cars, in all likelihood.
Time between rounds
  • Less time between rounds (BDC3 probably launches in November?)
  • More time between rounds (BDC3 probably launches next year)
  • I don’t particularly feel interested in future rounds

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I thought it was trim/variant year that needed to be in the range. Oops. Serves me right for the lore-based V10 in the Thunder.

As for the incredibly-late spooling turbos, that was part of the bad engineering: Maximum power… On paper. If I’d been trying to make them both proper kilo-horse cars, I’d have gone at it with a bit more sensibility, and likely a lot less turbo.

The Thunder was repurposed from a different challenge I participated in as a sort of last-minute minivan entry.

As for the Gargoyle, I’ll take last place for the scored cars and be happy with it. SUVs are way out of my comfort zone for designing, let alone when I’m trying to push the boundaries of ‘normal.’ And yes, I did have to break out the PS2 and play a couple hours of Underground 2 to get a visual mindset going.

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Congrats to the winner! Nailed the theme and fit the brief to a tee. Well done :slight_smile:

Haha, yep, that was the point! I guess we had a different take on this. For me in this case the “bad” part of engineering was exactly that nothing was done to the engineering from the stock boring and pedestrian SUV. It was all just an aesthetic veneer. The ultimate poser.

Ah yes, this is a case of “don’t make-believe, don’t imply things that aren’t in the game”. This was supposed to be a supercharged engine (with the giant stack as modelled), not turbocharged. But alas, we don’t have superchargers in the game (yet). So yea, I probably should’ve stuck to what is actually available in the game in terms of engineering.

In any case, thank you for another fun round! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to what you cook up for the next one!


@AMuteCrypt , great job on the turnaround! That was some of the most timely judging I’ve ever seen, especially considering the detail the reviews went into. So timely, in fact, I didn’t even have time to post my ads! I might still post them this afternoon, like I was going to. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the year on the minivan, like Madrias, I figured as long as the trims were 2020, I was fine- unfortunately, I should have double checked the rules on that one.

Either way, I really enjoyed the challenge- it was really interesting to actually compete in one of these!

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Yeah, this was a fun challenge, and I’m looking forward to another one. Good to know I was able to redeem myself with a “too good looking” car last time by building some eye cancer on wheels.

As for the quiz, keeping this as a sporadic challenge whenever you have the time to run it seems best. If you’re free to do it next month then great, and if it’s 6 months before you can do another one after that then alright for that too.

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After thinking on this for a little over a day, I wonder if it’s really true that modded was less popular. Specifically, I’m wondering if it was the combination of SUV and 2015+ that hindered participation. Not that I didn’t have fun designing something to participate with, but there’s no ‘new’ bodies past 2011. That, and SUVs seem to be very few and far between whenever someone looks at lore threads.

I’m not saying it was a bad challenge at all (far from it, actually), more that some people may have had more difficulty designing for it.

If the next one ends up being 1970’s to 1990’s off roaders, I’ve already got a really stupid idea ready. Though I might have to change out the engine that’s in it for something more modern.

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