Being able to drive your cars:


Being able to drive your cars:
If we ever do this, we want to do it properly, and build
a top quality simulator. This is hard and expensive to do, so will only happen if we are very successful

Do you know the game Life for Speed ?

I think it is one of the best drive simulator out there.
There are also some tweak programms to costumize the engiens and the car looking.

Maybe you can work with them together
and implement the Automation maked cars in LFS via a converter or something else. It would be pretty awesome.

Don’t expect anything like this in the near future. This game is about the Tycoon aspect, not the driving aspect. As per your quote, perhaps in the far off future, after the game becomes the #1 Tycoon game on the market, and certainly not before the Tycoon aspect is even finished.