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Bad Car Design Challenge 2 - "Nice" Mods - RESULTS OUT

Hello, and welcome to the sequel to the Bad Car Design Challenge! The prior round was hosted by @HelloHi and I, but this round will be hosted just by me - although I’d be open to having a co-host if anyone would like to join in. The previous round featured inexpensive compact cars, and boy there were some awful designs! A round of applause to the previous winners, cake_ape (with the Aztek’s ute cousin, the Mons Revolution) and Quneitra (with the absolutely eye-burning, stomach-churning Munot Diamant). Definitely some of the worst Automation has to offer, and a shining achievement.

So, what happens in this round? Well, let’s start with the basics of what sort of bad we are looking for. I’m not looking for a five-fixture wonder, a glitched-out monstrosity, or anything of the sort. No, I want cars which could conceivably exist, and which could have been made in good faith - just horrifically ugly ones. What sort of horrifically ugly, you ask?

Ask No Further

Yup, we’re making modded cars - but not just any modded cars. For this, I am specifically seeking for modded SUVs and similar. Heavy-duty utes will also be allowed if they have four seats. See below for more specifics.

As before, this will be a primarily design-focussed challenge; accordingly, there will be fewer rules around engineering.
  • There will be two categories - SUV/Ute, and Minivan. When submitting, please tell me which category you are aiming for.
  • Model year must be between 2015 and 2020 (inclusive).
  • For the SUV/Ute category, SUV or Ute bodies are preferred. For the minivan category, MPV/Van bodies are preferred. Conversions of other bodies are allowed but not recommended unless you have a truly awful idea.
  • Two seat rows are required; three or more is desirable. If they are present, this will be determined by 3D fixtured seats (so you can use a body with 1 row of seats if you add an interior with several rows). These must be full rows, with ample space - don't shrink the back seat and make it cramped.
  • No V16s, in the interest of a level playing field.
  • Aim for a somewhat sensible cost, with an absolute maximum of $100,000. As before, this is not a goal - instead, try and match your design to your engineering and your price. Put tons of work into the interior? Feel free to bump up the quality a little. Just make the whole car and the price make sense.
  • Most meme and non-car bodies are banned. These include the Mining Truck, Fire Truck, 80sBricc, Semi-Truck, TopKek, Tanker, Limo and so on. If a body is not listed but feels dubious, feel free to ask. Some of these cars may be open to discussion (Limo, TopKek), but most are not.
  • Keep it safe for work. I don't need to know what part of the body your leather comes from, and I don't want a car plastered with juvenile drawings.
  • Finally, please title all car models and engine families "BDC2 - YourForumName" for the SUV category, and "BDC2M - YourForumName" for the minivan category.

Now, judging will be done on a similar scale to before, with a similar points system. However, considering the tweaks to the design brief, I will be tweaking the priorities.

  • :star: :star: :star: - Uniqueness (30 Points)
    – One of the advantages of a modded car is having something unlike everything else on the road, something unique. Make your car stand out, make it weird, make it do something special. It doesn’t matter if it’s tasteless, just make it unique. Some mods - like the Carolina Squat or Donks - are certainly loathed by some, but they are not too unique.
  • :star: :star: - Realism (20 Points)
    – Yes, we are going with custom cars, but make it something that a modder could actually make. You don’t need to provide a base spec, but stuff like mounting guns all over the car won’t win too many points. Make it ugly, but make me believe it could exist.
  • :star: :star: - Theme (20 Points)
    – Make the car cohesive. Make things work together, so that the whole car tells a story. Some of my favourite cars to judge have been the ones with a good theme, such as the Mons Revolution or the Lincoln Festiva from ARM9.
  • :star: :star: - Ugliness (20 Points)
    – And here we come to the obvious one. Make the car look terrible. Make people ask you to move it, make it look like it’s caught in a time warp, whatever. I want ugly mods, and ugly cars. Make it awful.
  • :star: - Engineering (10 Points)
    – Simply put, does the engineering match the car? I’m honestly not looking for awful engineering here, so try and be competent. Yes, you could spam negative quality, throw in a giant inline 3 prone to knocking, but that’s not the goal. If the engineering looks sensible and matches the car, it’ll do well. Just match your theme.

