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Best Automation Quotes

For the best quote of Automation. Can be in the forums, IRC, wherever.

[quote][22:36] 1bar = 14.7 psi
[22:37] no, I had it right the first time
[22:37] =< 1.0 bar
[22:37] Yes, less than 1bar
[22:37] Especially with the crappy turbos we currently have
[22:37] I normally use 0.5-0.7 for street cars
[22:40] Idk what I use
[22:40] My cars have no overtaking power usually
[22:41] One could say, I set the BAR pretty low!

[22:50] shrink the size of the impeller
[22:50] just to be clear, yes, it’s bad
[22:50] make the impeller orange on the flowchart
[22:50] he means compresson
[22:50] compressor
[22:50] both should be orange
[22:50] I ment impeller
[22:50] and I also mean compressor
[22:51] Isn’t that bad though?
[22:51] no
[22:51] Also, Mitch, I noticed you asked about Luceat? :smiley:
[22:51] Yes!
[22:51] Later, though
[22:51] what I think about impeller: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impalement
[22:51] the turbos being whatever color matters now
[22:51] Leo, thanks.
[22:51] you are welcome
[22:51] Thanks Leo
[22:51] I TOTALLY needed that before I sleep soon.
[22:52] cheers
[22:52] but the impeller is called that
[22:52] I wonder what would happen if someone totally new to the IRC walked in on this
[22:52] very common form of torture and execution on the middle ages
[22:52] Well, they’d probably walk into some computer spec talk.
[22:52] put a stick up your ass until your heart comes out of your mouth
[22:53] that would be funny, mitch
[22:53] Or that ^
[22:53] Either that or extreme inactivity.
[22:53] I’m talking too much crap[/quote]


And there’s just me being a total idiot :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

[quote=“BiotecVirus”]Killrob gets upgraded at the ACPC (Automation Chat Performance Center)
Be warned, Huge wall of text approching…

[13:13] <conan> okay [13:13] <conan> so Killrob [13:13] <conan> How's your bicycle? [13:14] <conan> That Mid Engine Porsche of your [13:14] <BiotecVirus> the one that runs on corn flakes? :P [13:14] <conan> Killrob's Porsche run on Pasta [13:14] <Kubby> with vegetables [13:15] <conan> nom nom nom all of the food [13:15] <BiotecVirus> lol [13:15] <BiotecVirus> if you feed him sprouts [13:15] <BiotecVirus> his emmisions goes up [13:15] <BiotecVirus> but he gets an extra 10bhp [13:15] <conan> Be careful [13:15] <conan> his emission contains radiation [13:17] <HashiriyaR32> XDDD [13:17] <BiotecVirus> also the loudness increases [13:17] <conan> Sounds nice though [13:17] <conan> make you laugh all the way [13:17] <BiotecVirus> XD [13:19] <BiotecVirus> you can also add a turbo [13:19] <BiotecVirus> gives extra powwwa from the increased airflow, emmsions and loudness :P [13:19] <BiotecVirus> gained from the brussel sprout [13:20] <conan> Hmmm [13:20] <conan> Let see how can we tuned Porsche Killrob up [13:20] <BiotecVirus> you can turn up the ignition timing so he eats faster [13:21] <BiotecVirus> increase pasta 91 octane to pasta with veg and sprouts for 98 octain [13:21] <conan> We can change the Food Injection [13:21] <BiotecVirus> :D [13:21] <conan> high flow one [13:21] <BiotecVirus> ofc [13:22] <BiotecVirus> remove the restrictive stomach and replace it with racing tubelar headers [13:22] <Kubby> http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/16776000/ngbbs486c4c739bc09.jpg [13:22] <Killrob> epic conversation you're having there xD [13:22] <BiotecVirus> oh dear XD [13:22] <BiotecVirus> oh yes lol [13:22] <conan> Actually you know what [13:22] <conan> His digestive system [13:22] <conan> too long [13:22] <conan> cut some out [13:22] <conan> much better flow [13:22] <Kubby> no, it isn't [13:22] <BiotecVirus> very true [13:22] <Killrob> bretzel exhaust system :P [13:23] <BiotecVirus> XD [13:23] <conan> Now it's cast flesh with much restrictive [13:23] <Kubby> what is better for ailflow, short headers or long bretzel headers? [13:23] <conan> need Bretzel one [13:23] <Kubby> Killrob has natural bretzel header. [13:23] <BiotecVirus> cone muffler [13:23] <BiotecVirus> ofc [13:23] <conan> we all have [13:23] <Kubby> we can't cut anything out of it. [13:24] <conan> we can [13:24] <Kubby> we can't [13:24] <conan> Just cut it all off [13:24] <conan> install a straight through system [13:24] <Kubby> it's bad for aiflow. [13:24] <Kubby> it won't be a bretzel then [13:24] <conan> It's good for quick digestion [13:24] <Kubby> and bretzels are the best for airflow [13:25] <conan> We can do more to Killrob [13:25] <conan> Let say ... [13:25] <Killrob> I need race intakes! [13:25] <conan> His Bore and Stroke is too small [13:25] <BiotecVirus> agreed [13:25] <BiotecVirus> :D [13:25] <BiotecVirus> no filters though [13:25] <Killrob> bigger diameter legs [13:25] <BiotecVirus> even though this will lower mtff [13:25] <Kubby> And direct fuel injection.. [13:25] <conan> increase Stomach Bore and Stroke [13:26] <BiotecVirus> i lol'ed XD [13:26] <conan> your stomach wall is too thick [13:26] <conan> we'll make it thinner [13:26] <HashiriyaR32> you guys are making my morning even better [13:26] <conan> you get more displacement in your stomach [13:26] <BiotecVirus> replace the walls with alimium [13:27] <BiotecVirus> makes it lighter [13:27] <Killrob> you can up the displacement of your stomach by eating once a day, but like a full grilled cow :P [13:27] <conan> And internal ... We can't do anything to that [13:27] <BiotecVirus> @killrob, thats octain 100 [13:27] <conan> And now time to make him looks a lot better [13:28] <BiotecVirus> allows for better tuning :P [13:28] <conan> Let's cut all of his hair off [13:28] <conan> Make him an open top [13:28] <BiotecVirus> more streamlined [13:28] <Killrob> I just hope my legs won't start knocking [13:28] <BiotecVirus> lol [13:29] <BiotecVirus> epic [13:29] <conan> And you know [13:29] <conan> Killrob likes to wear Black clothes like all the German [13:29] <conan> Let's give him Red Clothes [13:30] <conan> I don't think he'll looks good in Red though ... [13:30] <conan> Can we give him an uprated suspension? [13:30] <BiotecVirus> let him wear black [13:30] <Killrob> must be black... all photographers wear black to not be reflected in stuff they take photos of :) [13:30] <BiotecVirus> but give him red racing strips [13:31] <BiotecVirus> stripes* [13:31] <conan> Killrob [13:31] <BiotecVirus> we can do [13:31] <conan> You saw those pictures I took at the Motorshow? [13:31] <BiotecVirus> replace knee joints with coilovers [13:31] <conan> I wore Whitee [13:31] <conan> :P [13:31] <conan> That's probably why there's so many reflection [13:32] <BiotecVirus> im so gonna have to make a forum post about the above chat...lmao [13:32] <BiotecVirus> once the info is compled [13:32] <conan> yeah [13:32] <conan> Replace his shoe [13:32] <conan> Hmmm [13:33] <conan> Must be some sort of Brown [13:33] <BiotecVirus> also make sure the shoes are groved [13:33] <Kubby> And we must put speedometer with 2c on the end of scale. [13:33] <BiotecVirus> for better stopping power [13:33] <BiotecVirus> :D [13:33] <conan> His Shoes are Continental [13:33] <conan> Because European [13:34] <Kubby> everyone knows that the max speed on speedometer it the top speed of Killrob. [13:34] <BiotecVirus> :D [13:34] <Kubby> and 2c should be enough [13:34] <BiotecVirus> :P [13:34] <BiotecVirus> lol [13:35] <Kubby> Also, he needs two exhaust pipes. [13:35] <BiotecVirus> with cone mufflers ofc! [13:35] <Kubby> or at least two exhaust tips. [13:35] <Kubby> yup [13:35] <conan> Give him a spoiler too [13:35] <BiotecVirus> and 1 3 way pet cat [13:35] <BiotecVirus> lol [13:35] <conan> How big is your ears Killrob? [13:36] <BiotecVirus> there flared ear arches [13:36] <conan> and Flared Trouser [13:37] <BiotecVirus> we forgot his cam profile ;o [13:37] <Kubby> We can twist the ears, so they generate downforce. [13:37] <Kubby> spoilers for free. [13:38] <BiotecVirus> they reshape at speed :D [13:38] <Kubby> yup. [13:38] <Kubby> like spoilers in supercars. [13:38] <BiotecVirus> yeah [13:38] <Killrob> my cam profile is pretty high, I get my max power at rather high RPM [13:38] <BiotecVirus> and your valve timings? [13:38] <BiotecVirus> :P [13:38] <conan> Hmmm [13:38] <Killrob> probably around 7-80isg [13:39] <Killrob> *ish [13:39] <conan> We better set it down to 65 [13:39] <conan> Killrob nom too much food [13:39] <Kubby> We need to make new driver for KCU, so it can adjust ear angle [13:39] <BiotecVirus> we need more eco from the killrob mark1 engine [13:39] <BiotecVirus> lol [13:39] <Kubby> *KCU - Killrob Control Unit [13:39] <BiotecVirus> XD [13:40] <BiotecVirus> it also has a lung audio system [13:40] <Kubby> reduce weight, cut it of. [13:40] <BiotecVirus> works for me [13:40] <Kubby> replace with more effective intake. [13:40] <conan> Hmmmm [13:40] <conan> His nose [13:40] <conan> Intake is pretty old now [13:40] <conan> replace it [13:41] <conan> Cold air intake? [13:41] <Kubby> yup [13:41] <BiotecVirus> for better performance from nose you could remove the breather filter [13:41] <conan> Killrob suspension system can be replace [13:41] <conan> Knees and Feet [13:41] <BiotecVirus> knee suspension to coilovers? [13:41] <BiotecVirus> :P [13:42] <conan> Kneeovers [13:42] <Kubby> http://news.sky.com/sky-news/content/StaticFile/jpg/2009/Feb/Week4/15227437.jpg [13:42] <conan> nah [13:42] <conan> takes too long and won't last long either [13:43] <conan> Knees hub can be replace [13:43] <Kubby> We also need to have better blood pump [13:43] <conan> Bushing can be replace [13:43] <conan> Congratulation [13:43] <BiotecVirus> remove the blood pump and make it air cooled? [13:43] <conan> We've just made a Killrob GTi [13:43] <BiotecVirus> :D [13:44] <Kubby> Nah. [13:44] <Kubby> That's Killrob W16 [13:44] <Killrob> Hey, I'm not Adam Jensen xD [13:44] <BiotecVirus> lmao [13:44] <conan> Killrob T16? [13:45] == tommie18 [tommie18@static-91-142-137-83.thenetworkfactory.nl] has joined #automationgame [13:45] <Kubby> BTW.: Added 2 new bugs [13:45] <conan> Killrob GSi [13:45] <tommie18> matess (: [13:46] <Kubby> Killrob ACPC [13:46] <conan> nah [13:46] <conan> Killrob GSi is pretty fit [13:46] <conan> He works there [13:46] <BiotecVirus> hey tomie [13:46] <conan> So he actually got mod by them GSI [13:46] <Kubby> *ACPC - Automation Chat Performance Center, analogous to OPC - Opel Performance Center [13:46] <BiotecVirus> :D [/quote]



we need more of these…


This one’s kinda bad but eh.

[14:21] <Spitfire> I posted my Helix Troposphere [14:21] <Spitfire> I made it even uglier [14:22] <Dragawn> Doesn't look too bad at all [14:22] <Dragawn> not sure how I feel about the headlights tho [14:22] <Spitfire> Those are the only parts I like about the car lol [14:23] <Dragawn> lol [14:23] <Spitfire> Considering I came up with them by accident [14:23] <Dragawn> accidents lead to the best things [14:23] <Dragawn> Is that diffusor in the workshop? [14:23] <Spitfire> True, except if it's a car accident and everyone is killed [14:23] <Spitfire> And I believe it is [14:24] <Spitfire> I just put it on the car because it looked more racier [14:24] <Dragawn> ahh, but then you can buy another car from the insurance money [14:24] <Spitfire> You can't buy a car if you're dead [14:24] <Leomobile> Not if you are dead [14:24] <Dragawn> Do they deliver cars to heaven? [14:25] <Spitfire> What if there's no heaven [14:25] <Leomobile> Maybe to hell they do [14:25] <Spitfire> What it heaven's a lie and there's just hell [14:25] <Dragawn> Atleast they'll have flame spitting monsters in hell [14:25] <Dragawn> Not the kind I love, but yeah

[quote][20:02] now I must of studyings
[20:02] must as in, must
[20:02] but not willing to
[20:03] Sounds fun.
[20:04] yeah
[20:04] * Leo9613 puts gun against his head
[20:04] * Leo9613 pulls trigger
[20:04] * Leo9613 now is dead
[20:04] * titleguy1 takes the body and eats it
[20:05] * Leo9613 says MAMAAAA, life had just begun
[20:05] * Leo9613 now has gone and thrown it all away
[20:05] * Leo9613 MAMAMA oooOooooOOoOoO
[20:05] * titleguy1 didn’t mean to make you cry
[20:06] * titleguy1 if I’m not back again, this time tomorrow[/quote]

[20:11] <Leo9613> I was discussing with a friend of mine [20:11] <Leo9613> how I'm too introspective when I'm sober [20:12] <Leo9613> but I become a different person when I drunk [20:12] <Leo9613> talking stuff and being loud and all that [20:12] <Leo9613> maybe here the person-less interaction makes me more comfortable [20:12] <titleguy1> :P [20:13] <Leo9613> when I drink, or when I'm drunk [20:13] <Leo9613> btw [20:13] <titleguy1> "I see dead people [20:13] <titleguy1> *people." [20:13] <Leo9613> oooooooo [20:13] * Leo9613 is scared [20:14] <titleguy1> Leo, ure a ded prsin [20:14] * Leo9613 looks at his hands [20:14] <Leo9613> nah, they seem pretty healthy [20:14] * titleguy1 goes through your screen and kills you [20:14] <Leo9613> apart from this rotten piece of my index finger [20:14] <Leo9613> other than that, I'm mostly alive [20:14] <titleguy1> Are you use? [20:14] <titleguy1> ... [20:14] <Leo9613> am I use? [20:15] <titleguy1> *sure [20:15] <Leo9613> mostly [20:15] * titleguy1 stabs Leo [20:15] <Leo9613> okay [20:15] <Leo9613> I'm getting the feeling that I'm slightly deader now [20:16] * titleguy1 stabs in the head for dat INSTAKILL1 M-M-M-Mega KOMBO! [20:18] <Leo9613> haha [20:18] <Leo9613> right [20:18] <titleguy1> ... [20:18] <titleguy1> MORE QUOTES!

