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Big Little Dev Update: 6. December 2017

In this Little Dev Update we’ll take a look at all the recent rebalance and revamping of the Car Designer. Also a bit of a behind the scenes look at the new dependencies, how I make them in the spreadsheets with very simple methods before they get implemented. The video shows off a lot of the new features too. Check it out!


LDU hype! and surprising I was the first like after 16 minutes… lol


More important suspension? Well I’m f…ed :joy:
Very nice changes with the seating - moar lightness for coupes. And tons of changes under the hood which all seem nice.

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Yes, very good.

On the bias ply tires, they used to be better for off road too, but the modern off road radials are almost as good at this point.

Off road geek? Bwahahahaha

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Well, that is mostly what we did, but different. Instead of making crossplies better, we make early radials more shit for offroading due to fragile sidewalls. :slight_smile: But that effect starts to disappear in the 70s.

The early radials were also stiffer so didn’t grip as well but has largely gone away. The crossply sidewalls are still a little more durable.