Basic Tonneau Cover

Let’s say you want to make a pick-up/ute, but don’t want to deal with this:

Even with the basic chassis visible it’s clipping and you don’t feel up to any extensive fixture work. In that case I would like to show of a basic idea of making a tonneau cover using the vanilla interior fixtures,

To start, I have choses the larger flat pillar piece and scaled it up to just cover up the bed opening. You could opt for something that starts bigger than that such as the flat decal body moldings but I chose this piece to make it easier for the next steps since it just involves duplicating it and changing what the chosen fixture is.

Next up, I have the rounded pillar piece here that I am using to overlap the outside edge of the truck bed. To me, it makes it feel as if this is a part that is fitted to the bed rather than a flat shape.

And don’t forget to add it to the back edge as well. I have tried to make the corners that meet of these line up as best as I can, in hopes that the following step is as painless as possible.

There is this very short version of the previous piece that I have taken and done some rudimentary curves with. I have simply locked the rotation to 15 degrees, moved the fixture out and rotated it one click, then tried my best to look unoffensive and repeat until I meet up with the back. It’s all kinds of jank but it looks decent if you squint from a distance.

And finally if you want it to look like a soft cover you can skip this step, but if you want it to look like a hard cover, you can repaint it to match the body colour. Personally I recommend this because A. I think it looks better, and B. Soft covers tend to conform to gravity and I don’t want to deal with making it sag in the middle.

And that’s it. My hodge podge guide to being lazy and not redoing the truck bed liner… I mean, of adding a nice bit of detail styling.


Creating a simple hard tonneau cover for trucks/utes can be done with other (3d) fixtures as well, but the ones you chose are the best ones for the job.

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