Blackie the BMW 520i

Hi! So i’m going to post about my car. Well i have a BMW 520i that has M50 engine but this guy has more things than a 520i. It has strut bar from the E34 M5 and racing suspension and lightweight rims (Breyton GTSR). Blackie is 18 years old now. At 15 January, it will be 19 years old and my dad will be 41 years old. Well many friends laugh at me because i have an old BMW and they are angry to me…There are only 4 friends that aren’t angry to me. Most of them force me to change to a newer Mercedes E-Class but i don’t change it and they got more angry to me.

BMW outclasses Mercedes every time. :wink:

I’ve always wanted an E34 to match my E30, and this looks like a nice one!

I owned 2 Mercedes from the E30 time period, and one from a bit earlier. Never again, those cars were complete nightmares. BMW engineering just makes sense. Mercedes engineering was still stuck in the stone age back then… and I’ve heard that even their more recent cars are still years behind the competition. Sure, they are great looking luxury cars, and I won’t fault anyone for owning them. But the real drivers car will always be BMW.

That is one good looking 5er. Post some more pics

Ok here you go

Just found out my car has a S50 engine that has M50 Engine cover

Nice black E34 ! Blackie seems to be very well cared :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, engine tuning or any other core part upgrade of a car is prohibited in my country.
Tuned cars can be drived only on tracks.

That’s not really an issue for me as I prefer stock cars, especially when it comes to classic car.

I see a Breyton Breyton badge on your nose car. That’s a famous German car tuner !