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Hello everyone, i present to you this challenge.
It was originally hosted in my Discord server, but Host of challenge decided to gather more entries, so i decided that forum post might be useful.

@ldub0775 (Host) has most of it figured out, but if you need more info, he should be able to answer it.
I would try to update OP according to his answers.

The year is 2009.
After many years of drug dealing, you have ditched your riced out shitbox for a proper tuner car. However, due to there being federal agents currently outside your home from the IRS because of too many accounts of tax evasion, you now must use it to make a speedy escape.
Can you get a chance to evade even more taxes, or will it finally catch up to you this time?



Game version: 4.2


  • Variant/Trim Year: 2000-2009
  • Sliders: no lower than -2
  • No full carbon fiber or fiberglass body panels (partial carbon is fine)
  • No carbon fiber monocoque
  • No pushrod suspension(these arent full on race cars)


  • Max displacement: 7000 cc NA, 3000 cc turbo
  • Cam/VVL profile: Unlimited NA, 80 turbo
  • Must have at least 1 muffler (any type)
  • No engine stress
  • Max Fuel Type: Super Unleaded (98 RON) without tuning
  • Max ET: 160


  • Highest possible safety option required
  • Minimum 2 front seats
  • 2 visible wings maximum
  • Minimum cooling airflow: 35
  • Max tire width: 325 mm
  • Traction aids: at least TC+ABS
  • Max ET: 150
  • Cost limit: 75,000 AMU


  • Aesthetics- you can submit up to 2 photos showing all angles of your car for voting penalf not, Host will take them for you with no penalty.
    Host would personally judge this area.

  • Stats -

    • Sportiness Drivetrain & Performance
    • Sportiness
    • Top Speed

Deadline is February 26 @5 PM EST


I don’t know if it is happening to anyone else but when I export to BEAMNG you cannot activate traction control, even if your car is equipped with it. Any fixes out there???

i am the one who knocks

I had followed the convo there.


So we need to drop Beam aspect iirc from convo

Are there any other changes that you wish to be implemented in OP?

I would be willing to just do the changes and then send the css for you to copy-paste?

turns out hosting a challenge without being able to directly edit the op is a bit of a pain lol


I’m certain this refers not just to excessive RPM, but also excessive torque, for the engine internals used.

Anyway, I’m sure this challenge is run on 4.2.

yes, it will be run on 4.2

Does this requirement restrict just “wing” fixtures, or spoiler-lip fixtures as well? And what about 3D-fixtures being used to build wings and other aero fixtures?


Do these have to be set to a specific setting when running the lap in Beam (comfort, sport, n/a?)

My only point right now would be make the deadline longer, at least a week later than what it is now


(To clarify, LS was OG host, but decided to step down)

Beam aspect prob should have been deleted from OP
My bad, will change that now.

Wings are still afaik only downforce-producing elements in Beam, so i imagine they are only limitation.
3D-made fixtures are likely fine.

As for deadline, that doesnt depend on me, but on host @ldub0775 and his IRL and non-IRL duties.

I actually plan on posting a new OP, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet

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I got around to it