BMC- Bergstrand Motor Company

The Bergstrand Motor Company was started in 2020 with a plan to reach every person on the road. From muscle cars with growling V8s to the extremes of BMC’s Autica branch holding 12000RPM screaming hyper cars and quiet luxury cars.

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Vehicles- Autica

This is the BMC Autica- 201 A1, an American premium sport-luxury sedan including top of the line technology.

General Features

  • A front longitudinal Turbocharged 3.8 Liter DOHC 5V Inline 6 making 448hp@6500RPM and
    475 lb-ft@3500RPM, redline 8000RPM. It has an efficiency rating of 30% costing $3536 in materials.
  • Aluminum Semi-Space Frame with aluminum panels.
  • Front MacPherson Strut and rear multilink suspension.
  • Sport run-flat tires, room for optional spare in trunk.



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