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Big Dev Update: 21. December 2017 (Open Beta Soon!)

Just another day until we’re releasing the first open beta version of the Car Designer Revamp!
In today’s Little Dev Update we’re looking at many of the new mechanics in game. It will play quite different from what you’re used to so far :slight_smile:

Check it out:



And now that is a proper title :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve wrote it on YT already, but I guess it won’t hurt to repeat it here - electronic speed limiters would be nice, to have those overdrive gears for economy without extra cost for super-high speed tyres.


Gonna be time to see if I can break the game again, particularly the off road and utility part.

Agreed, as I mentioned in the comments, if top speed is tied to tire cost, then there has to be the ability to use a speed limiter - sacrificing prestige for lower cost.

As far as the UI goes, how about a checkbox next to the top speed slider that activates the speed limiter? Activating it freezes the gearing but allows the slider to continue to move independently of the set gearing to force the “desired” top speed limit…

…and I think crossply tires should have a minimum profile of at least 60: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/45_conversionchart.jsp

I really appreciate the extra realism that the update will bring, what with the impending addition of warnings about excessive oversteer/understeer or an AWD system biased too heavily towards the front and rear.

I have one request to ask and that is could we have the 1/4 times listed at the gearing screen (along with the 0-60)?

1/4 is a far better acceleration indicator for a sporty car so it would be very appreciated!

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