Bf94387 Design showcase [2015 Alfrazza Madiava]

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Ziamena Trangula

1967 Trangula 313 LS featured in Ziamena Rosso

The second major project from Ziamena, the Trangula was an iconic 60s sportscar that combined speed, fun, and beauty, all for a relatively low-ish cost (A bargain for the rich).

More photos:

Link to Ziamena wiki
Where you can find more info on the Trangula.


Ziamena Siringa

2020 Ziamena Siringa EVO featured in Ziamena Rosso exposed carbon

Built to compete in XS class in the 2020 Great Gasmean Hill Climb, the Ziamena Siringa is an engineering marvel. Full carbon panels and monocoque chassis allow this beast to weigh merely 469 kg, but the real masterpiece is the 1.3 litre naturally aspirated V8 that screams it’s way to 11k rpm, and pushes out 200hp.

It truly is the ultimate go-kart.

18+ content:



470 kgs, that’s like, the weight of some engines (truck engines, albeit)… Holy shit dude, mad build!

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Thanks! The small wheelbase likely helps with the weight savings, and I think I went all out with all the lightweight material options.

I’m waiting to see how it performs in the hillclimb. Hopefully I can snag a win, but we’ll have to see how good the competition is :wink:

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Driving this in real life must be like meeting the devil himself.


I don’t know man, I think you’d have the most advantage when it comes to power to weight ratio. And being that light, it must be as agile as a Pikachu around corners

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image How did you make that paint tho

Red colored carbon fiber, it’s a selectable material

I didn’t know that it works like that now

Yeah, in the latest update with the paint revamp you can do all sorts of things with the paint. Huge upgrade from before

I quite like the quick-select menu too, much easier to switch between colors now

I mean, I know that I can do it, but before the carbon fibre looked different

Ziamena Vipera

2015 Ziamena Vipera XRX EVO featured in Rosso Sangue

“No limits” was all the Ziamena Engineers were told for this project, and they went balls to the wall. Beautifully styled by BF9 Autohaus, this monster looks the part. But the beauty goes beyond the surface: Full carbon chassis and panels. Pushrod suspension all-round. 5 litre twin turbo mid-transverse mounted AlSi V10 making 1,182hp. 6 speed race spec sequential gearbox mounted to an AWD drivetrain.
0-100km/h in 2.4 seconds. 353 km/h.
This is the 2015 Ziamena Vipera XRX EVO. The ultimate* Ziamena.
*(until we make a new one)

Hot Piks:


Pm for .car file


M e n t a l


Satzumi Senku

1975 Satzumi Senku 20T-III featured in Senku Sahara

Slightly different from my usual creations, but a fun build nonetheless. This is the Satzumi Senku: a small, nippy, and fun little Japanese style off roader, comparable to the Suzuki Jimny and the Ibishu Hopper. This platform was in production from 1968-1983, and over one million were sold, predominantly in the Japanese and South American markets. While the Senku was not exactly a powerhouse (sporting a 2 litre I4 sending just over 100hp through a 3 speed transmission), It was a very capable off roader with a 4X4 transmission, fully locking differentials, beefy off road tires and off road tuned suspension (with progressive springs from 1972 on). Today, it is a bit of a cult car, and many people restore them to their former glory.

Xtra pics:

1968 GAT Spec

A Mk I 1968 Senku built to compete in the 1968 Great Archanian Treck:


What next from BF9 AutoHaus?

  • 1984 German Conv. Luxury GT
  • 1992 Icelandic Offroad Super
  • 1976 Italian Pony Budget

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Edit: Well this will be interesting, but I’ve already got a prototype in the works. We’ll see how it pans out!

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The Senku is a tough-as-nails off-roader, and I understand why it has coil-sprung live axles - they’re there to provide unrivaled off-road ability, although leaf springs are better for load capacity.

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Indeed; Satsumi intended the Senku to be more of a tough little off-roader for crawling through muddy rock trails than a heavy duty workhorse for hauling supplies. It filled a gap in the Japanese market at the time; and aiming it more toward the common man proved to be a successful business strategy.

Aura Vidar [Prototype-2]

1992 Aura Vidar [Prototype 2] featured in Arctic Ice

The Icelandic manufacturer made famous by producing some bizarre and unique vehicles has delivered oncemore; however this time things have stepped up a notch. The made icelanders behind this project had a vision: to create a powerful supercar that could traverse the rugged winter landscape of their homeland. And, subjectively, they succeeded. The Vidar prototype combines the stylish looks and beastly power of a proper supercar with an offroad-oriented drive and suspension setup suited to Iceland’s terrain. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) the Vidar never saw production as the company was hard on funds, but the 10 prototypes produce stand as monument in Aura’s interesting history.

hey kid... want some more pics?