Badge mod breaks upon exporting to beamng drive

Hello everyone,
First of all I’m really new to modding, first time making a mod, so I’m sorry if the issue I’m having is actually trivial or I’m being unclear in this post.
Now onto the issue itself:
I wanted to make a decal mod, however I couldn’t get it to work using decal meshes and such. So I’ve tried making the mod as a badge, there were video tutorials on this so the process went quite well and I made the mod.
It looks fine, although doesn’t conform well to the car body, I’m guessing that’s because it is a badge and not a decal. However that is not the issue I’m having. When I export the car to beam, all of badges that I made become white/transparent. Here’s how it looks in Beamng:

I’ve tried messing around in UE4 with the materials, but to no success.
If anyone knows whats causing this and/or how to fix this, I would appreciate very much any help.