Bes Auto Company (Bac)

Here is the starting line up for my company. Two hatches, same body, look different, and are made for different things. One is for economy, and one is sporty. I actually don’t completely understand the suspension stuff, so I would really like feedback on the cars. I don’t know if the cars are good at what I’m making them for. The cars also have the same model engine, but they are optimized differently for each vehicle.

Heres the link to the engines.

The first cars is the Bac 514. This is my economy vehicle. This has the X1-TE motor in it, which is the 138hp 1.8L, 20 valve, 4 cylinder.

The next car is the Bac 814. Here is the sport vehicle. This car has the X1-NP motor. 190 hp 1.8L, 20 valve, 4 cylinder.

The Bac 815 is the same vehicle as the 814, but this has the X1-TP motor. 250 hp 1.8L, 20 valve, 4 cylinder.

I’ve created two new models. This time we have the sedan, and the sport sedan. These cars use the bigger Model R engines. For the sedan I was more worried about economy, and comfort. I wanted it to be like a common sedan type car. The sport sedan is a little smaller than the regular sedan, and has a more powerful engine. I tightened up the suspension making a little stiffer, and it’s also geared differently giving it faster acceleration while taking away gas mileage.

Here’s the 415. Uses the R1-TA engine.

Here’s the 215. This car uses the R1-TP engine.

The Bac 828 is my latest creation. This is a sporty coupe. Unlike the other cars, I wanted to put a bigger motor in it so I created a 4.2L v8. I made this car a little more sportier than the sport hatches, 814 and 815. I wanted this model to be strictly for performance, so they’re aren’t going to be any different variations like a less powerful, economy type.

Interesting models, good for the general public. Im not too keen on the round rearlights for the hatchback though.