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Banned over bacon on Discord

My name on the Discord was Combustionologist (KA)

I saw some posts talking about maple bacon in the food channel on the Automation Discord yesterday… so I thought I’d mention that I just cooked my own today, and explained how I marinated it and so on. This was my first ever post in that channel; as I don’t stray away from the modding and feedback channels.

A couple of minutes after I did, I was accused of eating uncured bacon raw. I clarified that I did not eat it raw, and that I did cook it to 180 degrees. I was still told that my bacon is dangerous. Any defense of my cooking that I offered was met with further rebuke; assuming that I’m doing something wrong and dangerous. I don’t understand why I was met with such hostility. I noticed this was the same person who muted me a year ago, so naturally I came to the conclusion that they must have some lingering issues with me.

I understand that it was improper to call them out on that quite harshly in public as I did, and I want to apologize for doing that. However; what other conclusion could I come to? I was being accused of doing something unsafe that I did not do, no matter what I said. As soon as I had explained my actions, another strange accusation was issued; such as that I would keep the bacon for longer than 3 days. Why would I do that? I specifically stated in my first post that I marinated it overnight.
If I have misinterpreted something, then I’m sorry… but these accusations didn’t strike me as reasonable.

I was banned from the Discord moments later, with the message of “i didn’t ban you before, but i sure as fuck have now, good riddance”

I didn’t come on there and post to start a conflict. I just said that I made some bacon as well; in response to the previous post. I made no attempts to troll. I made that post in good heart; just to talk. I’ve avoided any conversation outside of the modding and feedback channels after my mute years ago; and I’ve never caused any trouble since then. I thought it would be safe for me to post something in the food channel after so long… and this is the result… hostility and a ban.

I don’t feel that I deserve such a harsh ban for attempting to defend myself… and I hope this is all some misunderstanding that can be worked out. I’ve been stressed out over this to the point of nausea since then. I just don’t understand why all this happened, and I want to make amends.


You’ve been unbanned, you are welcome to re-join the server.


Thank you very much. I want to apologize once more.

Apologise for what though? Defending yourself from a snarky attack conducted by someone who clearly didn’t fear paying the price you paid. I don’t think so!

I call on @Killrob to put his social media managers on the case to start policing the Discord forum. Sounds to me like there’s a clique of users in cahoots with the moderators who bully people they don’t like until that person bites back, then the friendly moderator bans the victim.

Clearly an arrrogant and entitled asshole who needs some downtime themselves; I call on this moderator to be banned permanently until they come on the forum begging for forgiveness. As for the bully? No mercy, lifetime ban and they should be named and shamed so we can know never to trust them. Ever.

Automation is a community and we need to stop this elitist bullshit before it becomes pervasive throughout, turning away new players who are afraid of being attacked for simply existing. @Killrob, again, put in place safeguards and standards so that no-one, not even the moderators, are above the rule of law!


This isn’t helping at all.

I made a mistake with what happened to KA24DE and I reversed it unilaterally; contrary to popular belief I am not too proud to admit an error. As far as I am concerned the issue is now closed.

There is no conspiracy of moderators and users against others here, nor has there ever been; flying off the handle with some imagined scheme like this doesn’t help you, me or anyone else.


But you didn’t admit anything, let alone publicly, so don’t act like you are on KA24DE’s level here. KA24DE had to come onto the forum and beg, BEG, to be allowed onto the discord again for doing literally nothing. Then what did you do? Did you apologise to KA for banning him in the first place? No. All you did was this:

You didn’t apologise for abusing your powers as a moderator. You didn’t reveal that you, yeah YOU, were the instigator of the arguement, then banned KA for defending himself. You tried to swoop in, look like the hero, hoping no-one would call you out on your bullshit response to shit YOU stirred up.

The worst part? You waited until KA crawled back, begging on his knees for re-instatement. Then, your inner Fascist power trip satisfied, you deigned to allow the poor begger to return to the hallowed halls of the Discord. As far as I’m concerned, your lack of ethics precludes you from holding a moderator position and you should be stripped of your position, banned for no less than three months then only allowed to return to the Discord server yourself once you publicly apologise to KA24DE for your unprofessional behaviour.

I also strongly suggest you publish a COMPLETE transcript of what happened because, as of now, I consider you a contemptible person. Small minded, arrogant and with the most transparent of hides… You sir are a coward!

That’s exactly the wording that a member of the “power-circle” would use… A thinly veiled threat, tainted with the fear that the older members will see you as a liability and throw you under the metephorical bus. I will leave this line of inquiry here, unfinished, but I’ll only truly believe your statement when shit, like what you’ve done today, doesn’t result in community members begging to be re-instated, when it was the moderator who was guilty.


“And then they had a debate about power dynamics over a recipe for Bacon, funniest shit I’ve ever seen.”


A certain few members of this community always talk about how there’s a secret cabal/ conspiracy/ clique/ roundtable/ inner circle/ shadow organization/ lizard alien rulers/ anti-bacon cattle industry tycoons/ etc etc behind anything and everything, whether that be the moderation team, the creation of premium Japanese luxury cars with a strange focus on the hololive character Amelia Watson in the advertising, or the popular CSR competition.

Please, enlighten me, where does this all stem from?

Also, let’s not get too heated and personal with insults here, please. The last time this happened a certain notorious green-coloured car became taboo. (possibly a censorship move by the secret illuminati? literally 1984?)


we live in a society


Society of a wee bit jumpy folks, I’d say, especially on Discord. I don’t know this exact situation, so I don’t wanna judge anyone, so my comment is more general, as conflicts seemingly out of nowhere are a recurring theme on Discord. If someone feels the discussion they’re in gets too heated, they can take a break, chill, and come back later and if it still seems reasonable. If someone sees an act, idea, opinion or even question that seems provocative, revolutionary or plainly stupid they may just treat it as if all that was unintended, since it very well might be (experienced that myself).

TL;DR - relax sometimes, Discord people, and don’t assume bad intentions.


Been a long time since the Clarkson hair has appeared to lock a thread like this from spiralling huh?

As above, the topic in question is sorted now. I’m not sure there is anything else constructive that can come from this here, from any side.