exporter problem [RESOLVED] (im stupid)

I was really hyped up for the new exporter update, but when I actually tried it out, it didn’t really work. the lights weren’t seethrough, the badges were just chrome squares, and the vents didn’t have any openings or indentations(see pictures(ill try to post the other 2 into the comments)). the thumbnail looks good though, it looks just like my car in automation. has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, do you know how to fix it? or is it just normal for the first version of the exporter and will it get fixed in an update?

thanks in advance.


this looks just how it does in automation

Hello - Please can you export your car (non Beam export) and post the resulting .car file on here.

For clarity the non beam export is achieved by selecting your vehicle from the sandbox list and clicking the floppy disk icon


you will get a pop up message stating where automation has placed the file

Thank you

I think I know how to fix this. Each fixture in Automation has a layer setting found inside the fixture’s gizmo. It is a number from 1 to 4 (upper left side of gizmo) and determines what fixture gets layered on top of another fixture when they over lap. Perhaps your over lapping fixtures have not had those layer numbers set for them. Sometimes, fixtures in Automation just work together but I think for BeamNG, those numbers need to be set. Also, if you have any fixture that is on one side of the car and not the other side, that will cause the same problem for the whole car. As an example, any fixture on the passenger side of the car needs to be mirrored or at lest duplicated on the drivers side and vise versa.

I already tried putting the layer to 4 and it did nothing

sorry, I cant, it says that new users cant post files. But I don’t think the car is the problem as this happens with any car i try to export.

That’s a shame, What I was going to do was to see what happens if another user were to export the car on another pc

i can send it to you through email if you give me your adress

Man just wait some time until you earn badge regular and you should post car files.You don’t need to send it on email. (Don’t send to me PLZ)


okay so for whatever reason beamng decided not to update so i had to update it manually and now everything works as it should


No probs - glad you’re sorted, enjoy