Beamng exporter freezes on 'sourcing lua data'

most of the log is full of
[2023.04.09-22.34.47:573][777]CamsoLog: Error: FMOD error 30 - An invalid object handle was used. : E:/JCB_BUILD/AutomationGame/Source/AutomationGame/CarExport/AuCarExportSound.cpp(319)
if that helps, ive tried reinstalling the game and verifying the files

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Hey, Did you ever get your game fixed and clear of this error? I am getting the same error and have tried everything I can think of to fix it, with no success.
I have tried verifying my game files, removed every mod I had installed, and reinstalled the game and nothing of these fixed it.
Any help is appreciated,

Update, incase anyone stumbles onto this forum post. I finally got it fixed, I just needed to update my graphics card driver. Hope this may help someone in the future. :smile: