BaE's Spreadsheet Scoring System

I’ve spent far too much time putting together a spreadsheet for challenges I run myself, and thought I should share it. It’s not great for complex challenges, but if you want to compare a bunch of cars based on stats and numbers, then it’s good.

Link to it here:

On the left you have your stats and multipliers. Type a number in there, and it will multiply the stat by that amount.

I have two stats, lap time and a rating for how the car drives in BeamNG, that I’ve left in there since they’re both fairly universal for testing cars in BeamNG. Lap time is a little confusing, but basically in it’s current state is takes away the number of seconds it took to complete a lap, multiplied by the multiplier, from 300. You can change that if you dig into the sheet, and maybe I’ll make it adjustable at some point.

Make a copy of the sheet to use it.

The different sheets inside automatically create leaderboards, so all you have to do is highlight and then sort the ranges by the scored stat to order everything.