Body morphs reset to default when new body style selected

Total Drama Island!!!

I have a quick question, plus a possible bug…

  1. Are the selected body morphs meant to reset to default positions when you change the bodystyle of a cloned car?

I have tried to make coupe , van and ute variants of a donor sedan, only to find out that the morphs have returned to basic settings. When you try to re-position the morphs then the fixtures in the affected area disappear! This REALLY sux when it’s an entire front end design…

  1. When you try to combine the spaceframe chassis setting with this body…

Underneath the black sills you can juuust see the chassis poking out! Also, the morphs have reset (door handle out of place)

Then the spaceframe peeks out about 5 - 10cm below the official body line. I have (foolishly) deleted the car file so I cannot supply the culprit for questioning, unfortunately. :sob:


I found this issue after I’d finalised about four separate cars, each with multiple variants, so I’m rather sad/salty atm… Hopefully this helps ensure no-one else goes through this pain!

I’ve put that on our list to be fixed :slight_smile: I thought this was working already.

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I was making a model range yesterday, using different bodies, that was converting without defaulting. So it may be that the issue is limited to just that set of bodies…

For reference I was using the super-set of identical designed, but different wheelbase, bodies that unlock in 1966.


I was being more ambitious with morphs on the larger cars, which is why I didn’t notice the issue until I’d nearly finished, lol!

Also, if possible, it would be nice to have an “undo” option for morphing (or at least a “restore to default”) so that an awkward morph can be reversed without deleting the car and starting again :slight_smile:

Ohh… so you are talking about different MODEL BODIES, well, that is not supposed to be working… would surprise me if it did :s

To clarify my original problem I’ll write out what I did, step by step, just to make sure there’s no misunderstanding!

1: I selected the 70s_huge_sedan
2: I morphed the body to make it the way I liked it
3: I installed the engine, finalised the trim etc.
4: I painted then fixture bombed the exterior
5: I cloned the completed car
6: I wanted a coupe so I changed the bodystyle to 70s_huge_coupe
7: The morphs reset to their defaults (longer nose etc.)
8: When I tried to fix it by moving the nose back, about a third of my fixtures disappeared!
9: After trying to accept the default body morphs (and failing) I deleted the car and put up the support request!

One of the cars I built reset after I used their variants in a group photoshoot, lol, but I’ve been able to use a different body (60sCompactSmall_H5 changed to 60sCompactSmall_H5) without the morphs resetting at all.

I hope this clarifies things further!