Entries will officially open in four days or so, at some point around 11:59 PM UTC on the 21st of September. Feel free to start making cars before then, but do be aware that the rules may change if I have made any awful mistakes. They will close at 11:59 PM UTC on the 10th of October for the SUV category, and 11:59 PM UTC on the 17th for the minivan category - but please, feel free to submit before the contest closes. It makes my life easier.


is this in a similar fashion to ARM, where the car itself is old, and is modernized with mods, or does this require the actual car itself be modern?

my immediate idea is reliant on an older car

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by current metrics entries have closed a week ago

nah the final entry date is correct, but the opening date is a month old lol

I’d be open to an old car which has been modified, but equally open to a new car which has been modified, or a completely custom new car. Just try and make it look like something which was modified or made in the correct-ish era.

Also, as far as the date goes, I accidentally converted months wrong. It’s fixed now.

Edit: Oh, also, if the update drops while the competition is in progress, the competition will be run in the stable branch, not open beta.

I got to say, I feel an odd sense of pride seeing my creation at the top of this post heralding the worst designs ever created, haha.

I don’t think I have the bandwidth to come back for this BCD, but good luck everyone! Make the Diamant proud!


I might be able to get in on this. Unleash a little NFS Underground 2 on some poor, unsuspecting SUV…

Especially because I suck at making SUVs look good to begin with. And I’m just itching to use THR Eyegrabber Orange or Ishu’s Laser Lime in a semi-serious way.

Edit: I’m very tempted to use this body, but I’m not entirely sure it qualifies as an SUV (the game calls it a sedan, but, it has a feature I want to make use of, with that four-door convertible and SUV-ish proportions. Think SUV Convertible but with my inability to make anything look good.)


@Madrias Sorry for the delay, I didn’t see that you had edited your post. As an addendum to the rules: Non-SUV bodies will be allowed, but be careful. If your car looks closer to a sedan or coupe, it will lose points.

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Also, uh, entries are open. Sorry I didn’t make a post on time, been busy with life and uni.

No problem. I knew that was a risk when I edited instead of double posting.

My preliminary design with it does look more like a sedan than I’d like, so I might find something else in my arsenal to unleash.

For anyone who’s wondering, there’s a certain minivan I did recently that I might try out in here. I know, it’s not an SUV, but I’d rather take a point penalty for a cool minivan that got a bit riced out than for a sedan-convertible-SUV thing that I had fun making, but ultimately ended up not being satisfied with.

A minivan can work, but please make sure to actually make it an SUV as well. The (rumoured) TJ Cruiser is legal; a riced Dodge Caravan is not.



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So for clarification…

Everything you put in the “uniqueness” and “realism” categories makes me wonder why that Dodge Caravan would be binned, being that it is unique and real. To ME it falls in those categories.

So with that said, would a Donk or anything along those lines be binned as well?

That Caravan is absolutely a great example of the modified side here, but it’s not an SUV or Pickup - which is an important part here. The TJ Cruiser isn’t modified, but it is a cross between a minivan and an SUV - so that’s be allowed. A TJ modified similar to that Caravan would be a great entry; a Caravan modded to be like a SUV would also be great.

Having said that, I can see a potential case to be made for broadening the rules to allow minivans. I’ll run this pill for around 48-ish hours before making a decision, please vote.

Allow Minivans?
  • Yes
  • No

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Edit: Also, a donk would be allowed, but it wouldn’t be too unique unless you do extra stuff to it. It’s a trend car, like the Carolina Squat example.


Interesting, and thankyou for the clarification.

Just wondering with the 2015-2020 model year, that is in fact the trim year, correct?

I’m asking since I’m hoping to use a vehicle that was introduced in 2009 but updated in 2016.

No, that is indeed the model year and not the trim year. The intent is for this to represent recently-modified vehicles, so I expect the model year to be updated in a similar fashion to Automation RestoMod.

Of course, if the lore of the vehicle is that it was originally from 2009, it’s perfectly fine.

That’s what I mean, the vehicle was introduced in 2009, facelifted in 2013, and got some extra factory updates in 2016 for its last year. So that would be the trim year as the factory time yeah, and then I’d add modifications to that.

It doesn’t matter what your lore is. All that matters is these two numbers.

If the model year (which can be changed from the model tab) and the family year (which can be changed from the engine family tab) are correct, then it’s a legal entry. If the entry has selected a model year of 2009, then it’ll get binned.

Alright, I just wanted to know if it was the standard model year definition, which falls as trim in Automation, or if it had to be models introduced in 2015-2020. I guess I’ll make something different.

As I said, feel free to use your existing one, just clone the model and update the year.