[13:47] <titleguy1> BTW, in episode 7, JarJar Binks comes to life and possesses Hitler's body and kills Leia and her brother, Anakin Landswimmer.
[13:47] <@Pyrlix> DUDE
[13:47] <@Pyrlix> SPOILER
[13:47] <titleguy1> xD
[13:48] <@Pyrlix> How cam JJ Binks be able to possess Hitlers Body?!
[13:48] <mer-at> i like how EP7 is all about JarJar
[13:48] <mer-at> X-D
[13:48] <@T16> It was really good to watch 3 hours of nearly pure Jar Jar fun
[13:48] <Riso> no see mer-at
[13:48] <Riso> there's a lack of dark side jedi
[13:49] <Riso> so vader brings balance by killing all the good guys
[13:49] <Riso> pretty easy really
[13:49] <titleguy1> Han Skywalker also destroys Dark Sith using his darksabrerererr.
[13:50] <@Pyrlix> You forget
[13:50] <@Pyrlix> Adolf Skywalker
[13:50] <mer-at> Riso: i know
[13:51] <mer-at> but what did yoda and obi wan though would happen X-D
[13:52] <titleguy1> Yoda-wan Konitler takes Kule Landswimmer, Leia's cousin, and pushes him into the Millennial Eagle.
[13:52] <Riso> we're talking about a guy who can't speak proper english and an utter failure of a teacher
[13:53] <conan> Don't you meant, Starship Falcon?
[13:53] <titleguy1> Selenium Eagle?
[13:53] <mer-at> the Daily Falcon
[13:53] <Leo9613> Pyrlix, weren't you going to ban who gave sw spoilers?
[13:54] <conan> banbanbanbanbanbanban
[13:54] <Leo9613> #bantitleguy1
[13:54] <@Pyrlix> TitleGuy is obviously making spoiilers up :P
[13:54] <conan> You can put spoiler on
[13:54] <Leo9613> #kill
[13:54] <Leo9613> #ban
[13:54] <Leo9613> idk, haven't seen the movie, might be real :p
[13:54] <@Pyrlix> I mean didnt you know that the Selenium Eagle actually belongs to Adolf Hitler who will be resurrected by Jar Jar Binks halfway through the Movie
[13:55] <Leo9613> haven't even seen the trailer
[13:55] <Leo9613> oh, right
[13:55] <titleguy1> Everyone knows that.
[13:55] <@Pyrlix> After that everyone who is not aryan will be deported to a work-camp
[13:55] <@Pyrlix> where they build a bigger and better deathstar
[13:55] <@Pyrlix> and at th end of the movie, the Deathstar 3.0 rises up, with a new vader
[13:55] <Leo9613> shaddap
[13:56] <@Pyrlix> Source: I go to the movie tomorrow, so i exactly know what happens
[13:56] <conan> yes
[13:56] <Leo9613> if Star Wars VIII: the rise of the reich has that story, I'll kill ya
[13:56] <conan> you use Delorean, didn't you
[13:56] <@Pyrlix> XD!
[13:56] <@Pyrlix> Star Wars VIII _ Rise of the Reich
[13:56] <@Pyrlix> WIll it be the 4th Reich then?
[13:56] <conan> Who would watch that?!
[13:57] <conan> Everybody...
[13:57] <Leo9613> well, it's in a galaxy far far away (or is that star trek)
[13:57] <titleguy1> A long, long time in the future in a solar system very, very close
[13:57] == Leo9613_ [LEO@AN-49FFDB7C.dynamic.adsl.gvt.net.br] has joined #automationgame
[13:57] <@Pyrlix> Ster Wers
[13:57] <@Pyrlix> Teh Ferce Awekens
[13:58] <titleguy1> Feeturin Yoda-wan Skynobi.
[13:59] <conan> and Han Duo
[13:59] <@Pyrlix> And Dorth Viper
[13:59] <conan> https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/3225677692/9e60af03a99cf42884d77cc37a51c90c.jpeg
[13:59] <conan> this guy
[14:00] == Leo9613 [LEO@AN-49FFDB7C.dynamic.adsl.gvt.net.br] has quit [Ping timeout]
[14:01] <conan> Leo can't stand all the spoilers

[quote][20:57] Microwave> Aah, stupid American ideas
[20:57] Leo9613_> okay, this conversation has gone from bad to worse
[20:57] conan> racist
[20:58] Leo9613_> I have better things to do, like sleeping[/quote]

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Where are you guys when I used to get on the live chat ?
Seems kike peiple starts to disappear assoon as I go anywhere :laughing:

Just gotta come on at the right time, when everyone is active!

[14:43] <Speedemon> Is anyone going to talk? [14:44] <@UltimateBMWfan> yo [14:45] <Microwave_> ey [14:45] <Microwave_> No, speedemon [14:45] <Microwave_> Talking is forbidden [14:45] <Riso_> youve already blown in Microwave_ [14:45] <Riso_> get out [14:45] <Microwave_> :< [14:45] <@UltimateBMWfan> I can talk about BMW's [14:45] <@UltimateBMWfan> or [14:45] <@UltimateBMWfan> Model cars [14:46] <@UltimateBMWfan> \=-0987654321qwertyuiop]\ [14:46] <@UltimateBMWfan> oops [14:46] <@UltimateBMWfan> totally wasn't cleaning my keyboard [14:47] <Speedemon> No you could not possibly talk about BMW's. [14:47] <Speedemon> Why would you? [14:48] <mer-at> we could [14:48] <Riso_> it is his sexual fetish

Well den.

