Beam Drag Racing Championship |AutoBeam|

I wanted something different, something that didn’t do in years :

Saturday, 23 September 2023, Germany, when BeamNG announced a drag racing event where you need to be the fastest, with the low budget given, try to dominate the drag event with an all-rounder car, this is not only a 1/4 mile racing, but you race it in 1/2 and 1 mile, so be smart to win the challenge


-Must be ellisbury beta


-Default TP (Techpool) score, or +5 on all
-Bodies can be older than 1970 but model year must be newer than 1970
-Trim year must be 2012 or newer
-Wheelbase at least 2,2m (to prevent massive wheelies)
-No pushroad suspensions (They are suspension for supercars, keep in mind)
-Quality no less than -3


-Be realistic, no V16, V12, or V10 engines
-No more than 2000 HP (to prevent car undriveable)
-Leaded, Unleaded, and Ethanol Blend fuels only
-Race parts allowed
-No engine stress


-No viscous LSD
-Radials only
-Semi Slicks
-Tyre width ending in 5 (go for realism)
-Tyre profile no less than 14
-Tyre width :
FWD : Front wider than rear
RWD : Front thinner than rear
4WD : Both have same size
-Vented brakes only (must be fade free, that means you didn’t get brake fade warning in the suggestion)
-Race interior only
-1 seat only
-No entertainment
-No traction aids
-Highest Advanced safety (that is available the year) with +5 quality (rollcage)
-Optimise weight at 0
-no diffuser only
-No active aero and cooling flaps
-Standard suspension, twin-tube, gas-mono, passive only


-No more than 50.000$
-Must have atleast 155 MPH (250 KMH)
-0-60 MPH (0-100 KMH) must be in 4 seconds or faster
-Atleast 20 reliability
-Minimum weight of 800 kg (to prevent crazy fast cars with low HP - cause a cheating of fast cars with low price)
-Open wheel and broken legacy car bodies are not allowed (to prevent car broke when spawning in beam)
-Advanced settings are allowed, but only chassis tunnel size and wheel offset, if it gone too far, its a rule break
-Atleast 2 different sponsor decal


:star: :star: :star:

Drag racing only need speed and power, and go fast, if the car slow, you will be beaten by everyone

Even you need fast car, you also need handling, so the car doesn’t lose control when accelerating and when launch, also it will get consistent times

Safety first, these cars go over 250 KMH, imagine if your car loses control and got rollover in 300 KMH, and the car’s roof got totally destroyed, make sure the driver survive the crash uninjured and prepare fir the next race

:star: :star:

What happens when the engine blow up or a tyre blow up at 300 KMH, if you don’t want them to happen, make sure you have a high reliability, this also decreased service cost

Even though this is a race event, you also need to manage money, just imagine you cannot eat a food or drink because you don’t have the money for them, or car service after your skill issue


Fuel cost some money, but why really make them important, you bought a drag car for 50k, but you complaining a fuel that cost 5$??? dumb

The drivers are real mens, not a child who complains about rear legroom :skull:

This is a drag car, why would you even mind turning ability, are you fucking drunk driving a drag car in nurburgring

Even if the car looks good, it doesn’t matter, drag racing is all about performance, its not judged, unless the design is extremely shit like fixtureless cars (fixtureless cars will be instabinned)


-Only 1 submission, that means you cannot resubmit
-As always, send me car file
-Make an ad (also accepting shit ones, its not judged)
-You can test car, but do not post the drag time

Model and engine family : BDRC - your forum username
Trim and engine trim : Your car name and engine name

-Open submission : 26 September
-Closing submission : 10 October

I will notify if you broke the rule, unless you didn’t send me car file :skull:

IMPORTANT : Every rule you broke, you will be penalized 5 seconds, if you broke 3 rules, you get instabin

INSPIRATIONS basically any shitbox dragster



  1. West Coast 1/4 Mile drag
  2. West Coast race track straight
  3. Italy airport runway

Realism also judged, remember

I will also entry, but it wouldn’t count in challenge

remember that this is my first time hosting a challenge, so expect any differences to challenge you mostly enter

Two wheel drive only?

Also if it’s front wheel drive can the tyre width rules be the other way round? Some of the inspirations are fwd drag cars.

oh wait i need to add that



Since ellisbury update dropped, there going to be changes to rules

Might want to rephrase that. I mean, it says 18 seconds is acceptable.

i said atleast, that means the slowest 0-60 accepted is 4 seconds, slower than that is a rule broke

RULES CHANGED AGAIN for the last time

you mentioned the rules have changed because of the update. However you haven’t actually said which version of the game to use, beta or stable


Why the V10 restriction? That’d be at least a dodge viper engine.

drag cars with V10 is very rare

And expensive - even an R8/Gallardo/Huracan, as powerful as they are, cost six figures to buy new.

I mean, a clapped out Viper or older RAM is surely under budget. Also, probably a bit early to say rules are changed “for the last time” :wink: Most challenges have about a week of rules deliberation before they actually start.

Updated rule (i lied)

-Engine must be stress free
-You can use bodies older than 1970 but model year must be 70s or newer

'Might throw my hat into the ring for this one, it would be good practice.

Few issues with what you’ve said. The Italy airport runway is only 1.08km, not 1mile.

What does this mean?

You mean rim size?

Does this include the new engine block stress?

  1. none in undertray option
  2. yes, rim diameter
  3. yes

Entries open

Why no locking diff? Most irl drag cars will have a welded diff, if not a locking one