Well, I mean, BMWs are good cars…

[14:39] <Microwave_> I honestly would rather have an Austin Allegro [14:39] <Spitfire> I would rather kill myself [14:39] <Microwave_> Lol [14:39] <Microwave_> That works too [14:39] <@T16> Back [14:40] <Spitfire> How much? [14:40] <Leomobile_> Id like a streetka [14:40] <Spitfire> You could give me money to take one and I still wouldn't [14:40] <Microwave_> Wait I just found out [14:40] <Microwave_> KAs were fucking BUILT in Brazil [14:40] <Leomobile_> Yes [14:40] <Leomobile_> The old ka [14:41] <Leomobile_> A mix of that car and a fiesta [14:41] <Leomobile_> And now this new car [14:41] <Microwave_> Change of plan [14:41] <Microwave_> We'll send you an Austin Allegro instead [14:41] <Leomobile_> I secretly love the allegro [14:41] <Leomobile_> DAT square steering wheel [14:42] <Leomobile_> It's so shit that I like it [14:42] <Leomobile_> I'm sure Adam can relate [14:42] <Spitfire> What about [14:42] <Spitfire> A G-Wiz [14:43] <Leomobile_> God no [14:44] <Spitfire> http://legacymedia.localworld.co.uk/275779/Article/images/17211971/4269295.jpg [14:44] <Spitfire> Leo's new ride [14:44] == adam_d [adam_d@toyotahilux.Users.AfterNET.Org] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer] [14:44] <Leomobile_> I'm pretty happy with me shit ka [14:45] <Microwave_> In 2010, a fatal accident in London occurred between a G-Wiz and a Škoda Octavia, with the driver of the G-Wiz, a top British scientist named Judit Nadal, being killed. The coroner Andrew Walker was quoted as saying about the G-Wiz at the inquest: “What concerns me is that this vehicle was destroyed in this collision in a way that I have not seen a vehicle destroyed before.” [14:45] <Microwave_> When patriotism goes wrong - An Indian buying an Indian car [14:45] <Microwave_> A, shitty, Indian car [14:45] <Microwave_> You'd probably have a higher chance of suriving in a tuc-tuc [14:46] <Microwave_> Because they can't go at 40 MPH [14:46] <Spitfire> I'd honestly rather walk [14:46] <Microwave_> Yep [14:47] <Microwave_> Or buy a bicycle [14:47] <Microwave_> faster and safer [14:47] <Leomobile_> Indeed [14:47] <Microwave_> and doesn't need charging [14:47] <Microwave_> The G-Wiz was such a shitty idea [14:47] <Leomobile_> An electric bike is just as easy to run in [14:47] <Microwave_> Indians should be banned from making cars. Their buses are ok, but their cars.. [14:48] <Microwave_> Nah, fuck electric bikes too [14:48] <Microwave_> Use yer feet [14:49] <Leomobile_> Jlr is indian [14:50] <Microwave_> http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/10/22/article-0-0BBA342D000005DC-795_468x297.jpg [14:50] <Microwave_> This was the car involved in the crash [14:50] == TrackpadUser [TrackpadUs@AN-5AB2F232.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #automationgame [14:50] <TrackpadUser> hello [14:50] <@T16> Hey Max [14:54] <Leomobile_> That's a wreck [14:54] <Leomobile_> Hey Max [14:55] <@Pyrlix> it looks highly broken [14:56] <Spitfire> I'll just take that free Maserati [14:56] <Microwave_> slightly broken [14:56] <Microwave_> It'll buff right out [14:57] <Leomobile_> Just a scratch [14:57] <Microwave_> Looks like someone used -15 quality sliders [14:57] <Spitfire> Have you tried turning it off and back on again? [14:58] <Microwave_> Lmao [14:58] <Microwave_> We need an Automation challenge based on the G-Wiz [14:59] <Microwave_> The objective would be to make a car with -15 interior and safety have a high desirability rating

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[quote][20:22] <Microwave_> Lordred
[20:23] Yes?
[20:23] <Microwave_> Tell me, if you can, if I was to buy a set of coilovers and install them on an average car, how long would that take?
[20:24] he wants to put them in a f***ing volvo brick
[20:24] tell him that it is impossible
[20:24] <Microwave_> NOOOOOOOOOO
[20:24] <Microwave_> It’s not impossible
[20:24] <Microwave_> DON’T CRUSH MY DREAMS
[20:24] <Microwave_> YOU DREAM CRUSHER YOU[/quote]

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“Tell 'im ‘e’s dreamin’!”


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BTW did you see the net splits?

“What the fuck is happening” - Conan 2015

Why owning a Helix Bullet can be deadly.

[20:54] <titleguy1> I can re-do it if you send it back to me. [20:54] <Spitfire> Do you want to? [20:54] <titleguy1> It's no problem for me. [20:54] <Spitfire> Alright, hold on a sec. [20:57] <Spitfire> Sent. [20:58] <Spitfire> Don't kill anyone with that rear wing. [20:59] <titleguy1> Sh. [21:00] <titleguy1> Shhhh. [21:00] * titleguy1 takes a wing [21:00] * titleguy1 whacks someone in the head with it [21:00] <titleguy1> Oooooopsieeee [21:00] <Spitfire> You monster!!!